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Watch these incredible animated optical illusions by Brusspup

Brusspup is the master of optical illusions on YouTube. Many videos will show you how the brain is tricked in numerous ways. In this case you can see how two sliding sheets will generate the illusion of movement. Much the same as with early cartoons where you saw a ton of still images on a […]

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Quirkology: 10 new tricks to keep your friends in awe

Quirkology has nice tricks to teach us. We can make the day way better if we learn those tricks. For example if you use only one thumbtack you can blow up a balloon, but if you put around 20 thumbtacks near each other and then a balloon on top of them, the balloon won’t pop. […]

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How to become superhuman – follow Damien Walters [video]

By follow Damien Walters I mean follow in his foot steps, and not retweeting his tweets 😀 Damien Walters is like a wonder guy of today because of all those crazy stunts and freerunning he does. For lazy guys like me it truly inspirational. Maybe I’ll start doing push-ups again. I don’t promise, but I’ll […]

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