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What happens when you like your own Facebook post or comment?

This: you show that you are a total douche. Let others like your comments and statuses. When you like your own status that tells a sad story about you: you’re either terrifyingly alone or a narcissistic douche. In any case, you don’t need to cry out loud asking for people’s attention by liking your own […]

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Google AdSense leak: transparency issue?

Mundane Matt explains in the video from above that while it is hard to know exactly how the clicks and the revenue are calculated in Google AdSense, meaning that a lack of transparency is still ongoing in this programme, there does not seem to be any clear evidence that the Adsense team would outright steal […]

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LOL, games journalists hate gamers?

Good to know that Matt spoke about this situation. Game journalists hating gamers is like bike reviewers hating the bikers and so on. What do those games have to do with hating? And, of course, why are gamers the target of such attacks? I do not agree with Matt’s premise that if you tell a […]

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Why do I keep blogging on

Just because. keeps my English engines running, keeps me in check with science and geekiness, pays the hosting bills (check the ads on the blog) and allows me to reach quite a different market than the Romanian one, which is of less than 9 million people. English speaking people on the web are billions, […]

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The best thing about outsourcing is…

.. that you can fire that sucker whenever you want and that you can complain that those “guys from the third world countries” are not dependable, all while you are using them to do your job. Props to that. I thought I’d just leave it like that, but no. Dojo wrote about why she wants […]

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Britain, don’t be a dick

Recently I saw this speech of Phil Plait and it is called: don’t be a dick. This is also my message to you, Britain: don’t be a dick. I am a Romanian and not the proudest one, for sure, however I ask you this because of the recent xenophobic action in the media that you […]

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