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What would happen if all the planets would align?

Nothing. Almost nothing. No earth quakes, no tidal waves. The influence of other planets on Earth would be so small that that they would be impossible to see. The Moon has more influence over our tidal waves than even the Sun.

Actually, the Moon has 3x more stronger tidal force than the Sun and tens of thousands of time than Jupiter or Saturn. Due to the high distance to the planets an alignment cannot influence anything on Earth. The last question in the video is quite interesting: what if you replace the Moon with Jupiter. Then the tidal forces would be so high on Earth that we would have volcanic activity and tidal waves like it crazy and it is doubtful we would have a nice life in here.

Mystery solved.

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Twinkle, twinkle, little star – the astronomically correct version by Minute Physics

Twinkle, twinkle little star is a great song for kids and now it has a correct, validated, approach to it. Astronomically speaking, this twinkle song has all it needs to make it comprehensible and fun and educative.

What do you want more? It is true that many won;’t understand what adaptive optics is, but they will know that it will help see the stars better.

Also, did you know that we can’t see any far away galaxy with out naked eyes? We can only see the stars from our galaxy that are quite close to us.

Via Minute Physics.