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Infographic: Santa vs Iron Man vs Batman – Santa wins!

Why does Santa win in the infographic form below? Well, because he has an unmeasurable net worth and uses a transdimensional sack to carry items with him. And yes, he uses nine reindeers as engine and the fuel is… carrots. And the speed he can achieve is 2.2 times the speed of light. The infographic […]

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The Cost Of Being Batman: $682+ Millions

MoneySupermarket has calculated the costs Batman needs to take into account when using or changing his equipment. Total cost is over $682 millions so you now see why only one of the Gotham’s most reachest guys had to be Batman. The Tumbler would cost an impressive $18 million and the costume would cost about $1.1 […]

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All The Batmobiles In One Place [video]

Josh Turchetta made a short video of all the batmobile sin one place. One thing is to see them in movies, but another to see that they really build those darn things. They won’t do much harm to bad guys, though. How they ended up together? As josh says: On Friday evening, March 30th 2012, […]

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