Google Maps takes you to a helicopter ride

If I’d name a thing that Google has done to put the world at our feet then Google Map would be that. If you use Google Earth too then you can enjoy the best virtual tours at the cheapest prices. Recently, Google offered aerial view of the path you are taking and you can even […]

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Nitinol or how tech brings magic to life [video]

Nitinol is the name of Nickel-Titanium alloy which has two interesting properties: shape memory and superelasticity. Otherwise said, if you have a Nitinol wire, heat it, give it a shape then every time you try to play with it upon heating it will get back to the shape you originally gave it. You can see […]

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Patent war or technological regression [infographic] #firstpost

If someone wants to see some lame soap opera acting in tech world then they should be looking at the lawsuits and acquisitions made by the biggest companies in the world, where the patents are used both as shield and weapons. Theoretically, a patent has the sole role to protect the work of the inventor […]

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