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Bigcommerce Services by Spring Merchant: store owners have a place to rely on [S]

Store owners are in luck: whatever development services for Bigcommerce they want they can be offered by the Spring Merchant team. The team has worked for 4 years now in offering support and development for the Bigcommerce platform.

Some members have even worked on the old team of programmers, when the ISC, Interspire Shopping Cart, precursor of Bigcommerce, was still existing.

Bigcommerce lacks some features and functionality and the Spring Merchant team can help in many situations. Whatever HTML/CSS/Javascript changes you need they will set you up. Also, they can create custom apps suited to your needs.

Most people know about Spring Merchant because they bought the Coupon Importer, the International Shipping or the Payment Groups app, which lets you display only some payment options based on the group a customer is logged in.

Of course, if you need a one time job, you can simply fill in your request in the Bigcommerce modifications page and then they’ll contact you within the hour. How cool is that?

Recently they have included a number of services to the already great services they provide: development subcription, digital delivery, Mailchimp 360 and store locator. You can find all of these in the Bigcommerce services page.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact them!

Also, should you have ideas about what apps would help you, please share them in the comments area. I’ll send your suggestions to the Spring Merchant team. Thanks!


How to easily make Bigcommerce mods in no time (S)

If you have a Bigcommerce store, then you know that you have access to the theme’s templates to edit HTML, CSS and Javascript, but not all store owners have the time of knowledge to do this themselves. Enter the dev team from Spring Merchant. They make Bigcommerce mods at an affordable price.

You can choose to have mods created even for a mere $25, but the Spring Merchant team can create codes way bigger than that. The sky, and your money, is the limit.

They pride themselves that they reply in only 1 hour after you make the payment and that they resolve the situation and create the changes in the Bigcommerce store in less than a couple of hours or a day. That is pretty fast.

Making changes to the templates is not as easy as you’d think and using the Bigcommerce Forum might not always yield the best result. Sometimes, it is best to pay some bucks to get the job done. Let the professionals deal with the code work, while you relax and go about your business.

Contact the Spring Merchant team at this link. Let me know if you contacted them and what changes you needed done.

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Spring Merchant Product Labels for Bigcommerce – showcase your SALE products with nice graphics [S]

Spring Merchant, the same guys who created Bigcommerce Coupon Importer, an app that lets you upload a ton of coupon codes in Bigcommerce very easily, have now created an app that lets you showcase your Bigcommerce products on SALE using text, color and graphics to actually let the customers know that you have those products at a discount.

It is a known fact that Bigcommerce does not offer you a way to indicate graphically that you have products on discount or sale. Oh wait, Bigcommerce lets you show a strikethrough price and… that’s it.

What if you want to show in red or blue circle or ribbon that you have products on discount or sale? Ecommerce relies on discounts from time to time and you need to show instantly a visual cue to the customer. This way they know on the spot what they could buy right now.

Enter Bigcommerce Product Labels, a simple way to show that you have 10%, 20% or other discounts in the store. You can install the app with a minimal effort and can use it your entire life. Free updates guaranteed.

See an image with the app’s interface: only one line which asks for some details. that is it.

Disclaimer: I work at Spring Merchant and helped a bit with the copy out there, so you can understand why I am so happy to write about this tool.

Why pay $100 to a Bigcommerce coder/designer to create such a custom app for you? Simply pay a fixed $15 lifetime amount and get to use or customize it as often as you want. Neat, eh?

Click on the image from below to read more on the app. Did you use it? How is it to have graphics that actually show your products on sale/discount?

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Coupon Buster – create coupon codes automatically in BigCommerce [S]

A while back Spring Merchant created a neat Chrome extension that was used to create automatically Bigcommerce coupon code. It was a free tool and did a great job, until it was discontinued. Having to work on may projects and other, more pressing tasks, the Spring Merchant team had to abandon the coupon code fight.

But not for long.

After seeing such a great demand for generating many coupon codes in bulk for Bigcommerce, the works on a new app that would help the store owners was initiated, a new and shinny app saw the light of day. It’s name: Coupon Buster.

That’s a catchy name, if you ask me, and it entails exactly it’s job: beat the heck out of the coupon codes in Bigcommerce.

Ok, for those who do not know why such an app is a big deal let me tell you: you need to create those coupon codes manually in Bigcommerce. That is just fine for 5, 10 or even 50 coupon codes.

But what if you have campaigns on Groupon or Livingsocial? What if you need to create 100, 300 or 2000 coupon codes? A Bigcommerce store owner knows the gist: it is freakishly painful to have to create all those manually and it costs a lot to hire virtual workers to help you out.

With hundreds of hours spent on the task and having to pay the virtual workers a truckload of cash the store owners know that such a huge task can be prohibitive and discouraging.

But not today, not. Coupon Buster lets you automatically create coupon codes in Bigcommerce. You need to have the list of coupon codes in a CSV file, you copy a file to your store and you’re ready to make the wonder happen: it imports the list of coupon codes in mere minutes.

At an affordable price, you can import as many coupon codes as many times you need. You pay only a fixed amount of $50 for a lifetime use. Now, for the help that it provides I do think that this is a great deal.

Let me know: what do you think of the app? Have you tested it?

The app can also be automatically downloaded and you won’t need to wait for the email from the developers as was previously the case.

Disclaimer: I work at Spring Merchant and only marginally helped with the app.

Later Edit: check out this video tutorial of how to use coupon buster