Imma get me a JetPack, but first let me take lessons [video]

Eric Scott (Rocketman) gives flying lessons for JetPacks since he is known to be one of the few in the World to really master this technique. It is not easy to pilot such a thing and surely lots of mishaps can be found on the road to be a real flying human.

On his website The Rocketman tells us about the adventures of one of his students, Stuart Ross, from UK. Oh, yeah. this is definitively something I have to try. It’s already in my Top 100 list and it’s getting fast to the Top 10.

Really now, who wouldn’t like to fly such a thing? Would you try it? First seen on Neatorama.

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You love procrastination, don’t you? See here why [video]

Procrastination. It is the devil from our mind that tricks us that what we WANT to do is better than what we SHOULD do and, thus, we are leaving activities behind. It is damn easy today to get distracted and to find excuses for our failures.

Maybe we shouldn’t search anymore for excuses, for “but’s”, for “I don’t know’s” and so on. You know why you are not living your dream? Say what?! You live your dream? Then just don’t read further: it is not for you. For us, the other ones, we are not living our dream because we search for excuses and procrastinate when it comes to do what’s RIGHT or what we SHOULD do.

And guess what? The search for excuses is always successful. And procrastination helps a LOT in undermining and hindering the only person that could truly help us: our very own person, WE. So, you may want to do something about this. The following video is a book trailer for David McRaney’s book, YOU are NOT so SMART.

A short and insightful video. Tell me your thoughts in comment section. What’s stopping you from living your dream? Via [Geeksaresexy].

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The internet weights… not so much [video]

Well, that is interesting. Some people simply have too much time on their hands if they just start to calculate how much does the internet weights. Yes, and the weight of the entire internet, with music, pictures, emails, ebooks, images and any kind of other type of information weights only 0.2 millionth of an ounce.

And how did they calculate all of this. Is really the internet so light? Just watch and learn. Via [Open Culture].


Awesome stop motion music video with 288, 000 jelly beans

If you love stop motion videos and jelly beans then Heaven is here. In Your Arms by Kina Grannis has all these and more. The 3 minutes video took 22 months and 288, 000 jelly beans to be done. They have used only one still camera and two ladders, but a lot of manpower: 30 people.

Kina is not your average singer and she has some World Tours planned. An she’s pretty. Watch her now. Via [YouTube Trends].

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Stock – lifeblood of companies [infographic]

Mint greets us from th past with an evergreen infographic: What is stock. Well, it is a way to get money from investors by dividing the companies in smaller pakctes and then selling them. Stock markets is something that we all have heard of.

I like that this infografic shows what stock is, how it’s used and we will find out that the first sticks were used in 1300. Wow, that is a long road. Yes, money are much more complicated than you’d think. Get to know what stocks are by reading the image from below. Via [CoolInfographics].

Personal Finance Software –

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Don’t know how to ride a Bike? This robot will teach you [video]

We kinda get used to robots as we seem them roaming around more and more. Surely we live in an interesting era. Well, things got more interesting after I saw this little fella, a small robot, riding a bike. Dr. Guero wrote on A.I & Robot, his website, about how he came up with the idea of using gyros for direction and making the robot steer the bike.

Thanks to Google Translate I was able to find out that he used a PID controller for balance and a programmable neural network to make the robot calculate its position. If you look a bit closer on his site, you will see that he has a logo for HAL 9000. Be warned, Skynet is here, and has a friendly face. Via [Presurfer].

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Dig a hole through your body – iPAD 2 Halloween costume [video]

Mark aka YouTube user OneMeeelionDollars has done a nice idea for a Holloween costume. You wanna have a hole in your body? Just use two iPAd’s, start a FaceTime chat between the two devices and voila, there you have it: one of the most high tech geeky Halloween costumes ever.

Geeksaresexy are lucky to have such a reader because Mark is one big fan of them and sent this video their way. Very well done Mark. And thanks for sharing. Happy Halloween.


Mesmerizing time lapse video – Festival of Lights 2011

Matthias Makarinus has done an amazing time lapse video by filming the 7th Festival of Lights, which began in Berlin, on 12th October 2011.

A total of 80 places have been illuminated during 12 – 23 October and filmed with a HDSLR Canon 5D Mark II camera and Canon Lenses. Not your everday video, that is sure. Via [Slowmotion and time lapse video].

Festival of Lights 2011 from Matthias Makarinus on Vimeo.

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Where the superheroes at [trampoline wall]

Spiderman lost his job because of this guy. He goes by the name of Julien Roberge and does some neat tricks with a trampoline and a wall. You got to admit it: that’s not child play. An extreme sport if you are not careful enough, but a delight when done right by a professional.

What would be the name of this new superhero that is born in front of our eyes? Springman. That would be. Via [One Cool Thing A Day].


You’re out James Bond – I’ve got my own HUD glasses [video]

Well, that is a treat. Once we’ve seen that in the near future we’ll have Heads Up Display for our cars, now we can have our own and very personal HUD glasses. Almost. It’s not showing any numbers or graphic, but only a row of LED’s that communicate if you are under- or overperforming while sporting.

This device is named Sportiiiis (sport eyes), costs $199 and is meant for sports people. Right now I’m a bit disappointed, because I want to see a real HUD attached to my glasses. Well, the future is near.

See what the fuzz is all about in the video below. Via [Gizmodo].