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Anatomy course: what is the lymphatic system?

The lymphatic system has several roles in our body: it takes int he excess 3 litres of blood from the capilaries, it sanitizes it by letting the white blood cells run through it and clean it of bacteria an viruses, it also serves us as a warning indicator when the ganglia get swollen up. This […]

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Enter anatomy and physiology crash course with Hank Green

That’s a course we all need to follow. Once we know what we’re made of and how our body functions we will be able to take better care of our selves. And we will know not to believe shmucks like Dr. Oz who’s selling all kinds of crappy things. I have high hopes from this […]

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Vsauce explains why your butt is important: it gives humans great endurance and more [video]

Before our behind were called butts, they were called bums. Our posterior is not a bummer, but instead it is a great part of our body that gives us endurance. When compared to other animals, like horses or antelopes, humans have greater endurance. This is a fact that I didn’t know. Michael Stevens, aka Vsauce, […]

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