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Bigcommerce templates: customization and store design changes at the best price [S]

You own a Bigcommerce ecoomerce store. You have the products, the resources, the people and are ready to sell. Big Time, as BIG from Bigcommerce also says.

Now, you have chosen a Bigcommerce template that is great, even responsive, and does a lot of things the way you wanted to, but not quite what you had in mind. Don’t get me wrong, Bigcommerce themes are awesome, well designed, incredibly good looking and are a far cry from the old templates they had, however they were made for 90-95% of the store owners who will simply use the default themes.

You’re among the 5% who won’t use the default store themes, you have an established brand or want to create something great. Money is not the goal, they are only a method. You can and will built a great thing and visual identity is at the core of it. Your store, your design, needs to to do what you want it to do so the Bigcommerce themes, as they currently are, will not satisfy your need for perfection.

Steve Jobs got that right: he was crazy about perfection and loved people that would think like him. And look what an Empire he has created out of Apple.

Since you need to modify the templates that currently are in the Bigcommerce stores you need a great team of developers to help you: Spring Merchant, a small team of developers from Romania who love to eat code day in, day out.

The Bigcommerce customization list they can do is a long one and you can see some of the things they can do for you:
– change the display of the shipping methods or add logos for each shipping method in the checkout page
– change the details of the payment options on the checkout page
– replace any text in the store with a predefined text
– if you need to show “MSRP” or “As low as” or “From” prices in the store
– they can create plugins to show only some payment options based on the customer group a visitor is in
– make an offer button on the product page
– add tooltips to offer more info based on your specs
– start chat automatically when the searches performed by the customers do not yield any results
– show and print dynamic product info in a given page (eg. datasheets to be printed)
– place and move images anywhere in the store
– add character count in the txt fields
– create popup windows for different messages
– create preview functions for products that need such an option
– hide/show/move any element in the templates according to your will
– translate the store front in any language you want
– make the categories submenu items show in different columns
– they can create megamenus, those huge menus under the main menu, as they contain images too
– display product description and/or SKU on the home page

Also, as a more general principle, the guys at Spring Merchant can handle almost anything related to these things in Bigcommerce:
– javascript codes, changes, plugins
– HTML/CSS changes, edits, add-ons

So, if you need a great team to handle your customizations, you can find them at:

Now go and shoot them an email!