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21 Oct 2015: Today is Back to the Future Day

In Back to the Future the protagonists went into the future and landed on Oct 21st 2015, TODAY, and saw flying cars, hoverboards and time travel. We do not have magnetic hoverboards, flying cars too, but no time travel. A bummer.

But hey, at least we can celebrate Back to the Future day thinking that in the future we will have a far greater technology than now.

Also, the video from above was created by the guys at CERN who are real geeks.

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Nope, you don’t need 4K display smartphones

4K on a smartphone. It is ridiculous to even have that on a desktop monitor, let alone in a smartphone display so I’ll pass. A 4K display con a smartphone can have between 120 and 340 dpi, dots per inch, pixel size varying from phone to phone.

Full HD seems reasonable to me, so marketing 4K phones is just that: marketing. I agree that is pushes the technical envelope of what a phone can do, but you should not base your buying decisions on this. Better a Full HD display than a 4K. You can’t even distinguish between the individual pixels in Full HD or 2K already, so why 4K?

No, you don’t need $K, display or video recording.

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PC wizz: what is file compression?

In short words file compression is finding the redundant parts (bytes, words) from inside a file and then building a dictionary (an index) based on their position inside the file. Then, instead of the actual words use the index number. This way you are able to compress a big text file to a 1/10th or even 1/1000th of its original dimension. Then, using a program like WinZip you are able to recreate exactly the file you you compressed.

When you are able to create exactly the original file the compression is called lossless. This is usually done with text information. But when you want to compress images, then that compression is lossy, meaning that it looses some of the information while compressing the file.

Learn more about text compression:

Learn even more about image compression:


Via Kuriositas.

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Ancient robots: possible via automatons like Colibri

In ancient times they had robots too, but not the electronic ones we have now. Archimedes invented a water clock with a moving bird and they had a ton of automata way back then. Today you can build your own automaton by using some cut wood and a couple of small motors or springs. The result is amazing.

The guys at Makezine wrote about Colibri, the kinetic sculpture from above, which is an automaton made of wood.

Derek Hugger is the one who created Colibri and you can find out more details on his website. It took him more than 700 hours of work to get this done and he automated the head movement, the wings and the tail. Incredibly complex projects, like this one, deserve all the advertising we can give.

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What is HBM, the new memory type used in video cards [High Bandwidth Memory]

GDDR5 is history. Or at least it will be history, as HBM, High Bandwidth Memory, is able to provide at least two times more throughput than its predecessor. GDDR5 is over 7 years old now and has the memory chips attached directly to the video card’s PCB, around the GPU. If you needed more GDDR5 memory, then you would need more such chips inserted in there and more connections to the GPU.

HBM solves this issue by stacking the memory chips on top of the GPU package, the area that holds the GPU, so it doesn’t need anymore extra space than the GPU already needs. It stacks the memory in 3D RAM dies right next to the GPU which makes communication with it much much faster.

With 4 stacks of HBM you can get about 1TB/s transfer rate. Right now only AMD Radeon R9 Fury series has this type of memory, but many other video cards with HBM will be available soon.

Learn more about HBM memory from AMD.


Evolution of the desktop [pic]

Do we really know how much did our offices change in last decades? If previously we needed to have a ton of devices and things on our desktop, now we only use our smartphone for pictures, sending emails, viewing videos and so on.

Check out the image from below. The kids that now are getting born will never know how a modem sounded back in the days. That is a tragedy! Pic via.

Original source is Best Reviews:

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Video games: how to choose the best video card for your needs?

Jay knows best when it comes to video cards and he knows best not to say you definitively need card X or Y. But he does share some principles you should obey if you want to get the best video game card ever.

In the video from above he outlines thee things you need to look at when searching for video cards:
1. what monitor will you use – use this knowledge to match the graphics card power so that it can handle the amount of info the monitor can display
2. for how much time do you want to use it – if you want to use it for years on end, then choose a graphics card that is a bit more expensive.
3. buy on budget – budgetwise, make sure that when you create a gaming rig where the video card is at least 40% of the price.

In video games the graphics card does all the heavy lifting so you should be careful at those three principles from above.

Also, check out his other video with a review he made about Sapphire AMD R9 285 ITX Compact video card:

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Crazy stuff: go-kart with jet engine by Colin Furze

You go to admit it: Colin Furze is kinda damaged. Adding a jet engine to a go-kart is not something that anyone can do. If there is some one who could do a stunt like this, then Colin Furze is the one.

The jet engine is able to propel the go-kart to speeds of up to 60 mph, which is impressive.

The noise is scary, the red hot tube is scary, but maybe Colin is the scariest of them all. And people love him for his contraptions.

Via POPMech.

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The evolution of phones

Phones have evolved a lot during the few decades since it has become wireless. Motorola created first true mobile phone in the 70s and then Apple hit the market with the first true smartphone, the iPhone, in 2007.

During this time the screen of the phones has increased from a square inch sized one to a full HD display which covers the entire phone. Technology is truly amazing. Never doubt science and technology top get you into the future.


Via Facebook.

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Herding sheep with drones. A new era has come!

Yup, you can now herd your sheep with drones. These flying things have become more ubiquitous than we’d like to admit. And they are getting cheaper and cheaper by the month.

In the video from above the drone sheepdog “Shep” is handling sheep like a pro. Of course, all the thinking is done by the pilot, not by the drone itself, but you never know when autonomous drones will be part of this. Pretty soon, I guess.