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Simpsons facts you never knew

I watched The Simpsons since I was a kid. Never missed any episode. Seem them all. The Simpsons are a mirror image of US culture, with gadgets flying all around, with references to recent event and so on.

BuzzFeed created a video from which you can learn some new facts:
– Marge Simpson was supposed to have bunny ears and this is why she has that long hair
– the film is banned in Burma because red and yellow is banned in the movies in that country
– God and Jesus are the only characters in the video series that have 5 fingers
– Homer was supposed to be revealed as Crusty the Clown

Check more facts int he video from above.

Now, lets see Mark from PBS Idea Channel loving and complaining about what Simpsons has become. I still live the movie series:

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BuzzFeed: there are 22 words that are brand names and you didn’t knew this

As far as I know, I used the word “to xerox” a lot of times before a friend told me that Xeros is (was) actually a company. When a company has that much of an impact, then you get to use their brand name as verb or noun without even thinking about it’s origins.

Let me google that 😀

Some of the words you didn’t knew are brand names:
– bikini
– xerox
– super heroes
– styrofoam
– laundromat
– post-its
– videotape
– dumpster
– zip code

Check more in the video from above.

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11 random facts about social media. Meh

BuzzFeed is, again, shocked, In any case here are some of random 11 facts about the social media they could gather: in 2008 social media overtook porn as online activity, the Twitter country would be the fourth country in the world, Ellen selfie got 1.3 million retweets in under 1 hour and brought Twitter down and nothing interesting about Google+.

See more in the video from above.


BuzzFeed tells us about 12 interesting food facts

BuzzFeed has some interesting info from time to time so i’ll post it here, of course. This time they found out about 12 food facts that you won’t believe are true and among them is the fact that cheese is the most stoles items from the shops. Yummy.

Natural honey stays fresh for 3000 years, pineapple is a whole group of berries connected together, the microwave uses more power to light the clock than to heat the food, German chocolate Cake is not German, as it was named after and American called Sam German. Check the video from above for more info.

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The 7 ways hackers can mess up the World

Hackers are great guys. Most of them are white hat hackers, meaning when they see an issue, they report it and then help everyone get secured against any breach they see. And there are the black hat hackers, the guys who use hacking knowledge for fun, to be recognized as a big guy, to grab some money and power.

Here are the ways in which the black hat hackers can mess up the World (thanks Buzzfeed):
– they can affect traffic lights
– they can gain control of nuclear power plants
– using baby monitors to spy on what people are saying
– webcams can he hacked into too
– satellites can be used to track people around
– ATMs can be programmed to spit out much more money than expected
– pacemakers can also be hacked into

The major issue with baby monitors, pacemakers and satellites is that they only require a password and no secure connection. Auch.

Check the video on YouTube and the description too for sources.

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11 facts you didn’t knew about big brands

Shockingly, Buzzfeed used a shocking title like 11 Shocking Facts About The World’s Biggest Brands to tell us things that aren’t so shocking after all.

Enough with the satire. Here are some of those 11 facts you didn’t knew about big brands:
– Google was originally called Backrub
– Dasani is purified tap water
– the Coca Cola logo can be recognized by 94% of Worlds population
– McDonald’s first menu was a hot-dog
– everything you say to Siri goes through Apple’s servers and it is stored there (forget NSA, those are little chumps compared to big companies)
– iPAD’s retina display is made by Samsung
– Starbucks created round tables so that you won’t feel lonely when you’re sitting alone at the table
– Wallmart has $1.8 million profit per hour
– Facebook is blue because Zuckerberg is red/green colorblind
– 1 in 10 Europeans was conceived in an Ikea bed.

Say what you want, but i bet that you’d want to build such a big brand yourself and be known in the entire World. I know i want this 😀

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Movies: facts about Godzilla. Bonus: Godzilla movie trailer

BuzzFeed helps us know more about Godzilla, the much waited movie of 2014. Seen the video trailer here? It’s awesome.

Now, let’s learn a couple of things about Godzilla:
– the original Godzilla costume weighted 200lbs and was 6.5 feet tall
– originally Godzilla should have been a giant octopus
– the original name was Gojira, from Gorilla+Whale
– when it was released Gojira was the most expensive Japanese movie of its time
More in t~he video from above.

Below you can see Godzilla 2014 movie trailer. Can’t wait to watch the movie.

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Stuff our body creates in a year and 10 myths busted by BuzzFeed

In a year the human body grows 6 inches, 1.5 inches of nails, 8.8 lbs of skin, 22 gallons of tears, 60 gallons of sweat, 96 gallons of saliva and 130 gallons of urine. That is something. And a human creates about 360 lbs of poop each year.

BuzzFedd has some great videos and it is a timesink when you go on their YouTube channel and lookup what they have done over the time. Check out below 10 myths they also busted. And yes, Einstein mastered advanced math at 15, so I hope those guys on Facebook just shut up.

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