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Shut the F. up: a full video made out of paintings to celebrate Van Gogh

BreakThru films has created an incredible movie called Loving Vincent, in which each frame is a real life picture that brings Van Gogh’s pictures to life. Although the idea is great and the work behind it is enormous, the project didn’t got a lift off on Kickstarter.

Some details regarding the movie: 8 years, 860 paintings, 1026 drawings, 800 letters, 20 people telling the story of one man, Van Gogh.

I saw this video mentioned on Vsauce2 BiDiPi #44:

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MineCraft Art: moving blocks stop motion

Yes, some guys are THAT good. They spend countless hours in from of the PC to create art. It doesn’t matter the program used, the medium or the platform. What it matters is that these guys dedicate a lot of energy into creating incredible pieces or art, even digital one.

Youtuber RxReckonHD worked for 3 22ks to create this video where he used 1230 screenshots and the played the video at 6fps. Why did I post this here? Because such people need to be promoted. Art knows many forms and beauty has many faces!

Via [Za sexy geeks].


Hyper Matrix – styrofoam and technology make a good couple

The Hyper Matrix is a techart instalation made by Jonpasang for the Hyundai Motor Group Exhibition Pavilion at the 2012 Yeosu EXPO. Styrofoam blocks move in and out based on a computer model and they do it with style. Now thatțs what I call techart, technology and art brought together.

Via [Neatorama].


Dubstep, disorientation and entertainment at TED [video]

Watch how Reggie Watts does an amazing job of entertaining at TED. Using clever disorienting speeches and tones of voice you get pretty fast to like this artist. No matter what, dubstep, art and a clever mind have found a good place under that hairy head.

See the video above and you’ll not regret it. Follow Reggie Watts on Youtube or Vimeo.
Via [GaS].

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One line to rule them all – paintings in a single line

Faber Castell from eric yeo on Vimeo.

It turns out that you need only one line to make great paintings. Yes, one continuous line, that goes round and round and that is never broken or intersected with itself. That is mastery of art.
Via [One Cool Thing A Day].

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Voice Lessons – awesome way to tune your voice and have fun [video]

If you wanted to have a musical instrument that plays human sound you’re in luck: Voice Lessons is here. It is a Touch Screen Installation where you can do vocal warm-up exercises with a virtual teacher.

Created by John Keston, a graduate student at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, this system uses the voice of his father to make sounds on touch. You can even obtain loops while touching the top and bottom edges.

If you ask me all I can say is that’s a darn good way to have fun and admire the creative tech that enriches the nowadays art. Simply awesome. Via [Tech Art].