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40 memes in a song – think you know them all? [video]

This is funny. We have already seen Hollywood rounding up every possible superhero in one movie, why would the internet be any different? That is why Sugar ZAZA presented The GAG Quartet – le Internet Medley (OVER 40 MEMES IN ONE SONG). Can you spot all the 40 memes in there? I have stopped at Nyan Cat, too cute to count others.

So, if you can’t discover all the 40 memes… Y U NO see them all?! First seen on YouTube Trends.

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English is everywhere – what is English anyway? [video]

English is not my first language, nor the second, nor the third. I learned it watching cartoons, playing games and watching looots of movies. All in English. English language, like any other language, knew a lot of changes over the time. The history of this language is tied to the events that shaped Great Britain and its civilization.

In this interesting movie done by The Open University we can have a brief look in the evolution of a language, from the simplest words to one of the most complex (or vast) languages in the world. A million words in an unknown dictionary tells you anything?

A wise man told me a while ago: “Manny, you are as many people as languages you speak!” Kinda true. I like to know a foreign language. It opens up a whole new world. How many languages do you speak?

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Asimo beats you at soccer – not yet [video]

Japan almost lost the robot race once NAO surfaced and took over universities, development departments and other areas. That little bugger is freaking awesome and cute, I must admit.

Recently, on 9th november 2011, Honda just jumped back on track and presented to the whole the all new Asimo, human size bipedal autonmous robot. It has 48 kgs (105 lbs), it can walk with a speed of 9 km/ (6 mph) and is agile as it can be.

TechCrunch reports that Asimo can track the discussion between people, recognizes faces, hits a ball, stops and then resumes a previous action. Another cool thing it can do is to stand on a leg or hop in circles. That’s a G+ feature in RoboLand. Check other video too.

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Inattentional Blindness explained by YouAreNotSoSmart [video]

Okay, I was very surprised by this one. There are so many things hidden in such very short video. Inattentional Blindness means looking without even seeing some of the obvius facts. Being focused on some elements we see it is easy to ignore other things, like a moonwalking bear.

A very detailed explanation of this phenomenon can be found at You Are Not So Smart where we can learn a lot of useful things about how we think and see the World around us. Behind these small documentaries is David McRaney, a journalist that has published an interesting book about delusion.

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How long can we live : VSauce explains [video]

V Sauce has some very interesting explanations for various phenomenon and the Universe around us. In this video he explains how long can we live and why we feel time as we feel it.

As time flows by you may feel at 80 years that the middle of your life was, in fact, the twenties. There is a good explanation for that. Also, did you know that there are animals that do not die or that a tree form Utah, named Pando, is 80 000 years old?

Do not forget to subscribe to V Sauce and see below his videos all the links filled with information. This guy is amazing!

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How Relativity and GPS make love to bring us the biggest clock ever [video]

We take for granted what it should be considered the magic of nowadays life: special and general relativity work to give us better GPS locations. You heard it. In order to track the exact position of an object you need to receive the signals from four of those 30 GPS satellites and then you will be able to “triangulate” your position. Remember, GPS satellites do not track you, they only send the signals.

These satellites carry atomic clocks and, since they apply so well corrections according to Einstein’s relativity they build up clock big as our entire Planet. Did you know that if you live on top of a sky-scrapper the time will pass a little faster when higher in the gravitational field? These and more can be found out from Minute Physics.

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Nice robo-music : Skream – Anticipate ft. Sam Frank

Skream has done a nice music video named Anticipate which features a robot ready to discover the World. Maybe this is the only case in which I see the machines as more human as mostly when I wirte about the Terminator era. Simply enjoy it and thank Geeksaresexy for bringing this up.

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How US chooses it’s President – learn about the Electoral College [video]

Do US citizens choose their President? Well, kinda. In his newest video C.G.P. Grey explains the ins and outs of Presidential Elections and you may be a little surprised to find you that you have kinda some power in electing the most powerful man in the World.

This is how it works: people choose Electors who in turn choose the President. This is a remained of the old times when people needed to have somebody to represent the masses and send their votes further up the chain. Interestingly you will find out in the video that there are places in the Universe where US citizen are no allowed to vote the President. Or that Washington DC is not a state (think that you knew that already).

An now the second part: The Trouble with the Electoral College.

States vote and not the people. Interesting, huh?

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There is no crysis for IT – earnings summary [infographic]

It seems that tech knows a good time all time since we can see that in Q3 2011 it beat earning estimates by 50%. Maybe geeks have something to do with this. We cannot live without technology, computers and everything in between. Interestingly a number of companies knew that they will be on an straight line to earn as much as they thought. Bummer.

This infographic has been done by Moran Zhang from International Business Times and has some other interesting facts in it. Could you guess why Telecom has taken such a hit? I would guess that coverage, early termination fees, crappy signal and hefty payments for data consumed lead to this.

More details in the image below. Go Tech, go! Via [International Business Times].

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Let’s blow things up – science way and bayhem way [video + infographic]

The Ubyssey shows us some interesting explosions that people may do at college or school. Note: do not do this at home. Interestingly you can see what substance does ka-boom in contact with water. May I say that I’m just loving it? I love science.

And now let’s see some explosions from the movies Michael Bay has done. Thanks to Neatorama for the news. And they all are in an interesting infographic. click on the image below and enjoy Bayhem, the explosions from movies like Transformers or Bad Boys. Boy, those movies were damn good. Did you watch Tranformers 3?