The case of guest posting and selling links

Although this blog is a small one, it has almost 4 years of life online. In terms of internet life 4 years is close to getting old. And getting old on the web means that people will ask me if I accept them to write guest posts on this blog. I usually decline.

Why do I decline? Because this is my blog and because I like the touch I give to each and every blog post, even if I write one blog post a week and scribble down a couple of words. Rarely I have seen quality blog posts created by guest posters. Most of them want to write a cheap blog post in order to get links from the blogger.

News: if you want to advertise your blog/site/business, fork over the money and I’ll write a blog post about you. I may even throw in a bonus and share the blog post a couple of times, but I will never write a blog post if I don’t like your website or what you are selling.

Recently I was invited to write guest articles for an editorial team from my home city and I declined. I told them that if I ever find 5 minutes to write some words down, then I will use those 5 minutes for me, not for others. And I know how much attention my own blogs need from me. I’ve posted rarely in recent weeks and I need to change that.

TGT, this blog, has seen its fair share of 3-5 blog posts per day, but those days are long over. I’ll focus on writing 1-3 blog posts per week. Better this way. I like computers, video games, movies, blogging, technology and science. There is way too much stuff to write about, but I want to take a calmer path: write less often, but better.

Will I accept writing blog posts for money? Yes, if I like the website I promote. Otherwise, no amount of money will get your link in here. Also, you want me to sell links for 10 USD? Your email reaches SPAM before I even get the chance to process the words I’ve read. Don’t be cheap!

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Jeff Jarvis: Technoeuropanic, or how Germany leads the technosceptic movement in Europe

If I want to read a good piece of journalistic endeavour, then I read Jeff Jarvis, the writer of What Would Google Do?, an awesome book I have read in 2013 about the corporate policy and changes inside Google, explains why Germany is leading a technosceptic or, dare i say, a technophobic movement in Europe by targeting Google and Uber.

In this article Jeff reminds us that Germany blocked Uber from functioning in that country, before that it forced Google to not photograph its streets for the Street View project, then played into the “Right to be forgotten” craziness and now spearheads the attack on Google via publishers who ask it money to show their pages in the search results.

Well, here comes the fun: Google may very well stop showing all those sites in the SERP, search result pages. What will happen? Well, they will cry that Google only shows its own news services and theirs not. Now, if Google gives in and then shows their pages in the SERP they will ask for money.

That pretty much sounds like racketeering, my dear German neighbours. Really, Germans are targeting US services like crazy. Google has done a lot of good things for customers, even if it wronged many a webmaster, of AdWords partners and so on.

Germany seems to not like the internet as it is now: Google is showing your results in the pages and then Google is giving you some traffic. You don’t like that, then ask Google to not index your site. Is that simple.

Also, as Jeff points out, I find it amusing that the Germans ask Google to favor in some way third party services when it is showing the results page. Guys, Google is a private company and anyone is free to not use its search capabilities. Being a private company, even if a monopoly, you need to play by their rules because you’re in its house. Don’t like what Google has done, then do something better yourself instead of acting like crazy technosceptics or technophobics.


If men acted like feminists

Thunderf00t has made my day. Ever sat and wondered? Nope. I won’t go there, but Thunderf00t did. Feminists like to pose as victims, use emotional videos to gain their goals and, sometimes, are utterly stupid. Women who want to create a change without doing stupid stuff call themselves humanists. More appropriate.

If men acted like feminists, it would be the end of us, men. Equality? Check. Same chances and the same benefits and duties? Check. Feminism? Move over stupid.

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Do you really use 10% of your brain?

Don’t be dumb. If you really think that you use 10% of your brain, then that means that you actually use less than 1%.
We use all our brain all the time. Let Josh tell you. He sent me.

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John Oliver slaps Dr. Oz for, well, because Oz is a shitty guy who would sell his own mother as miracle powder?

I said that Dr. Oz would sell his own mother as miracle powder, not John Oliver. Oz seems to have a ton of access to miracle cures that even he recognizes, did not pass the science test. It does not matter, they are miracle cures. Those are simply lies.

Who the fuck needs science when you’ve got Dr. Oz’s miracle cures (lies)? Who? Dumb people with money, of course. Don’t believe what that nutt tells you. Use real medicin if needed and have a healthy diet. No supplements, please.

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News flash: Dr. Oz gets a kick in the butt from Senate’s consumer protection panel

It was about time. Dr. Oz would be ready to sell even his own mother as miracle powder. Every possible shit he could invent or hear of will be promoted by him as a miracle, even though he admits that the products he presents in his “The Dr. Oz Show.” : “[…]recognize they don’t have the scientific muster to present as fact[…]”.

Huffington Post reports that “Oz, a cardiothoracic surgeon, acknowledged that his language about green coffee and other supplements has been “flowery”.

Flowery, my ass. His shows are an outstanding piece of shit and lies. Some of the supplements might be ok, but generally he presents miracle cures and does not stress the fact that you really need to have a healthy life. Why? Because having a healthy life won’t make you need any of those shitty supplements, that’s why.

Dr. Oz, I can’t wait to see you rot in a cell.

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Still here

Don’t be fooled by the small vacation I took these days. From 10 blog posts/day to a 4 day holiday is a big change, but all is for good. First, I work on a big project which will be revealed next month and this is taking a ton of time each day. Second, I have still gathered all those goodies in my sources folder and will post them one by one in here, because I know you guys like to see what new stuff I have found out about.

For now I’ll leave you with the video from below. You will find out that the spider web is a finely tuned musical instrument which is used by the spider to communicate with mates and to also see where the prey has been trapped. Ingenious fellas, these spiders:


Where is the flood of Romanians and Bulgarians? Some fun to be had

Stewart Lee, from Comedy Vehicle on BBC, makes fun of UKIP and their immigration ban, because UKIP, a party that does not like foreigners to come into UK, opposes Bulgarians and Romanians to come and work in England.

The motives are simply stupid and I asked Britain to not be a dick, or a cunt as they say it in there.

Romanian hystorian George Damian tells us that it is about the hypocrisy of the so-called right wing parties that should we look at, as the main issue are not the gypsies that come from Romania and try to beg and steal in UK and in Western countries, but the main issue is, and was, Islamism.

You see, gypsies are not harmful in comparison with the well entrenched Islamic culture. If UKIP and other extreme right wing parties take a stance against immigration from Islamic people, then they get bombed so they channel their attacks as Romanians and Bulgarians.

Read the article George Damian wrote here (Google Trasnlate version).

So, it is nice to see a guy like Stewart Lee that makes fun of these hypocrites and know the importance of immigration.

Thanks Dorin for sharing!

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ARS Technica: FTC smoked PCCare247, an Indian company meant to rip off Americans

Beware of Indian scammers. The FTC smoked PCCare247 for scamming many Americans that were lied to in regards to the actual issues their computers were having.

Basically, if someone would have any issue with the computer they would go to the internet, type in “computer issues”, “tech support” and so on and PCCare247 would pop up at the top of the list, even if someone woudl search for “norton tech support” or the like.

Then, people would call these scammers, allows them to enter the computer via a remote tool and then also give them the card details. The guys from PCCare247 would then charge them at least once for $360, $300 or $400. In some situations they would charge people several times $150.

After a lot of complaints the FTC started an investigation and now any money going to PCCare247 will be blocked. Even the Indians that were living in US and were using a ton of Paypal accounts to help the scammers were blocked from using those accounts.

A short piece of advice:
1. if you have a tech support issue and the guy from the other side has a strong accent, then hang up. Use an American company that does not outsource work
2. read out loud advice #1

So, why this advice given the fact I work as an outsourced tech support (I live in Easters Europe, Romania btw) for an American company? If many will refuse working with outsourcees, then the companies will make sure to hire the best guys for the best job so that you won’t get a canned reply that doesn’t have anything to do with your issue or that you won’t get scammed.

Companies outsource support because supports costs software companies more than 80% of their spending so that makes sense from a financial standpoint. But, on the other hand, if you pay cheap, you get cheap.

Getting back to hearing a strong accent when you have a tech support issue, make sure to call someone local. (Yes, I don’t much care about political correctness here so don’t yet jump at me that I’m xenophobic. I’ll have a later post about political correctness coming. Hold your horses.)

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I like this guy: Maddox

Yep. He’s an internet dinosaur and if he reads this on my blog, he’ll probably find something to make fun of. Really 😛 The fact is that few people are eager to point out shit as he is and when he publishes something new that comes like a much needed cold shower. We should be more critical with the things around us and think more. that’s what Maddox asks us to do.

In this day and age it’s easy to simply eat up anything that comes up in our Facebook stream and not think about anything. Like mindless freaking sheep. And when someone like Maddox comes along and tells you’re neck-deep in shit, you should look closer and get out, not hate that guy.

In any case, you need a wake up call from anyone that is there to give that wake-up call. You can hate Maddox, but you should love him. His grin looks much like one of a sociopath’s, but he hasn’t actually killed any of your kittens. Yet.

Below are three of the things I’d like to point out.
1. Facebook quizzes are stupid

2. I hate Buzzfeed (I may drop Buzzfeed from TGT. Maybe)

3. “Really” isn’t a punchline. He really means it.

I like Maddox because he says what we all should say and in the way we all should say it. Shit won’t smell better if you call it poop.