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Infographics: what are they about and what is the half life of a share [infographic]

If you don’t really like statistics and bulk of data that anyways no one can understand, then you should look at infographics. Yep. They are the most easy to understand for of data visualization. And I love them. It’s a lot easier than reading an post somewhere and the impact is higher.

The guys at Cool Infographics have posted a nice explanatory video about data vizualization made by Column Five Media. You gotta love what these guys are doing out there.

The Value of Data Visualization from Column Five on Vimeo.

Now that you got to see what this is about let’s see what the half life of a link on Stumbleupon is. The half life of a link is the point in time when that link has gathered half of the total shares it will ever get. And guess what: Stumbleupon says the life cicly of a web page in their network is a lot bigger than, let’s say Facebook or witter.

More information on this in the infographic below. Via [Search Engine Land]. How much do you share? I share about 30% of the posts that I read and like. Don’t like spamming the timelines 😀

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Rule Halloween with this awesome Light Show [video]

That’s not your everyday light show. It’s The 2011 Halloween Light Show — Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO, best damn thing I’ve seen in a while. YouTube user KJ92508, from Riverside, California, did the job of assembling the LED’s and then keeping everything in sync.

If you see him just give him a big salute because he very well deserves a prize for this job. Bring your pumpkins and candies and admire this work of light art. Via [YouTube Trends]

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The speed of light in glass – it’s the same, trust me [mith]

Guess you already knew that. But many don’t know that the speed of light in transparent materials is the same, but strange things happen as we measure that it is, in fact,… slower. Now what’s that?

Well, it’s true and false. Yes, the speed of light is the same, when we see the light as wave and then as particle, but it takes more time to cross the transparent material (glass) because it bounces back and forth from the atoms in that material. Now you’re coming back.

Watch an inspiring educational movie by Minute Physics. So, let’s get Physics-cal at light speed.


Drill me a square hole – impossible no more [video]

Well, that’s new. Or not. We’ve been able to drill square holes since 1917. Neatorama discovered in Harry Watts’s patent how the first model looked like. I must admit that it came as a sort of surprise because you don’t get to see everyday this kind of drill.

Let’s see it in action:

And here is the concept explained in a nice animation. So, basically you need to drill on two axes in order to move the drill head around. Simple and in the same time a genius idea. Since the concept is almost one hundred years old I might say that the guys back then were damn good. At least at drilling, electricity and… well, pretty much a lot of things 😀

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This dog won’t take it lightly, but it’s damn hilarious [video]

Okay, nothing to worry about. No dogs were harmed here. I don’t know when were the costumes thrown down from people and landed on their pets, but some of these animal cosplays are really funny.

Take the Dog Tank video for example. It’s clearly that the dog doesn’t really likes it and he wishes that he were a real tank. But, luckily enough the women gives him a lot of treats, so we’re fine on that. If you want to see the toughest Chihuahua ever you can do that on his own blog.

So, did you find the right costume for you dog? Via [YouTube Trends].

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Think you know too much? Daylight Saving Time explained [video]

You gootta love what C.G.P. Grey does with his educational movies. Damn, if I knew that this simple thing, Daylight Saving Times , can be such a mess, I would have looked the other way.

Oh, yeah, and now you will be unhappy too after you will see this video. You know what? Let’s just #occupy Daylight Saving Time too. Too much confusion everywhere. Anyways, thank C.G. P. Grey for this awesome mini-documentary. I love it.

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What do we know about how we think? Nothing.

Wanna know some more about the way we all are thinking these days? Once we step back and look at our self with other eyes some interesting things come to light. In this animated documentary you can see some of the secrets regarding our brain and guess what: the two hemispheres depend on each other a lot. So, at least one mith busted.

RSAnimate has done this small documentary based on the words Iain McGilchrist, British psychologist and writter, had written in his book: The Master and His Emissary: The Divided Brain and the Making of the Western World. Thanks to Open Culture for bringing this up.

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This is how the Death Star was born [video]

US Army is already ahead of game with its drones, UAVs and robotic companions. But wait, Japan has now a miniature Defense Star, which is a spherical drone that can fly with 35mph and weighs only 1 lb.

Interestingly, it doesn’t make too much noise and it can be easily manipulated. Because of its gyro sensors if can hit obstacles and it can still maintain direction and height. It can even slide at ground level. This device costs only $1400 and can be made of commercially available parts.

It seems that it will be used for reconnaissance and rescue missions, not to conquer the Universe. Yet. This Death Star in becoming has been seen at Digital Contents Expo 2011, in Japan.

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#Occupy TehGeekTive

As the Occupy Phenomenon conquers the world it was almost impossible not to find memes. And there are a LOT of memes for #occupy[everything] out there. Some #occupydarkmatter or #occupyjupiter.

Today I found out that one of my favorite blogs, The Presufer, was #occupy-ed too. Not long time after #occupytehgeektive had taken place, as you can see in the image below.

So, don’t let me be among the few who shares the view of #occupy movement. Be #occupy-ed.

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Damn hilarious geek rap: RAM in the boot sector, by Dedope

StoragePipe kicks-butt with this music video. You may make this you favorite song about computer repair and I know a lot of us have met the people this song talkes about. And yes, it’s right on the spot.

The guys at Geekaresexy love it also and shared it. Thanks! Be ready for the gangsta IT department to kick in and rule you Comp-Town.

Best phrase from the song: “You don’t have a MAC ADDRESS cuz you got WINDOWS!” Simply awesome.