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Maddox slaps lifehacks

Another fresh breath from the web. Finally one of the few guys who likes to look a bit more at those lifehacks and check to see if they are good or not. It is not that lifehacks aren’t great, but not all of them are really helpful. Some can be really dangerous, like the one where you put a soda glass bottle into the freezer. That shit can burst and cut your face off. Jesus.

You’re doing everything wrong, every day. Good that Maddox got wind of these lifehacks, but the one with hand drying using a towel does not work. Why? Because you will not see any other type of towel in restaurants besides paper towers. There is a good reason for that: normal towel, when used by people who don’t have clean enough hands, can spread diseases.

So, people and Maddox: shake those hands like crazy and don’t use that many paper towels!

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Tech news that you need to read: software patents, German link war, YouTube as a mobster and a confession from a tech journalist

Ok. The title might be longer than the actual blog content, but who cares? I have a huge stack of blog posts ready so I need to cut to the chase and let you know that you need to read these articles to get a better view of what the web is going through right now.

So, here are these news in a couple of phrases:
1. “Abstract ideas” cannot be used for software patenting anymore – while this ruling is fairly narrow it gets us closer to shutting down software patents sometime in the future. Basically, the US supreme Court has decided that abstract ideas that are created into a computer environment cannot be patented. That means that something like an escrow, a means of enforcing the settlement of debts in a multi-party financial transaction, cannot be a software patent. Finally!

2. There is a German war against the link in Google’s SERPs – Jeff Jarvis reports that the German publishers want to ask Google for some money because Google is showing the links to their websites in its SERPs. Do you know what? Why doesn’t Google simply deleted those guys from the index? Fair and square.

3. Youtube is behaving like a mobster – independent music creators are asked to sign some contracts with YouTube and pay YouTube some money if they want to see their videos online. Bad, YouTube, bad. Why? Because YouTube already has a ton of gains from the visitors that come to the site, search for the independent singer and then make views which, in turn, can be monetized via the ads YouTube runs. I say that the independent producers should NOT give in.

4. An ex-Venture Beat journalist confesses: it was hard, but I learned many things – she wrote almost 1700 blog posts for Venture Beat in more than 2 years. That is a lot considering she had to do a lot of meeting and phone calls each day and she had to write about five blog posts a day. That is a lot. She gave some pieces of advice: when you want to contact a journalist or a blogger for that matter, make sure you have something really interesting to tell.

5. Bonus: All About Yahoo’s DMARC Reject Policy – DMRC rehjection policy means that if someone sends you an email using an email address and the server that sends that email is NOT an Yahoo server, then all major email providers will simply reject it. This will reduce a big chunk of the spam that is out there and that uses addresses. A good thing, but with some downfalls. Read the full article to know more.

That’s it for now, folks.

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10 lifehacks that will save your day

The King of Random has created a top 10 list of lifehacks that can save your day. among them, the airplane mode hack is the best one. If you don’t wanna see ads int he free games you play on your smartphone, then simply enable Airplane mode. It will turn off radio for the phone and thus the ads will be hidden. Great one.

Other lifehacks from the King of Random:
– check the arrow near the gasoline icon in your car dashboard to see on what part the fuel can be fed into the car
– when starting a fire insert first some chips and let them burn before the coal is set on fire
– drag the pillow under your head and over your shoulders so that you can sleep better.

Check the video from above for more lifehacks.

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Still here

Don’t be fooled by the small vacation I took these days. From 10 blog posts/day to a 4 day holiday is a big change, but all is for good. First, I work on a big project which will be revealed next month and this is taking a ton of time each day. Second, I have still gathered all those goodies in my sources folder and will post them one by one in here, because I know you guys like to see what new stuff I have found out about.

