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Science and technology helping medicine

Medicine has come a long way since the ages of homeopathy, guesses and whatnot. Right now we have a ton of science behind medicine and technology is creating a better world for us and for the doctors.

In the future the doctors will be able to see the heart in 3D right there, in the op room. Such technology will allow them to check for any issues in real time, in 3D.

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3 Sweep: unbelievable software that extracts 3D models from a single photo and manipulates them

In the video called 3-Sweep: Extracting Editable Objects from a Single Photo, SIGGRAPH ASIA 2013 Tao Chen, Zhe Zhu, Ariel Shamir, Shi-Min Hu and Daniel Cohen show off a software that is able to take a single photo, get the 3D object out of it and then manipulate it like it’s nothing.

This incredible software is pretty much like PhotoModeler, a software that exists since 2002, as seen int he comments from John Blossom on G+.

The 3 Sweep software lets you outline the 3D geometry of the object in a few simple clicks and then you can simply extract, move, rotate and copy that 3D model. And all of this working from one single photo. Of course, the software relies on us being able to see a 3D model in a picture and then outline it with the tool, but it is a CRAZY thing to have as a tool.

SIGGRAPH is a great place to see tech that will blow your mind.

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Amazing 360 degree interactive Formula 1 video


Red Bull seems to get more and more attention lately. For now, if you click on the above image you will see the 360 degree interactive video they’ve created in which a test race for Formula 1 takes place. You can rotate the camera all around and see the action while the car is moving.

Say what you want, but interactive videos are the future and this had to be listed on my blog. Next up: video games where you can record a video of you and your missions and where you can rotate the camera while it’s on playback.

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Digit – 3-D Gesture-Sensing System in Mindblow, from Vsauce 2

Vsauce 2 has a ton o great stuff and they recently launched Vsauce 3, for video games. Check it out.

In the video from above you will see a few tech innovations, but I likes mostly Digit, the 3-D Gesture-Sensing System. It helps you communicate with the computer and play video games using only few gestures. Neat, huh?