Jetman Conquers Swiss Alps [flying]

JETMAN from Evert Cloetens on Vimeo.

Yves Rossy is the Jetman. He lives his dream, but you can be sure this engineer has worked a LOT to get where he is now. The actually flies having only a fixed wing strapped on his back and by moving his body to change direction. You may say that he learned to behave like a bird in mid-flight.

He can fly with a speed of about 200kmph (120mph) and for 10 minutes. The wing weighs 80 pounds with fuel included and it has 4 Jet-Cat P200 kerosen engines. Parachute included, gladly. Would you like to be there? You might, if you will start working MUCH. Enjoy! Via [The Geeky Blog].


Multi-Purpose Utility Machine Is Totally Usefull

Machinenfabrick Ducker is a German utility machines maker. BÖSCHUNGSMÄHER UNA 450 for example helps mowing the sides of the streets and it does it with style. They create an sell different machines that mow, clean, cut and collect the garbage from their cleaning.

After you see those semiautomatic machines rolling you want to have something like this at home. Or at least in your city. Awesome is, awesome does! Via [Gizmodo].


Earthquake Proof Table Will Save Your Life [protection]

If there is a quake where you live then you gottta find a safe place to hide. Hint: it’s not under your desk. The debris from the house would crush you dead.

Soon enough we’ll be having in our houses the earthquake proof table made by Arthur Brutter and Ido Bruno from Jerusalem’s Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design. They have worked for about two and a half years to complete this table and it can withstand impact of 1 Ton (2200 pounds) blocks.

Now that is something I’d like to have in my house. This earthquake proof table will cost about 2.5 times a normal desk, but it will last more than twice. The table is currently licensed by school furniture manufacturer A.D. Meraz Industries Ltd. for distribution in Israel. We do not know yet when it will be released for international sales, but I hope it will be pretty soon. More detail;s on this from Wired. Via [Vsauce].


SurfaceScreen – Awesome Hidrophobic Coating Already On Sale [always dry]

If you’ve been waiting for a hydrophobic coating to keep your clothing always dry and stain free then SurfaceScreeen, a company from Australia, is already delivering this product for only $39.95.

For now they have for textile and leather, but in the near future they will roll out for metal and wooden surfaces. This water based repelling solution can be used on clothes, shoes, carpets, leather, car interiors and other synthetic fibers.

If you ask: no, oil or food won’t stick to your clothes. Gone are the days I couldn’t go to a restaurant in white clothes. For it to work you need to apply it evenly, wait for 24 hours and then use it for 6 months before needing to reapply the coating. So, lazy is, hydrophobic gets. Finally we go into the future with this!

geek tech

Play Skyrim Using Kinect [awesome]

Bethesda announced on 12th April 2012 that Kinect support for Skyim is on the way. Looking at the video above I cannot but wonder is we’ll start just shouting Fus-Ro-Da at each other when we’ll have a fight. Crazy tech and awesome game is bound to change our behavior.

First off, need to buy an Xbox 360. Via [GaS].


The Ninja Turtles Uncovered [video]

All Effects Company created almost two decades ago the Ninja Turtles 3, I mean the robots. When I first saw the movie I couldn’t figure out how could those costumes be so vivid.

It turns out they had some very clever mechanism behind the faces and the bodies of those robots. With two main joysticks that have a combined number of 15 movements (9 movements in the left joystick and 6 in the right one). If you take those two joysticks and do simultaneously movements you’ll get a wide range of facial expressions and turtle movements. Nothing short than awesome. Via [Neatorama].


In 2014 We’ll Have Our Own PAL-V Flying Car

The PAL-V is a two seated hybrid car and gyroplane. It has the rotors folded along the length of the vehicle. PAL-V can reach 180 kmh (120mph) in the air or on the ground and it can fly up to 1200m (4,000 feets).

The specs are awesome: it has a range of 220 miles and it needs only 30 m (approx 90 feet) to land. This flying car can use the freeway to simply take off and land. The era of personal flying vehicles is here. No info about prices or sale points. In 2014 it is expected to roll out for the masses, or at least for the ones who can aford such a nice toy. Via [One Cool Thing A Day].

Here is an image with this amazing vehicle:


Monster Jumps Done By Sand Flea

Boston Dynamics makes a lot of crazy and inventive stuff like Petman, BigDog and now Sand Flea. Sand Flea is a four wheeled remote driven robot that is able to jump 30 feet high onto the buildings.

Yep, and it does it with style. It uses carbon pressure tanks to give it the ability to jump up to 20 times here and there. It is military tech, but this sucker has to be sold to common people too. Or else 😀 Via [PopSci].


Wheelchairs are history: meet Tek RMD – Robotic Mobilization Device [UPDATE: 20 Feb 2014]

What is Tek RMD from Tek RMC on Vimeo.

The Tek Robotic Mobilization Device has been created by AMS Mekatronic, an R&D company from Gebze Organized Industrial Zone (GOSB Technopark, Istanbul, Turkey).

Tek RMD help the paraplegic get out of the bed, do the shopping, lets them sit at a table without feeling uncomfortable. With only 36 cm wide and 62 cm long it covers only a third of the space occupied by a wheelchair. It has a max speed of 3.2 kph (2 mph), max range of 14km (approx 8 miles) and can carry a 90kg (198 pounds) person.

The Tek RMD is available as of now (22 March 2012) in Turkey and they will open markets in Europe and USA. Such a device will cost about $15,000. Fill in the Assessment Form and see what answer will they send over.

Thanks OctiZip for sharing. Via [The Verge].

BIG UPDATE: TEK RMD starts shipping. Yesterday – Feb 19 2014 – I got this email from them:

Greetings Friends of Matia Robotics
The time has finally arrived! We’re excited to announce that we’re in compliance with 93/42/EEC – and can begin planning the delivery of the TEK RMD. Initial deliveries will be outside of the United States as we wait for FDA approval.

The first units will be delivered to Europe, Asia and Australia. Once we receive clearance from the FDA we can begin shipping to the United States. We just wrapped up a professional photo session of the finished device – once we have the pictures we will send them to you and then update the website – they look fantastic – we are so proud of the way everything came together! We are also creating a 360 degree video so you can see how the TEK RMD really looks from all perspectives.

Thank you for all of your support and patience as we work hard to get the first production units out the door. For all of you who placed reservations, the TEK RMD will be shipped according to the date your payment was received. Very soon we will be sending out some additional forms and final payment notes so we can schedule deliveries.

As always, you can find out more about the Tek RMD and Matia Robotics at the link below.


We could not be happier to be bringing this new platform to market, and thank you for being a friend of Matia Robotics.

-Team Matia

Finally. This awesome robotic helper is much closer. The sun is rising, guys!


Camera That Can See Around Corners, MIT Style

Andreas Velten is the one who created the working model from above and he is the one who lead a team of MIT scientists into creating the first trillion frames per second camera. That’s more than sci-fi, let me tell you.

The camera that can look around corners is named Cornar and uses laser pulses and light reflections to create a 3d form of a body that is behind a wall. It’s still at it’s beginning, but we have now our camera that sees around the corner. Take that Star Trek. Shared by OctiZip via Petapixel.