For now I’ll leave you with the video from below. You will find out that the spider web is a finely tuned musical instrument which is used by the spider to communicate with mates and to also see where the prey has been trapped. Ingenious fellas, these spiders:

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Vsauce2: these 9 weird drinks will stun you

Ever tried Kidsbeer, a drink designed to look like a beer, but created for kids and tastes like cola? Try also: liquid smoking, gau jal (drink with cow urine), kumis (horse milk alcohol), pizza beer, water salad, ice cucumber, bilk (beer + milk), snake wine, magical penis wine (China, of course).

Thinking of that last one didn’t made me feel any good :))

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BuzzFeed: there are 22 words that are brand names and you didn’t knew this

As far as I know, I used the word “to xerox” a lot of times before a friend told me that Xeros is (was) actually a company. When a company has that much of an impact, then you get to use their brand name as verb or noun without even thinking about it’s origins.

Let me google that 😀

Some of the words you didn’t knew are brand names:
– bikini
– xerox
– super heroes
– styrofoam
– laundromat
– post-its
– videotape
– dumpster
– zip code

Check more in the video from above.

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11 random facts about social media. Meh

BuzzFeed is, again, shocked, In any case here are some of random 11 facts about the social media they could gather: in 2008 social media overtook porn as online activity, the Twitter country would be the fourth country in the world, Ellen selfie got 1.3 million retweets in under 1 hour and brought Twitter down and nothing interesting about Google+.

See more in the video from above.

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Intel about the Internet of Things: Fast Forward is Now

Intel has a great list of articles based on various tech topics collected in one place called Adrenaline. I use their app too and regularly read about their take on the future of tech and what are they doing to enhance it so I’m finding myself learning a lot of cool new things from them.

In Internet of Things: Fast forward is Now William van Winkle explains that there haven’t been any major breakthroughs in industrial efficiency other than Ford’s production line, then the introduction of programmable logic controllers and, maybe now, the Internet of Things (IoT).

While IoT means that everything i your house will be connected to you via the internet and apps, the actual power of IoT is in collating the data from thousands of devices from thousands of homes to improve the way they work.

The state and promises of Internet of Things can be summed up in there words:

Cisco famously publicized how the number of connected things on the Internet passed the number of living humans back in 2008. By 2020, Cisco expects the number of network-enabled devices to reach 50 billion. The harvesting and analysis of data from these devices’ sensors will impact everything from our morning coffee to mass transit to farming yields. If we have “big data” today, the IoT of 2020 will give us gigantic data able to radically transform and advance our daily events. The IoT will improve leisure, increase commerce, and even save lives.

Also, if you want to see a nice infographic about the IoT, then click here and have fun preparing yourself for the future.

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Star Wars Documentary: From Star Wars to Jedi: The Making of a Saga (Part 1 of 9)

Star Wars was the movie of my childhood. Alongside with Star Trek this movie made me wanna become an astronaut. That din’t happen, but I still remained a fan of science and technology.

In the documentary, of which you can see part I in the video from above, we learn how hard it was to create the Star Wars series and what minds were the genius behind such scifi movies.

Mark Hamill explains the main plot of the saga and the story of Luke Skywalker, a Tatooine farmboy who discovers his Jedi destiny.

From the video description:

Filming of the original Star Wars began in Tunisia in 1975, with George Lucas serving as writer/director; Irvin Kershner helmed The Empire Strikes Back; and Richard Marquand was behind the camera for Return of the Jedi. As seen in the video, Lucas was heavily involved in all the films, including effects sequences like the Death Star attack and Hamill’s costume fitting from Return of the Jedi.

Check more on TAG Star Wars Documentary.

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Top 6 foiled American School shootings

I like how Matt puts it in the video from above: because the mainstream media practically transform the school mass murderers in national heroes other kids think that doing the same or bigger shit will make them heroes. And those bloody kids plan to kill other kids or even blow up schools.

the media should treat such topics with care and not show the kids that are involved in school shootings as heroes. Matt then shows his list of top 6 foiled school shooting. Not all shootings get to take plane. Thanks goodness. We would need more videos like this in mainstream media.

Great job, Matt!