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Computer goodies: history of AMD CPUs, quantum computers explained, how bitcoin works, 3D processors based on N3XT specs

There are simply too many news and videos to write about and I don’t have the will to write 3-5 long articles per day. Nor the time, actually. People have to work here, eh? But, instead I like to save the links to such videos and then post them with a short paragraph on TGTG, […]

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Bitcoin: 10 things you didn’t knew about this digital currency

Bitcoin is a great experiment as a decrentalised currency, but it also poses some risks. For example, it is used for illegal payments in the deep web and you can easily lose them is your computer crashes. So, here are a couple of things about bitcoin: – it is claimed that the bitcoin were invented […]

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10 scary facts about the Deep web aka invisible web, dark web, undernet

The deep web is online content that is not calatogued or indexed in the usual search engines. It contains 7500 TB of data as opposed to the regular web, also called surface web, that contains only 19 TB of data. The deep web, also called invisible web, dark web, undernet, contains content that you wouldn’t […]

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