End 2014 with a big… bang

Yep, some guys know what fun means and thus they blew up a broken truck in an area where nobody is allowed to go into: an explosives test area. They simply rigged a truck with explosives and then filmed it form a host of different angles.

Fun to watch, but scary to see.

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The Big Bang Theory as told by scientists at Fermilab

Don Lincoln, from Fermilab, a real scientist, as opposed to the characters from The Big Bang Theory, explains what the Big Bang theory actually is and why it has been proven until now. There are three points that lead to a conclusion that the Universe started as a given time and in a given place: the accelerated expansion of the Universe, the presence of 92 atoms of hydrogen for every 8 atoms of helium and the cosmic background radiation.

Hubble discovered the expansion of the Universe in 1929, then Ralph Alpher, Hans Bethe and George Gamow have explained in 1948 that, for a big bang to exist, we need to have a specific proportion for the main elements in the periodic table of elements: 92 atoms of hydrogen for every 8 atoms of helium. Finally, in 1964 scientist have discovered that every point in space has at least 2.7 degrees K and no less due to the cosmic background radiation, a remnant of the Big Bang. Arno Penzias and Robert Woodrow Wilson were the discoverers of the CMBR as they experimented with the Holmdel Horn Antenna.

Also, the big bang was not big, neither a bang and it neither occurred from a single point. It was an everywhere stretch, the entire Universe stretched like crazy:

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Misconceptions about the Universe? Well, learn that it is expanding at more than the speed of light

The Universe is expanding at more than the speed of light. In the near vicinity of us, up to 1 megaparsec, the space is expanding with about 70km/s, but at 2 megaparsecs, at 140km/s and so on. After a certain distance, the space is expanding as a rate faster than the speed of light. The Universe has been expanding faster that the speed of light since the Big Bang or everywhere stretch.

Thanks, Veritasium, for reminding us that we won’t reach some of the galaxies ever-never-ever 😛 Now, we cannot move through space faster than the speed of light, but that won’t stop space from expanding at more than the speed of light. In a certain way some galaxies are travelling farther away from us at more the speed of light right now. Ooops.

The Hubble sphere is the area beyond which everything is moving away from us faster than the speed of light. Just learned something new 😀


Science and religion: Big Bang Singularity is, in fact, an everywhere stretch

Science and religion are more interconnected than we thought: Georges Lemaître, a Belgian priest and physicist, was the father of the Big Bang theory and of the expansion of the Universe. His belief that the Universe had a beginning led to the idea that there must have been a birth place for the Universe.

Oddly enough, the Big Bang Singularity was not a singularity, it was an everywhere stretch, as Minute Physics puts it.The univere might even be eternal and the Big Bang might even be a point among many others. Who knows.

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Stephen Hawking: conquer the Universe or die!

Well, he didn’t say it like that, but after you see the video form above you will sense that there is his answer heading. Answer to what? To the question: what is our future? Stephen Hawking given some brief answers to questions like How did the Universe begin? or How did life sprung up? or Where is all this heading?

While he is answering to those questions he inserts some funny jokes that spice up the monologue. It is quite impressive what he could achieve form hiw wheelchair and the help he could provide to theoretical physics.

There is no info about what was before Big Bang, Big Bang was a spontaneous event and life on Earth was the same. The future of the universe is not clearly know, but the future og human kind is out there. Interestingly, Stephen Hawking mentions personed space flight, not manned space flight. That would essentially mean that he thinks that our future is either a synergy with the machines or something the like. Who knows what will human kind do in 1 million years. I won’t be around to see it, of course.


The picture of the oldest light in the Universe [video]

The oldest light cannot be seen with the naked eye because it is in the microwave band. It is also called Cosmic Background Radiation because it can be found everywhere and, during the 13 billion years of travelling around its frequency shifted from the light we can see to microwave.

The Cosmic Background Radiation shows the temperature of empty space: 2.72°K (-270°C). Kinda cool isn’t it? Did you know that metal plates welding is done easily in space? Why? Because you simply need to put two metal plates in contact and they will simply mold together due to the low temperatures. Thanks C.G.P. Grey for the explanations.

You may want to visit BigBangRegistry to see a bigger picture of Cosmic Background Radiation.