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Crash Course games: what is a game? Bonus: Mass Effect Geth Pulse Rifle

I know everyone waited for this. Since last week we can follow a new Crash Course about Games. Some of us don’t only play games, but also want to get into the stories, mechanics, logic of those games. Even the simplest games, a plain old shooter has a great history behind it and a ton of elements we could talk about.

What is a game? At its core is an activity which entertains and from then on we can see that games are even sports, video games, card games and so on. Andre Meadows will go through the game history and logic for about 15- 20 episodes. Have fun.

Bonus: how big would actually be a real-life Geth pulse rifle from Mass Effect? I’ve played all the three games ME1-3 and it is a totally different animal to see the weapons created. At least their replicas. This replica costs bout $1000 and it is badass:

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AMD CPU Zen, CPU vs GPU, SD cards

In sweet preparation of my dream gaming pc I am looking left and right in order to see what are the best computer components to get into that gaming machine. Later in the summer I’ll have the new gaming rig at home and I’ll enjoy some fine gaming with the newest games from 2015 and on.

Until I’ll get all those coins in one place I’m spending my time playing games like Skyrim or watching the X Files, the old series. And also learn as much as I can about computer parts. And also blog from time to time about random stuff, like IT/tech and science.

Now, should we wait for the AMD Zen architecture from their CPU line? My thought on this: don’t wait. Buy something good enough now, wait for the Zen architecture to mature 1-2 years and then see if it is worth it to use it. For now Intel makes the best CPUs, but AMD makes the most affordable ones.

Good question: why do we need GPUs when we already have a central processing unit, the CPU? Well, the GPU is a special purpose CPU and this is why it is used to process graphics. The CPU is a general purpose processor which is able to handle any program, not just graphics.

And to finis, here is a short history lesson about the SD cards: quite small, they pack the storage punch really hard. Small and cute:


The case of guest posting and selling links

Although this blog is a small one, it has almost 4 years of life online. In terms of internet life 4 years is close to getting old. And getting old on the web means that people will ask me if I accept them to write guest posts on this blog. I usually decline.

Why do I decline? Because this is my blog and because I like the touch I give to each and every blog post, even if I write one blog post a week and scribble down a couple of words. Rarely I have seen quality blog posts created by guest posters. Most of them want to write a cheap blog post in order to get links from the blogger.

News: if you want to advertise your blog/site/business, fork over the money and I’ll write a blog post about you. I may even throw in a bonus and share the blog post a couple of times, but I will never write a blog post if I don’t like your website or what you are selling.

Recently I was invited to write guest articles for an editorial team from my home city and I declined. I told them that if I ever find 5 minutes to write some words down, then I will use those 5 minutes for me, not for others. And I know how much attention my own blogs need from me. I’ve posted rarely in recent weeks and I need to change that.

TGT, this blog, has seen its fair share of 3-5 blog posts per day, but those days are long over. I’ll focus on writing 1-3 blog posts per week. Better this way. I like computers, video games, movies, blogging, technology and science. There is way too much stuff to write about, but I want to take a calmer path: write less often, but better.

Will I accept writing blog posts for money? Yes, if I like the website I promote. Otherwise, no amount of money will get your link in here. Also, you want me to sell links for 10 USD? Your email reaches SPAM before I even get the chance to process the words I’ve read. Don’t be cheap!

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CRASH: The Year Video Games Died

Ahoy has a great new video about the video game history. In 1982 Atari died and along with it many other games and clones. Everyone in the US thought that was it, but Japan and Europe still had games.

After a while the Japanese entered the US market with NES and other games and the video games have started to grow again. Since then the video game industry has grown year by year and the games are becoming increasingly interesting and beautiful.

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Solar System in an amazing 360 video

The guys at Crash Course have created an amazing 360 video animation where we can learn more about our solar system. What’s a 360 degree video, you ask? It is a video in which you can rotate around and see other perspective while the video is still running.

If movies would have such a 360 degree video, then you may be able to see the cameras rolling while the actors do their thing. Just kidding. A great concept applied to a science video. Neat.

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What would happen if all the planets would align?

Nothing. Almost nothing. No earth quakes, no tidal waves. The influence of other planets on Earth would be so small that that they would be impossible to see. The Moon has more influence over our tidal waves than even the Sun.

Actually, the Moon has 3x more stronger tidal force than the Sun and tens of thousands of time than Jupiter or Saturn. Due to the high distance to the planets an alignment cannot influence anything on Earth. The last question in the video is quite interesting: what if you replace the Moon with Jupiter. Then the tidal forces would be so high on Earth that we would have volcanic activity and tidal waves like it crazy and it is doubtful we would have a nice life in here.

Mystery solved.

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What f the Moon where at the distance the ISS is?

The Moon is at about 384000 km distance from Earth. That’s a pretty big distance and it tidaly locked with our planet so that it will alwyas show the same face to our planet and, because of this, the time it takes to revolve around itself is equal to the time it takez to amke one turn around Eart.

If the Moon would be at the distance the IS is, which is about 340 km high, then the video from above would display how the Moon looks like just before it would be shredded to pieces. At that distance or even more, an object the size of the Moon would be shredded to pieces by Earth gravity. We would have quite a lot of rings because of this.

Via Presurfer.

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Why does the Earth keep spinning?

The answer can be simple: because things in motion stay in motion. First law of motion from Newton. It is all about inertia: hen you set things in motion, if there are no forces acting upon an object, that object stays in motion.

Once an object is moving you do not need a force to keep that object moving. On Earth the friction with ground or air will stop the object from moving, but not in space. The same holds true for spinning objects. Get a spinner spinning and put it in a vacuum room and levitating using some magnets and you will see that spinner spinning for a long time.

Nick Lucid explains it more intelligently and with formulas too. What’s not to love when it comes to physics? Nothing.

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Watch bullets hit a metal wall at 1 million fps [video]

Werner Mehl from Kurzzeit has created a video in which you can see how bullets react when they hit a metal wall. The video is filmed at 1 million fps and you can see the myriad of ways a bullet can become dust in just a fraction of second.

Bullets are dangerous because they either hit a vital part of the body killing you instantly or they create a big hole in you or on the way out letting you die of blood loss. If a bullet does not hit bone and you are shot from close, then the hole it makes is smaller. Anyways, make sure to not get hit by a stray bullet.

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Can you see molecular bonds? IBM says yes.

IBM is mostly interested in finding new ways to build a processor or a storage medium instead just pure physics knowledge. They were able to image the bonds that can be seen in molecules and were also able to steal electrons from the molecule in order to change its type.

In the papaer publicshed in Nature Cemistry under DOI: 10.1038/NCHEM.2438 IBM researchers, in collaboration with CiQUS at the University of Santiago de Compostela, have observed the rearrangement reaction known as a Bergman cyclisation – which was first described in 1972 by American chemist Robert George Bergman.

The abstract says:

“Here we demonstrate a reversible Bergman cyclization for the first time. We induced the on-surface transformation of an individual aromatic diradical into a highly strained ten-membered diyne using atomic manipulation and verified the products by non-contact atomic force microscopy with atomic resolution.”

Which simply means that they were able to manipulate atoms in order to change the configuration of a molecule. Simply put, this is awesome. It is not the first time, but it has one of the simplest explanatory videos out there. Good on you, IBM.