The super science music video of the day: Science STYLE – Taylor Swift Acapella Parody

The guys at ASAP Science have created an awesome Taylor Swift Acapella Parody called Science STYLE. In the hands of great communicators science does blossom in ways you would never think of. Science is great and truly amazing, but many regards it as a fringe domain, something on the far side of the World.

Science, on the other side, was created to reveal the inner workings on the Universe and create a system of laws, principles and theories to allow us to make sense of everything.

Truth is, science saves lives, makes us feel better, give us better lives. Science rules.

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Don’t trust your ears – ASAP Science explains why

ASAP Science explains us what is it about with audio illusions. The McGurk effect makes our brain render sounds we hear into quite other type of sounds based on what we see. this way, only by changing a bit the form of the lips while saying the same words could make us think that the other guy told something totally different.

Also, Tritone Paradox makes us give priority one one of two different pitched tones based on our geography and culture. One other illusion is the Shepard Tone Illusion which makes you hear sounds with a higher and higher pitch when you see a ball jumping up the stairs one step at once. Watching to the same video over and over again will make us hear more high pitched tones each time we look at it, even though the sound is the same.

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DYI stain removal guide by Yumi Sakugawa


If you ahve issues with stain, then check the guide from above. Created by Yumi Sakugawa, the guide helps you remove tomato sauce, ink, red wine, deodorant, coffee and grass stains.

for example, to remove coffee stains you need to rub with paste made up of cold water, powdered laundry detergent and white vinegar. As an side, white vinegar is used very often in the kitchen as a cleaner. Interesting 😀

Check more int he image from above.

Thanks ASAP Science for sharing.

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Death by not drinking water? What actually happens?

We are 65% water and all like needs water to survive, but what happens if your body needs water and you don’t give it?

ASAP Science explains:
– you get dry mouth and darker urine, at first – the body tried to retain more fluid
– then you feel light headed, have a slower response time and decreased ability to feel pain – the brain tissue shrinks when you’re dehydrated
– after 1-2 days you get nausea and don’t really need to eat, you become delirious and impaired brain functions
– after more time the blood stops running through your skin – reducing heat loss, but increasing the core body temp
– in 3 to 5 days without water the body begins to shut down organs and then the brain

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The olympians have changed: no place for the average Joe now

ASAP Science will release each day of the Olympics a new video in which we will find out new and interesting things. For example, the first time that the Olympics took place, in 1924, the participants were chose among the average Joe, but today you will not be able to compete unless you have special traits.

That means that, depending on the sport you’re competing in, you need to be taller, stronger, thinner, smaller or otherwise way different than the average Joe. It seems that Olympics from Sochi is not in any way different. Wanna be an olympian? Choose a sport and be an extremely good competitor.

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Odd things about us: pain, pee and farts

Hank Green explains why we feel pain and why this process is important. Pain is our body’s way to tell us that something is wrong to make us stop doing a bad thing to our selves. Analgesics, medicine taken to alleviate pain, are created specifically to alter the way the brain receives the pain messages.

The issue is still there, eg bleeding due to a cut, but you don’t feel pain anymore because the pain messages are blocked from reaching the brain. This is why analgesics can be additive. Although we have pain, we should love the fact that feel it, because this way we can know if there is an issue somewhere. Pain is painful, but good.

Second odd thing: all mammals pee in roughly the same timeframe. That means that a human, a horse and an elephant pees in about 15 – 30 seconds. Is this discovery interesting? Maybe, but sure it is odd. The same timeframe in which mammals pee is given by the way we are built and gur tpo gravity.

So, third thing is about farts. They are mostly created due to the air we inhale though our mouths and which reaches our stomach ad our digestive system. The resulting farts are loud and most of the time almost odourless. There are also the silent farts, which smell a lot, due to the fact that they are created by food that was not processed by the small intestine and got into the big intestine, where bacteria munch on it and generate lots of gases that contain sulphur. The bad smell is generated by the presence of sulphur in those farts:

Do you know any other odd facts about our bodies? 😀

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What is more nutritious: fresh or frozen food?

ASAP Science has the answer and the best food ever is the fresh one, that you take today from the earth and then eat it the same day. If you cannot do this, then take the vegetables our of the garden today and then put them in the freezer.

When you take them out a month or maybe a year later they will still be very good to eat and will contain most of the nutrients.

As a general advice, any food you will put in the freezer will be preserved in that state and can be eaten even after 1 year. I often put the bread in the freezer and then use the microwave oven to heat it up and then eat it. Yummy.


You’ll have nightmares, for sure: parasites that will haunt you for the rest of your life

And nightmares I had. The most infamous parasite is the one that eats the fish tongue, The tongue Biter, and then rests in the the fish’s mouth. Auch. ASAP Science did a short video about these horrible parasites.

Why hate mosquitos? They can give you filarian worms, worms that can live in your body for years and then grow and you end up with elephantiasis, a disease where you have big feet (filled with worms).

Anisakis Nematode, the parasite that ends up in our bodies if we eat some fish food that was not cooked well, creates worms that can pierce through your stomach. Ooops.

I hope you do wash your hands and clean the fruits before eating them now 😀

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Scientists can hack our brain now!

ASAP Science tells us that scientists can hack the brains of some animals right now and even humans can be subjects to such experiments. The principle is easy at its core: id the region of the brain that sends specific commands, like walking to the left, and then stimulate those regions.

People will behave the way you want if you stimulate certain parts of the brain and they will tell you that it is perfectly normal hat they did even though they were controlled. Science can be freaky sometimes, but these tests can reveal more about certain types of diseases like Alzheimers or autism.

More info on Wired.


To snooze or not to snooze [science]

ASAP Science explains why we should NOT use the snooze button: it will make us even sleepier and we will wake up more tired that if we were to stand up at the first sound of the alarm.

Interestingly, I use the snooze button and I know that on the third snooze I have to be up. At it works. In any case, the sleep after the first alarm ring is way lighter and I can almost hear the cars outside.

So, yes, it should be better to wake up on the first time and no use the snooze, but for now let me snooze once again…