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Get your hands on these anti-gravity toys [video]

YouTube user BrussPup makes some really impressive experiments that may twist a bit our minds. In his newest episode he plays with some anti-gravity toys. Well, they are magnets, but it looks damn cool when you make what he does. The extra mile that he works in order to make these things work give it that nice edge you want to see when a geek does magic.

The device shown here, Levitron Revolution, does not float any object, it only floats objects that have the magnetic disc in them. You can hide the device under the table and you will impress some chicks. Be sure of that.

If the above movie was cool, get ready for another demonstration. You will love it. It can be found on

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Not enough of tech? Here’s three podcasts for the geek in you!

If you like tech, tech news and other fancy geeky stuff, than you should really get to listen to tech podcasts. The only reason I play car games is that, instead of listening to the games music, I listen to the podcaster speaking about the quantum lock, some new cool gadgets or about the thousands of pages of data Facebook collects about your activity.

And listening to these podcasts can get the geek in your addicted, and that’s why I say that they are geektive. So, let’s roll out my favorite three tech podcasts.

The Tech Guy

The Tech Guy is a show made by Leo Laporte who is in tech reporting since the nineties. Here you will find out things about the newest gadgets and trends in tech, usually from IT side, and he answers to phone calls.

You can call in and ask to be assissted with any issue and he will help you get into the right direction. All the relevant links and show notes can be found on the website The Tech Guy Labs. Believe me, when you listen to this show it’s impossible not to learn something new every time.

Geek News Central

Todd Cochrane lives in the beautiful state of Hawaii and from there his show, Geek News Central, reaches over 160 000 listeners from all over the world. In a few days he will celebrate seven years of the show which is quite interesting.

You get to find out a lot about the things that happen in tech, not only about gadgets, but about other neat stuff like space travel, satellites, research in Physics. If you subscribe to his mailing list you get to keep in your mail a weekly email with all those good links to the stories he speaks of. Man, you gotta love these guys who are sharing a lot of the things they find out.

Podnutz Daily

If you are in the computer repair business or simply want to understand how to work you way better with computers you need to listen to what Steve D’amico and his guests have to say. In each episode he invites people that run a business or work in the IT department where they encounter all kind of troubles. They speak about their business model, about really practical things like how much does an hours of work worth and the tools they use.

So you need to go here an subscribe to this podcast too. You can see all other relevant info on Podnutz Daily site. You will love it.

What other really cool and geeky podcasts do you know? You may never know where the new geektive show may be 😀

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Epic Lego build up – full size Ford Explorer

Andi Smith posted on Google+ an interesting movie about an epic lego construction. Yep, a full size Ford Explorer got to life with 380 000 lego bricks. It seems that some guys never get enough of lego.

I don’t really get why people like them so much, but let me tell ya the stop motion movies with lego characters simply rule the world. Watch and be amazed by this nice feat. This lego Ford Explorer got to see the light on 28 September 2011, at Chicago Assembly Plant.

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Best geek rap music video ever – Java Life

Who said that geek is the new sexy knew what the Geekdom would bring upon us. Yes, in this time and era geeks fight back and they do it with style. Think that Zuckerberg has something to do with this, or not?

Since last year I saw that this type of music videos found their own place in the geek culture and Java had a few other nice YouTube clips too. Created for JavaOne 2011 the following geekrap simply kicks-ass and bring the coders int za first line.

Enjoy homies and welcome to ma crib 😀 !Via [GeeksAreSexy].


Tablet app for blind people [genius]

I write here about tech – inventions and concepts – and I get pretty happy when I do find out about useful things like the tablet app that allows blind pleople to write. The guys at Stanford University, represented by Adam Duran, Adrian Lew and Sohan Dharmaraja have showed off this app that brings the “keyboard” to your fingertips.

The eight areas (circles) that show up on the screen allow you to write almost like in Braille system. You will not feel like having actual keys under your fingers, instead you will get used to the position of the fingers when you type using only short touches of the tablet’s surface.

To select a given option from the menu you only need to swipe from left to right and then stop at a certain distance form the display’s edge. You will have always a virtual narrator with you. Thank to multi-touch and the virtual assistant these things are possible.

Given the fact that Braile laptops or writing systems cost up to $6000 these apps might just be a welcomed fresh air. And much cheaper too. The app has been created at Army High-Performance Computing Research Center (AHPCRC), during a research camp that took place this summer. The camp has been supervised by Stanford University.

