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How many of those vintage sounds do you recognize?

New Scientist published a video mix with sounds of an old era which only some are now remembering. I remember the continuous sound when there was no emission on the TV, how the phone sounded when I wanted to call someone or how it rang when someone called us. Cord phone was a big deal back then and also color TV.

At the start of the nineties internet seems far away for Romania and only few has a color TV or a video casette recorder. Also, I do remember how the radio was doing when I was trying to find a frequency and it would be white noise all over the place. Now you have automated frequency tracking so no white noise anymore. 😀

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John Oliver slaps Dr. Oz for, well, because Oz is a shitty guy who would sell his own mother as miracle powder?

I said that Dr. Oz would sell his own mother as miracle powder, not John Oliver. Oz seems to have a ton of access to miracle cures that even he recognizes, did not pass the science test. It does not matter, they are miracle cures. Those are simply lies.

Who the fuck needs science when you’ve got Dr. Oz’s miracle cures (lies)? Who? Dumb people with money, of course. Don’t believe what that nutt tells you. Use real medicin if needed and have a healthy diet. No supplements, please.

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Maddox slaps lifehacks

Another fresh breath from the web. Finally one of the few guys who likes to look a bit more at those lifehacks and check to see if they are good or not. It is not that lifehacks aren’t great, but not all of them are really helpful. Some can be really dangerous, like the one where you put a soda glass bottle into the freezer. That shit can burst and cut your face off. Jesus.

You’re doing everything wrong, every day. Good that Maddox got wind of these lifehacks, but the one with hand drying using a towel does not work. Why? Because you will not see any other type of towel in restaurants besides paper towers. There is a good reason for that: normal towel, when used by people who don’t have clean enough hands, can spread diseases.

So, people and Maddox: shake those hands like crazy and don’t use that many paper towels!

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Tech news that you need to read: software patents, German link war, YouTube as a mobster and a confession from a tech journalist

Ok. The title might be longer than the actual blog content, but who cares? I have a huge stack of blog posts ready so I need to cut to the chase and let you know that you need to read these articles to get a better view of what the web is going through right now.

So, here are these news in a couple of phrases:
1. “Abstract ideas” cannot be used for software patenting anymore – while this ruling is fairly narrow it gets us closer to shutting down software patents sometime in the future. Basically, the US supreme Court has decided that abstract ideas that are created into a computer environment cannot be patented. That means that something like an escrow, a means of enforcing the settlement of debts in a multi-party financial transaction, cannot be a software patent. Finally!

2. There is a German war against the link in Google’s SERPs – Jeff Jarvis reports that the German publishers want to ask Google for some money because Google is showing the links to their websites in its SERPs. Do you know what? Why doesn’t Google simply deleted those guys from the index? Fair and square.

3. Youtube is behaving like a mobster – independent music creators are asked to sign some contracts with YouTube and pay YouTube some money if they want to see their videos online. Bad, YouTube, bad. Why? Because YouTube already has a ton of gains from the visitors that come to the site, search for the independent singer and then make views which, in turn, can be monetized via the ads YouTube runs. I say that the independent producers should NOT give in.

4. An ex-Venture Beat journalist confesses: it was hard, but I learned many things – she wrote almost 1700 blog posts for Venture Beat in more than 2 years. That is a lot considering she had to do a lot of meeting and phone calls each day and she had to write about five blog posts a day. That is a lot. She gave some pieces of advice: when you want to contact a journalist or a blogger for that matter, make sure you have something really interesting to tell.

5. Bonus: All About Yahoo’s DMARC Reject Policy – DMRC rehjection policy means that if someone sends you an email using an email address and the server that sends that email is NOT an Yahoo server, then all major email providers will simply reject it. This will reduce a big chunk of the spam that is out there and that uses addresses. A good thing, but with some downfalls. Read the full article to know more.

That’s it for now, folks.

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How do some animals regenerate limbs?

This is because they use special cells and those cells help them to rebuild those limbs, but we do not really know how they actually do. The salamanders will be able to rebuild the limbs in 1-2 years after you cut the off.

The scientists have observed how the process works, but still don’t know how to replicate this in humans, but they’re getting close.

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Buying 4K monitors? Watch out for the fequency

The guys at Tek Syndicatedid a review of Dell 28″ 4K P2815Q and they were not delighted at all. Why? Because , in the first place, the monitor does not have a true 4K resolution, 4096 x 2160 px, it has a smaller 4K: 3840 x 2160.

Also, when you run the monitor at 4K, its frequency goes down to 30 HZ. that is good for movies, but not for games. If you’d want to play games on this monitor you’d need to have at least 60Hz or even 120 Hz to catch all those fast moving scenes and explosions.

Also, if you want to know what type of monitors to choose from, just watch what Tech Quickie has to say. He explains the different between the following LCD technologies: TN – twisted nematics, IPS – in plane switching, VA – vertical alignment and PLS – plane to line switching.

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Good question: why can’t we live in Chernobyl, but we can live in Hiroshima?

And the answer is on Physics Stack Exchange. Basically, the short answer is that the bomb that blew up Hiroshima had only a tiny fraction of the fuel that is still in Chernobyl and the type of reactions that existed during the explosion above Hiroshima generated radioactive isotopes that are absorbed by nature more quickly.

Th bomb that blew Hiroshima had 141 pounds of U-235 material, but a nuclear reactor like Chernobyl can have up to 50 000 lbs of fissionable material. Also, the material in a nuclear plant is made so that it can last longer and thus the isotopes generated can last up to 20 000 years in the core and up to 20 – 50 years in the areas surrounding the plant.

By comparison, after a nuclear blast it is safe to come back home in 4 decades.

Now you know why Chernobyl and Fukushima are dreaded disasters that can affect us for decades to come.

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Coal fires that burn for 50 years? Yes, in Pennsylvania and in dozens of other places

Earth is truly amazing, but it is also a place of utter fear. How can it be that coal fires burn for over 50 years and some of them will burn for hundreds of years to come? Hank Green, from SciShow, explains how those coal fires show up and what we can do about it.

Spoiler alert: there’s nothing we can do about it. We just need to go away from those places.

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If you’re sick when do you get contagious?

When you become infected by cold or flu virus you will go through an incubation period, during which the virus enters cells and starts to divide itself a lot. Once there are enough copies of itself in a cell that cell will burst and let those viruses out. At this point the contagion period starts.

During the contagion period the viruses spread through your body in any cells they can like in your mucus or spit. If you sneeze, then you will throw those cells with viruses out of your body and they can enter in another person’s body. This is when you’re contagious.

Timelines: after the incubation period, when the cells burst and let the viruses out, you become contagious for a day before the symptoms show up. So, when you’re seeing that your ill, then you’ve been already contagious for a whole day.


Star Wars Documentary: From Star Wars to Jedi: The Making of a Saga (Part 7 of 9)

In 7th part of this Star Wars Documentary George Lucas speaks about the characters and the importance of how people play them. C-3PO was meant to be a simple robot, with no possible future in the series, but Tony Daniels, the one who wore the threepio costume, has played his servant interpretation so good that George Lucas abandoned his idea of keeping that robot only as a car sales assistant.

Yoda was meant to be a simple pawn in the movie, but Frank Oz, the one who gave voice to Yoda played his role so good that this little green jedi received a special spot in the series. Star Wars has great characters and I loved to watch the entire series again. It was refreshing.

Check more on TAG Star Wars Documentary.