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The internet weights… not so much [video]

Well, that is interesting. Some people simply have too much time on their hands if they just start to calculate how much does the internet weights. Yes, and the weight of the entire internet, with music, pictures, emails, ebooks, images and any kind of other type of information weights only 0.2 millionth of an ounce.

And how did they calculate all of this. Is really the internet so light? Just watch and learn. Via [Open Culture].

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Don’t know how to ride a Bike? This robot will teach you [video]

We kinda get used to robots as we seem them roaming around more and more. Surely we live in an interesting era. Well, things got more interesting after I saw this little fella, a small robot, riding a bike. Dr. Guero wrote on A.I & Robot, his website, about how he came up with the idea of using gyros for direction and making the robot steer the bike.

Thanks to Google Translate I was able to find out that he used a PID controller for balance and a programmable neural network to make the robot calculate its position. If you look a bit closer on his site, you will see that he has a logo for HAL 9000. Be warned, Skynet is here, and has a friendly face. Via [Presurfer].


You’re out James Bond – I’ve got my own HUD glasses [video]

Well, that is a treat. Once we’ve seen that in the near future we’ll have Heads Up Display for our cars, now we can have our own and very personal HUD glasses. Almost. It’s not showing any numbers or graphic, but only a row of LED’s that communicate if you are under- or overperforming while sporting.

This device is named Sportiiiis (sport eyes), costs $199 and is meant for sports people. Right now I’m a bit disappointed, because I want to see a real HUD attached to my glasses. Well, the future is near.

See what the fuzz is all about in the video below. Via [Gizmodo].


Drill me a square hole – impossible no more [video]

Well, that’s new. Or not. We’ve been able to drill square holes since 1917. Neatorama discovered in Harry Watts’s patent how the first model looked like. I must admit that it came as a sort of surprise because you don’t get to see everyday this kind of drill.

Let’s see it in action:

And here is the concept explained in a nice animation. So, basically you need to drill on two axes in order to move the drill head around. Simple and in the same time a genius idea. Since the concept is almost one hundred years old I might say that the guys back then were damn good. At least at drilling, electricity and… well, pretty much a lot of things ๐Ÿ˜€

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Damn hilarious geek rap: RAM in the boot sector, by Dedope

StoragePipe kicks-butt with this music video. You may make this you favorite song about computer repair and I know a lot of us have met the people this song talkes about. And yes, it’s right on the spot.

The guys at Geekaresexy love it also and shared it. Thanks! Be ready for the gangsta IT department to kick in and rule you Comp-Town.

Best phrase from the song: “You don’t have a MAC ADDRESS cuz you got WINDOWS!” Simply awesome.

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Not enough of tech? Here’s three podcasts for the geek in you!

If you like tech, tech news and other fancy geeky stuff, than you should really get to listen to tech podcasts. The only reason I play car games is that, instead of listening to the games music, I listen to the podcaster speaking about the quantum lock, some new cool gadgets or about the thousands of pages of data Facebook collects about your activity.

And listening to these podcasts can get the geek in your addicted, and that’s why I say that they are geektive. So, let’s roll out my favorite three tech podcasts.

The Tech Guy

The Tech Guy is a show made by Leo Laporte who is in tech reporting since the nineties. Here you will find out things about the newest gadgets and trends in tech, usually from IT side, and he answers to phone calls.

You can call in and ask to be assissted with any issue and he will help you get into the right direction. All the relevant links and show notes can be found on the website The Tech Guy Labs. Believe me, when you listen to this show it’s impossible not to learn something new every time.

Geek News Central

Todd Cochrane lives in the beautiful state of Hawaii and from there his show, Geek News Central, reaches over 160 000 listeners from all over the world. In a few days he will celebrate seven years of the show which is quite interesting.

You get to find out a lot about the things that happen in tech, not only about gadgets, but about other neat stuff like space travel, satellites, research in Physics. If you subscribe to his mailing list you get to keep in your mail a weekly email with all those good links to the stories he speaks of. Man, you gotta love these guys who are sharing a lot of the things they find out.

Podnutz Daily

If you are in the computer repair business or simply want to understand how to work you way better with computers you need to listen to what Steve Dโ€™amico and his guests have to say. In each episode he invites people that run a business or work in the IT department where they encounter all kind of troubles. They speak about their business model, about really practical things like how much does an hours of work worth and the tools they use.

So you need to go here an subscribe to this podcast too. You can see all other relevant info on Podnutz Daily site. You will love it.

What other really cool and geeky podcasts do you know? You may never know where the new geektive show may be ๐Ÿ˜€


Tablet app for blind people [genius]

I write here about tech – inventions and concepts – and I get pretty happy when I do find out about useful things like the tablet app that allows blind pleople to write. The guys at Stanford University, represented by Adam Duran, Adrian Lew and Sohan Dharmaraja have showed off this app that brings the “keyboard” to your fingertips.

The eight areas (circles) that show up on the screen allow you to write almost like in Braille system. You will not feel like having actual keys under your fingers, instead you will get used to the position of the fingers when you type using only short touches of the tablet’s surface.

To select a given option from the menu you only need to swipe from left to right and then stop at a certain distance form the display’s edge. You will have always a virtual narrator with you. Thank to multi-touch and the virtual assistant these things are possible.

Given the fact that Braile laptops or writing systems cost up to $6000 these apps might just be a welcomed fresh air. And much cheaper too. The app has been created at Army High-Performance Computing Research Center (AHPCRC), during a research camp that took place this summer. The camp has been supervised by Stanford University.

There is no ETA as to when will these type of tablets come into markets, but I hope it will be pretty soon. Via [Gizmodo].


Nitinol or how tech brings magic to life [video]

Nitinol is the name of Nickel-Titanium alloy which has two interesting properties: shape memory and superelasticity. Otherwise said, if you have a Nitinol wire, heat it, give it a shape then every time you try to play with it upon heating it will get back to the shape you originally gave it.

You can see here the principle in physics that says that matter has memory. It is not about memory in human sense, but it has to do with the fact that the forces that govern the Universe shape everything around us. How can you otherwise explain that the Hydrogen atoms from water are positioned at 120 degrees of each other? Any other angle and water wouldn’t be the water we know.

Okay, too much talk so let’s see the demonstration made by Brusspup, a guy passionate about tech and everything interesting around us. Enjoy!