There is no ETA as to when will these type of tablets come into markets, but I hope it will be pretty soon. Via [Gizmodo].


Awesome wingsuit flight is awesome [epic video]

In the newest footage from Phoenix Fly, a company that produces wingsuits, features team The Need 4 Speed which does almost impossible things: they fly deadly close to the rock and the trees. This time they just pushed the boundaries even further and flew over some narrow valleys too. Pretty scary, I might add.

The wingsuits aren’t really expensive. For example, Venom costs just a bit over €1000. It doesn’t matter how much they cost, it’s pretty amazing what people can do with them. Anyways, this video shows that Phoenix Fly does know how to sell its wares.

I have to warn you that the scenes seem to be pretty close to those from action and SciFi movies, but they are damn real. At over 100mph every mistake they do has a swift result: death. If you want to do this wingsuit jump sport too you need to read the details form here. This extreme sport is NOT for everyone.

The Need 4 Speed: Mountain Carving from Phoenix Fly on Vimeo.


Time-lapse in Germany – a must see [video]

T-Recs is a company from Dresda, Germany, which creates time-lapse videos. Build by Daniel Csobot and Maik Thomas the company can brag that it created some amazing footage, from which only three are posted on their website.

Details about the equipment used can be found here. In the first video you can see a trolley often used to insert dynamic footage in the movies and in the second one you can admire the City of Dresda. Enjoy!

T-RECS Timelapse Showreel 2011 #2 from T-Recs (Timelapse Recordings) on Vimeo.

T-RECS Timelapse Showreel 2010 from T-Recs (Timelapse Recordings) on Vimeo.

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Google Maps takes you to a helicopter ride

If I’d name a thing that Google has done to put the world at our feet then Google Map would be that. If you use Google Earth too then you can enjoy the best virtual tours at the cheapest prices.

Recently, Google offered aerial view of the path you are taking and you can even fly over it like you were in an helicopter. For this to work you need to install Google Earth Plugin, then go to Google Maps, input starting and ending points of your path and then press on play, under the calculated travelling time.

Almost immediately you will be lead to an interactive animation. And I must say that I like it a lot. Did a couple of tests and even noticed the water having moving waves. Sweet. Check that for your self. Click on View Larger Map, below this map. Via [Presurfer].

View Larger Map


Nitinol or how tech brings magic to life [video]

Nitinol is the name of Nickel-Titanium alloy which has two interesting properties: shape memory and superelasticity. Otherwise said, if you have a Nitinol wire, heat it, give it a shape then every time you try to play with it upon heating it will get back to the shape you originally gave it.

You can see here the principle in physics that says that matter has memory. It is not about memory in human sense, but it has to do with the fact that the forces that govern the Universe shape everything around us. How can you otherwise explain that the Hydrogen atoms from water are positioned at 120 degrees of each other? Any other angle and water wouldn’t be the water we know.

Okay, too much talk so let’s see the demonstration made by Brusspup, a guy passionate about tech and everything interesting around us. Enjoy!


Patent war or technological regression [infographic] #firstpost

If someone wants to see some lame soap opera acting in tech world then they should be looking at the lawsuits and acquisitions made by the biggest companies in the world, where the patents are used both as shield and weapons.

Theoretically, a patent has the sole role to protect the work of the inventor and to give him the opportunity to make some bucks from it. Practically, using even the smallest characteristics of mobile devices (mainly) tech companies and patent trolls simply fool around and forget that at the middle are we, the ones who use those devices.

Some details need to be outlined: 270 lawsuits this year in US only, $12.4 billion thrown away only to have a bigger patent library (instead using that money to do something actually useful), hundreds of thousands od dollars thwon away for each patent. The pursuit of profit makes the companies forget that they have a responsibility for their clients.

A thing is still certain: if you have 750 million people in your user base you don’t care if the changes you make affect hundreds or even thousands of them. And we talk here about the fact that you depend on these companies for the most part of your activities and don’t really have a choice. Yes, you can choose between dozens of smartphones, but you will still have to stay with your carrier.

The following infographic has been made by MBA Online and offers some very interesting pieces of information about the patent wars. What can we do about it? We can’t give up and just hide in some bushes or refuse to buy their products. We have to find alternatives.
Created by: MBA Online