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2016: get you pc overdose by learning about BIOS, UEFI, M.2, SATA, SAS, CPU vs GPU, extreme gaming rigs

2015 was full of IT/computer stuff and 2016 awaits the ZEN CPU architecture from AMD. Although Intel won’t reduce the prices for its processors even if AMD catches up, maybe we’ll finally see AMD CPUs being on par with Intel ones. Long history between those two, you know. First, let’s start by learning with TechQuickie […]

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Build a gaming PC for under $750.

Jays2Cents helps us again with tips and tricks in buying a new gaming pc that is under $750. It is not the best in town, but it does the job. You can play the games that are sold today and you can be happy for one year from now on. Here is the config JayzTwoCents […]

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How to build a gaming PC on a budget.

Jays Two Cents has a ton of great tips in the video from above and, as a gamer, I couldn’t be any happier of having spent 15 minutes watching this video. first off, Jay explains what “on a budget” means. It does not mean, cheap it meant whatever amount you got ready to use. It […]

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