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Vsauce: messages for the future

Vsauce investigates how humanity tries to communicate with aliens. We have already send a gold platter with the Voyager missions and we have tried to explain who we are and where we are. Nobody knows if we will ever find aliens or if aliens will find the space probes, but at least we tried. Vsauce […]

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Aliens invaded the Moon on July 20th 1969

What a day. That day changed the face of the Moon and of the Universe. It was the day when aliens first invaded the Moon: July 20th 1969. Via IFL Science.

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Does alien life exist?

Veritasium answers an age old question: are we alone? The answer is that we cannot say definitively that there are not, since there could be about 38 billion Earth like planets in our galaxy. The study of exoplanets revealed that each star might have at least one planet and one in six such planets might […]

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