How to easily make Bigcommerce mods in no time (S)

If you have a Bigcommerce store, then you know that you have access to the theme’s templates to edit HTML, CSS and Javascript, but not all store owners have the time of knowledge to do this themselves. Enter the dev team from Spring Merchant. They make Bigcommerce mods at an affordable price.

You can choose to have mods created even for a mere $25, but the Spring Merchant team can create codes way bigger than that. The sky, and your money, is the limit.

They pride themselves that they reply in only 1 hour after you make the payment and that they resolve the situation and create the changes in the Bigcommerce store in less than a couple of hours or a day. That is pretty fast.

Making changes to the templates is not as easy as you’d think and using the Bigcommerce Forum might not always yield the best result. Sometimes, it is best to pay some bucks to get the job done. Let the professionals deal with the code work, while you relax and go about your business.

Contact the Spring Merchant team at this link. Let me know if you contacted them and what changes you needed done.