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Mosquito facts: only the female mosquitos suck and they have even preferences

Hank Green explains why the mosquitos are dangerous, since they help parasites and viruses spread and since dozens of millions of people die each year because of the mosquito bites. One thing to note: only the female mosquitos suck blood, because the male mosquitos have something better to do. Also, these female mosquitos tend to […]

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Karl Landsteiner, the guy who classified blood types

More than a hundred years ago, a very intelligent man named Karl Landsteiner discovered that we, humans, have different blood types and categorized them into: A, B, AB and O. Knowing the blood type allows us to make safe transfusions from human to human without harming the one receiving the new blood. In 1901 Karl […]

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Blood types. What A, B, O, AB and Rh mean?

SciShow explains what blood types are and which is compatible to which in case a transfusion is needed. There are four blood groups A, B, AB, and O and each of these groups can have a negative or positive Rh, making humans beings that have in a total of 8 blood types A Rh+, A […]

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