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Water was here all along

Really, water didn’t come from asteroids or meteorites. The water was here at the formation of the solar system. After the Earth cooled down the water could clump together into oceans and then allow life to form.

In fact, we have three oceans worth of water lying right now at 700 miles below Earths crusts int he form of hidroxyl attached to the molten rocks. That water is trapped inside a rock called ringwoodite.

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Anatomy course: what is the lymphatic system?

The lymphatic system has several roles in our body: it takes int he excess 3 litres of blood from the capilaries, it sanitizes it by letting the white blood cells run through it and clean it of bacteria an viruses, it also serves us as a warning indicator when the ganglia get swollen up.

This is why the doctors check your neck ganglia to see if they are big. If yes, then you’ve got some disease lurking around.

Watch and learn about an important part of your body.


Titanic II will sail in 2018

Clive Palmer, an Australian businessman, wants to rebuild the Titan and it will be named Titanic II. It should sail in 2018, however there is still a lot to work on the ship. The good thing is that it will feature updated tech and it will have enough life boats.

Titanic II will not generate a corresponding Titanic II movie. No drama will be there. Or will it?

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The history of electric cars is way longer than you thought

Simon Whistler from Today I Found Out explains why the history of the electric car is way longer than we thought. The first electric cars were created at the start of the 19th century and by the end of the century London, for example, has its own fleet of electric taxis. Now that something.

The discovery of oil and, throughout time, the huge drop in price and the invention of the electric starter has generated a bigger market for the fossil fuel cars. That was a bad news as the electric cars market simply took a huge dive. Only recently the market kicked back and we see more and more electric cars, but we’re late to the game. Late by 100 years, unfortunately.

Lots of lives and huge technology advancement would’ve been created if humanity used electric cars and stayed this way. Maybe we’ll learn from the past.

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Anti-theft tags decomposed: how to they work?

Applied Science is a great YouTube channel where you learn about the practical concepts derived from science theories. He uses a ton of devices to explain the science behind things from around us.

In the video from above you can see the explanation of how anti-theft tags work. Their workings are based on a phenomenon called magnetostriction, the ability of a metal to change form when under a fluctuating magnetic field.

Basically, when you want tog get out of a shop and you have such a tab on your clothes you enter in the fluctuating magnetic field generated by the two beacons from the entrance. That field determines the metal from within the anti-theft tag to change form, to stretch and compress a bit, and thus those beacons can detect it.

The anti-theft tag has two small metal blades and a permanent magnet which connects the two. When the beacons generate the fluctuating magnetic field the metal blades oscillate at 56Hz and this is picked up by the beacons. Thief has been caught. If you use a coil you can demagnetize the tags and then you can use a permanent magnet to magnetize them again.

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What and how: fruits/vegetables and diverting an asteroid

What is the difference between a fruit and a vegetable? You call it a fruit when the part that you eat stemmed from the flower of the plant, then grew around some seeds. This way cucumber, peas, apples, pears and tomatoes are fruits. But what about vegetables? If you eat the root, the leaves or the stem, then that is a vegetable. Example of vegetables: cabbage, carrots, onions.

Now you know. Go annoy your friends who call tomatoes vegetables :))

Also, how do you divert an asteroid from it’s path when it is about to hit the Earth? Well, PBS Time Space explains how can you use gravity to simply move the asteroid away from our certain doom. You need to use a big enough rocket and send it to the asteroid. All you need to do is to make sure that you put the rocket close enough to the asteroid so that it has a small gravitational effect on it.

Then all you need to do is to simply move the rocket inch by inch away from asteroid’s path and the asteroid will follow. But how is this possible? Well, when two object come close together, then the gravity takes over and both objects will have a common gravitational point. Even a small rocket can influence a big asteroid due to the force of gravity. After enough time you push the asteroid just a couple of inch away from its path and avert a tragedy.

Also, the video from below has the calculations already done.


Assasins Kittehs: they kill with cuteness

The guys at Mr. TV Cow have created a cute video of kittens dresses as Assassin’s Creed main hero. You will never know what cuteness hit you when it comes. Awesome way to start the week, eh?

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Introductory concepts: science based medicine, evolutionary biology, information history, astronomy

Yes, another week-end has passed and I’ve spent quite some time following courses and documentaries. What a life! In the video from above you will learn what science based medicine is and why is it important. Knowing a couple of basic concepts from the world of medicine, the true one, not the one which heals you with lies, is a must these days. Why? Because even some doctors have turned on medicine and are against vaccinations. Those fools.

Now, in regards to evolution, there is evolutionary biology, which explains how we reached the idea of evolution and what proof is there for such claims. Check the video from below to see a short history of evolutionary biology a well established science field nowadays:

Want to know how we developed techniques to store information throughout the time and how these advancements have, in turn, helped us evolve and build the society we now have? Check the video from below. You will see how we moved passed scrolls in the old ages and then we came back to scrolls when we are scrolling on websites on the internet:

Learn, from ILectureOnline, why the telescopes are so important for astronomers. At first there were the refractive telescopes, which used lenses, and now we are reflexive telescopes, which use reflective mirrors to channel more light than eve. Learn about focal points, basic optics, interferometry and how to calculate angular resolution:

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Americapox: The Missing Plague – how did the American tribes vanish?

CGP Grey explains why so many indigenous Americans died when the colonists first came in the Americas. Most of the death work was done by the plagues. They didn’t had plagues like these before because you don’t have many animals in the Americas which could spread disease like you have in the Old Continent.

Also, in the Old Continent you could see very many cities, places where a big number of people would always flock, creating a great place for the plagues to evolve and kill over and over again. In the Americas the big cities were rare and thus, if any plague would come, then it will wipe a small village and then disappear.

A good video to watch as you learn that the effect of visiting a previously unknown place can lead to catastrophic consequences.

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PC games: gaming laptop NP987OU2 G, Sapphire AMD R9 380X Nitro, XFX Radeon R9 Fury. Bonus: light-field camera

The Sager NP987OU2 G gaming laptop costs about $3700, but you have the performance of a gaming desktop computer in it. You can play whatever you want given the specs. The one from the video above has desktp Intel processor 6700K and a Ddesktop video card Nvidia GTX 980,

The base specs cost about $2300 and can be seen below:
– 17.3″ Full HD IPS Matte Display with G-SYNC Technology
– Nvidia GeForce GTX 980M 8GB GDDR5
– 6th Gen Intel® Core™ i7-6700 Processor
– 8GB DDR4 at 2133MHz
– 1TB 7200rpm SATA2 HDD
– Windows® 10 Home 64-Bit Edition

Yup, you can pretty much do anything with it? Would I buy such a laptop? Nope. I want the comfort of a big 27-32″ monitor.

What to know how do some of the best AMD video cards stack up against each other? Check in the video from below Sapphire AMD R9 380X Nitro vs 380 vs 390 vs 970:

What about an XFX Radeon R9 Fury Overview from Newegg TV?

Bonus: how does a lightfield camera work? A lightfield camera is a camera that stores am image which can be later on focused on different points in the computer. It uses a set of microlenses place before the camera sensor in order to store more information about the image and to also offer the ability to change the perpective of the image a bit.

Learn more about it from the video: