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Social Lockpicker unlocks pesky sites that ask you to like their pages before you can see the videos

The Social Lockpicker, created by Ștefan Petre, is a great Chrome Extension that will save you from pesky sites that ask you to first like their junk sites before you can see that YouTube video you just wanted to see. I hate those sites and I am glad to promote guys that let you see the content you wanted to see.

If you like their junk websites then they’ll show a lot of shitty blog posts in your feed/timeline and that is not good.

I will like or share a page AFTER i have seen that it’s worth it, okay? Social Lockpicker, you’re my hero!

Thanks Arhi for sharing.

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Underlapsed, dizzy as it gets. Amazing timelapse!

I have seen this first on Kuriositas, a website where you can see tons of animations and cool stuff from all over the web and the world. This time Underlapse has caught my attention because it is a timelapse of Earth, space and different locations with the images being turned upside down.

Not long after the film starts you’ll feel dizzy, so watch out to have something to grab on to, okay? 😀 Have fun!

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Net neutrality, an ingenious debate between Hank and Hank

Hank Green, from VlogBrothers, explains what the fight around net neutrality is in this ingenious debate between him, the user, and him, the internet provider.

Net neutrality is a hot topic right now and it basically means: every bit is the same and that users should be allowed to access the whatever content from whatever website on whatever device they’d want without the ISPs setting any limit whatsoever.

Everything should be treated the same as a bit is a bit, as Leo Laporte says, even is that bit comes from a movie or from a text file. Case closed.

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10 interesting facts about Amazon

Amazon is a mutant of the internet and they sell big time. They also do a ton of good things in regards to research to make you buy more. They are clever, they move fast, they might take over the internet in the future, but they also have some secrets.

The guys at AllTime10 have gathered some secrets and among them are these:
– in 2013 they sold t-shirts with : keep calm and rape a lot
– in 2010 they listed a CD for the price of 2 904 980 000 plus shipping :))
– if Amazon is down for 49 minutes, they they lose $5.7 million in sales
– founder Jeff Bezos has the same wage since 1998, $81,840, but his security costs $1.4 million
– a worker at Amazon warehouses can walk up to 11 miles a day and if tracked each and every step

More can be seen in the video above.

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Watch out for YouTube phishing attack

Minute Physics explains what happens when you receive a strange email asking you to update your account, DON’T. You need to be very careful as the hackers send over emails that seem to be from Youtube and which seem to send you to a Youtube page, but look at the browser’s address bar and check the url.

Make sure to:
– check any email that asks for your details and do not click on any links
– check the url of the pages where you login to
– do not open suspicious emails

If it is some random ip, then you are under a phishing attack. Watch out!

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Seafood facts that will terrify you

Buzzfeed just published a video with 13 seafood facts that will creep you out. I dare say: it should terrify you and look more closely to what you eat: from toxic mercury into some of the fishes, to mislabeled fish or shrimp that develops superbugs, bacteria that can withstand antibiotics and that land into your body.

Make sure you know exactly what you buy and eat as US is checking only 2% of the fish that gets imported. US imports 80% of the fish that everyday Americans eat, so take care guys, ok?

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What kills you in under 60 minutes? These 10 things!

AllTime10 has published another interesting video in which we can see what kills us in under an hour. The thought of dying is not confortable at all, but it is best we know what to look for.

Here are those 10 things to look for:
– the geographic cone snail
– ice mask – when you’re trapped under the snow and an ice cocoon forms around you because of your breath
– hypothermia
– laughing for 30 minutes
– aconite – toxic plant
– strychnine
– tetrodotoxin – in putter fish
– poison dart frog
– taipan snake
– sweating sickness – seems that this is not happening anymore

So, watch out for any possible way to die. Live and he happy, ok?

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How to escape from a Boa Constrictor snake

I you ever see a snake, just make sure to avoid it. Use fire or something to make it go. If you ever get stuck with a Boa Constrictor, you need to know that these snakes eat people too, if they, the snakes, are big enough.

If one Boa bites you, don’t try to drag it out of your hand, because its teeth will go deeper into your hand as those teeth are oriented backwards. Best is to unfold the boa from the tale so that it won’t have a grab on you and then hold it by the head and push it towards your hand to release the grip.

Also, when a Boa squeezes you, you don’t die of asphyxiation, you die because the heart is squeezed too and it simply stops.

You need to know that poison and venom are two different things, as explained by Veritasium. So, there are no poisonous snakes, but there are venomous snakes.

Also, learn about leeches that are used in medicin. They seem to work for several uses cases where they inject anticoagulant and antiseptic into your system. They are also used to restart blood circulation:

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TPP, a SOPA like treaty is being signed by Obama right now: Goodbye, net neutrality

Tim Wu, the author of The Master Switch: The Rise and Fall of Information Empires (Vintage) (afill link), wrote for the New Yorker that in 2007 Obama swore to him that he will protect net neutrality, but yesterday it seems that << Obama’s chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, Thomas Wheeler, has proposed a new rule that is an explicit and blatant violation of this promise. In fact, it permits and encourages exactly what Obama warned against: broadband carriers acting as gatekeepers and charging Web sites a payola payment to reach customers through a “fast lane.”>>

That means that they, the ISPs and the authorities, will let the ISPs become the guardians of the web and then discriminate as they wish, by limiting the speed of access to some sites and accelerating the speed of others. No equality, only bullshit from the ISPs.

If the web is not on a plain level, with equal access to data on what device you want, wherever you are and whatever site you’re looking at, then the internet and web as we know them are lost.

Just as Leo Laporte, from Security Now says: “A bit is a bit, no matter if it comes from a text file or a video”. He is damn right and the ISPs and Obama should not behave like the internet, on its whole, is theirs. The internet is ours. We are, as Rebecca MacKinnon says în her book called Consent of the Networked: The Worldwide Struggle For Internet Freedom (afill link), “netizens”, not mere users, but people who are living a digital life also, and we demand ISPs to respect us as good paying citizens.

So, stop de bullshit, stop the secrecy. Spread the word and make Obama be a good internet guy again.

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Usefull: FM music transmitter for iPhone 5

The guy(s) at iPhone Music Transmitter sell a nice device that will make your life easier if you have some older cars that cannot connect via wire or wireless to your iPhone 5.

Wesly Wade sells a device that can be plugged into the iPhone and then transmits your music via FM radio. Once you set your car radio to 87.9 MHz on FM band you’re all set.

I can imagine that there could be some other nifty uses for this FM radio transmitter so hop on their site and pay up $49.99 for this nice gadget. Have fun!