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Encrypted USB drives? Why not?

Hi there, your USB stick just got stolen. S… Yup. You do not want that to happen, that is sure. Christopher Barnatt, who lectures in computing and future studies in Nottingham University Business School, explains what you can do with such encrypted USB drives. He also has a site called where you can find a ton of info about computers and technology.

Aaaand, if you want to learn more about the future, then head on to his Author page and buy those books. Like… now!
Have fun!

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Greenwich has driverless cars who do very well. Thank you!

Tom Scott filmed from a driverless car in England, in Greenwich. Right now it moves rather slowly and has a ton of stickers on it to let you know that there is no driver in there.

But, there is always a but, in the future you will see a ton of such cars everywhere. As Tom Scott points out, at first, when the cars where roaming the streets everyone was scared of them and required that each such car be accompanied by a flag or someone screaming that a car is coming.

As see where that got us 😀

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The real deal: the first smart sports helmet

The future is here, guys, Now you can have a smart helmet which displays all the details you need in real time. You can even communicate with your buddies while skiing down from a mountain or while on motorcycles. It is like a gamer’s dream come true. The real HUD is here, guys.

From the inventors of this nice thing:
The Forcite Alpine helmet, developed by three University of New South Wales (Australia) graduates, packs a full HD camera, GPS, stereo speakers, a noise-cancelling microphone to communicate with friends via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, impact sensors, an emergency beacon and a microcomputer into a world-standard safety helmet for snow sports enthusiasts.

UNSW Industrial Design graduates Alfred Boyadgis and Julian Chow and Engineering graduate George Constantinos developed the helmet with founding partner design engineering agency Cocreators. It follows in the footsteps of Alfred’s successful final year project, the “Robocop” helmet for emergency services motorcyclists

Check out more details on

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Short summary of Windows 10

Linus explains what the main features of Windows 10 are. I never got to love Win 8, but with Win 10 I may just try the plunge.

What I like about Win 10 is that they bring the start menu back, the will use multiple desktops, like MacOS does, they will implement DirectX 12 for better gaming and also will change the way the windows are docking on the screen.

You will be able to snap three windows instead of two like Win 7 does.

Also, they will release Spartan, their new browser. Hopefully this will be a better browser than IE.

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Yup. That is a car skipping rope

You can do something like this if you get the motor out and then insert air springs. Julio Gonzales, from San Antonio, Texas, has created such a car named Cyclone.

It can jump up to 6 feet and stays in the air for about 1.3 seconds. Just enough to let it skip the rope. Ingenious.

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Today’s economy would not exist without these giant boats

One of these giant boats is MSC Oscar which is longer than the Empire State Building is tall. If you stand at the bottom of this ship you would be five stories underwater. MSC Oscar can carry 19 000 containers. There are about 5000 such ships all over the world and they fuel our economy.

Because of these giant ships we have now cheaper merchandise and more stuff. It was not always this way. The invention of the container box in 1956 Malcolm McLean has standardized and revolutionized the shipping of goods.

Shipping/ton would cost about 16 cents as opposed to $5.6/ton using older methods.

Now you could transport more stuff and could have less of a logistics nightmare than in the past, when you needed to pack and load each package individually.


Watch how a Tesla car takes off

Tesla electric cars can accelerate from 0 to 65 miles in just a mere 3 seconds. The guys who tested the car where simply frightened by how fast it was moving.

The future is Tesla.

Via Mashable.

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A clever way to determine longitude and latitude

When you’re lost, you can still find out where you could be on the Globe. For that you need to know the latitude and longitude.

As the video from above explains, latitude can be found out by watching the angle the horizon does with the North Star.

Then longitude can be found out knowing the GMT time and your own local time. Lets say you are 2 hours ahead of GMT. That meant that you are located at longitude 15 degree * 2 hours = 30 degrees.

Ingenious, simple and nice.

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Tech tips: how to save time the geeky way

David Pogue, tech columnist, knows many things about tech and he also knows that time is a limited resource. This is why he created a list of 10 tech tips to make you win some more time while you’re doing your job.

Here are those 10 tech tips to increase speed:
– press Space bar to scroll down a webpage when you’re browsing. do not use the mouse (shift + space will scroll up a page)
– drop-down in the forms don’t need to be clicked. simply press TAB until you reach them and then the starting letter of the state for example, until you see that name showing up in there
– increase text size by pressing CTRL or Command and +/ decrease the font size by pressing CTRL and –
– on mobile, when you send a text message, press Space twice to end the sentence and insert a dot
– on mobile, tap Call button directly if you want to call the last number you spoke with
– on mobile, when you hear the voice mail message press either * or # or 1 in order to get directly to the BEEEP and then record your message
– use Google to: define any word, see flight data, convert units. no Enter key press needed
– to select a word simply click on it twice and to replace a given text simply select it and then start writing (no need to hit the delete button), triple click to highlight a paragraph
– on small photo cameras press the button halfway to set the focus and then completely to take a swift picture of something moving fast

Have fun with the hours you just won!

Via Interesting Engineering.

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Did we just discover what dark matter is made of? Maybe sterile neutrinos are the solution!

DNews reports that sterile neutrinos could be the candidates for dark matter. Those are neutrinos that have masses between the electron neutrino (0.3 eV) and muon neutrino (0.115 MeV). In fact, it seems that the sterile neutrino might have a mass of just about 3.55 keV as it gives off X rays in that band when it decays.

We still need to confirm this, but the researchers have found a small bump in the X ray band at about 3.55 keV that correlate with the results from gravitational predictions:

The hunt for the dark matter particle is decades old, but we hope it has come to a close. Watch below the history of this search and how they could detect the sterile neutrinos in the X ray band: