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How does the future of computer science look like? [infographic]

The future of computer science looks pretty much amazing with things like carbon nanotube computers or phoneblocks, phones made of easy replaceable blocks. The future will bring us also devices that can be controlled with our mind by using EEG tech or things like paper tab, a flexible tablet that won’t break when bent. Read […]

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Physics in 9.9999s: tides, Celsius, time dilation, negative temperature and stars in the sky

Minute Physics has a new series called Physics explained in 9.9999s and these short videos can explain a lot in only a few seconds. Kudos to Minute Physics for this hard work. In the video from above we undertsand that the tides are created by Moon’s gravitational pull. In the video from below we learn […]

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Odd things about us: pain, pee and farts

Hank Green explains why we feel pain and why this process is important. Pain is our body’s way to tell us that something is wrong to make us stop doing a bad thing to our selves. Analgesics, medicine taken to alleviate pain, are created specifically to alter the way the brain receives the pain messages. […]

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What color is our blood?

Hank Green explains us again things about our bodies that we did not know. Our blood is always red, inside or outside of us. The red color is given by the presence of hemoglobin in the red cells. We do, however, have different shades or red blood in our bodies, depending on where you get […]

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