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10 food myths busted

I love crazies that tell everyone that we eat poison and that synthetic substances are bad and so on. They’re fun to watch because they passionately tell everyone to avoid otherwise harmless things and refuse, religiously, to look at evidence and just shut the f… up.

Here are some of the food myths you will see int he video from above:
– McDonald’s nuggets do not contain pink slime with chicken eye balls – it’s all meat baby
– washing meat in ammonia that is also used in cleaning products – it is safe in small amounts as it kills E-coli. Remember: the dose makes the poison. Even apples have a poison called amygdalin in them and we still eat them without issues
– KFC using genetically modified organisms, not chicken? Come one, even a chicken that has been specially bred over the years to become bigger is a genetically modified organism
– McDonald’s does not use worms and eye balls in their food. jeez
– coca-cola can’t dissolve the teeth of the drinkers as it stays only a bit of time in the mouth

Check more such myths in the video from above.

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YouTube to GIF: GifYouTube

GifYouTube allows you to insert a YouTube video url and then select a start time for the GIF. Then you select the time range in seconds and you’re done: you have your GIF. The gif from above is from this ICE Bucket Challenge video. I wrote a while back about the ALS challenge.

You can see my GIF online here or simply watch the GIF in this blog post 😀

Via Presurfer.

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I took the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS fund raising

I took the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS fund raising. Our boss, Emilian, took us, the guys from Spring Merchant, in the center of Brasov city, Romania, and then gave us a nice icy bath. I am the tall guy, the second from left to right. That water was freezing. Good that we had some great weather on Sunday for this 😀

ALS is the acronym for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and is a genetic disease that attacks after the age of 20. Once the disease is installed the voluntary motor functions, like moving the hands and feet, are gradually shut down. After 1-3 years the involuntary muscle functions, like the beating of the heart, are stopping and you die. Not cool at all.

In case you were wondering where all that money from the challenge goes you need to know that 72% does to program expenses which means: education, fund raising and research. The other to utilities and salaries.

So the myth that the foundation doesn’t use the money as advertised is just a myth. Check datasheet on fund usage and also see the ratings in CharityNavigator, a website that monitors charities.

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The list of bad science journals – these predatory journals publish online whatever crap you sent them in exchange for your money

Science Based Medicine triggered the alarm that there are hundreds of online science journals that aren’t really science journals. They are online websites that accept to publish any crap in exchange for your money.

The researchers have even sent in a HIV paper which they copied from another team, changed every instance of the word “HIV” with “cancer” and then submitted that paper. It was instantly published. You can see some absurd papers being published that have nothing to do with science. Watch out.

So, whenever you see someone ranting about publishing in science journals, please check if those journals are in this predatory journals list and if yes, then tell them to back off.

The best places to publish a paper are Science and Nature, but you need to have a solid paper and research and also have a couple of thousands of dollars to pay for the review process. Now, go sciencing and publish in Nature or Science.

UPDATE 17 jan 2017: Scholarly OA has been effectively closed, articles deleted. RetractionWatch reports.

If you still want to see the list, then go to Internet Archive. Also you can see the latest lists of the predatory journals below:

Predatory publishers (zip archive of this page is here Predatory publishers)
Predatory journals (zip archive of this page is here Predatory journals)
Misleading metrics( zip archive of this page is here Misleading metrics)
Hijacked journals (zip archive of this page is here Hijacked journals )

by – Last updated August 27, 2014

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My music recommendations: Vocal Trance and Gardyn, from Pogo

What you see above is Gardyn, from Pogo, a guy that created music mixed from Disney videos and from real world objects. I remember listening to Expialidocious dozens of times through 2010, when I first started blogging on, former, a Romanian blog.

Right now, Pogo has a number of such videos and continues to create amazing music mixes that anyone in your family can enjoy.

The second recommendation is, of course,, with the Vocal Trance channel. I listen to vocal Trance when I want to hear some of the songs that were around in the 90s.

So, tell me what music recommendations do YOU have?

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What is the shortest, most effective piece of code? [Quora question]

If you’re not on Quora, then subscribe now as you will be amazed of the storm of answers that each question may receive. The question “What is the shortest and most effective code ever written?” has a ton of replies and you will be amazed by what you will see in there.

One of the most interesting codes I have seen there are the ones referenced from Playful JS where you learn how to create a simple 3D game first person shooter interface, particles, a 3D random map or a physics engine. And all is done in only a couple of lines of javascript code. Amazing.

Check it out in this page how you can create a realistic 3D terrain with javascript like in the image from below:

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It takes you 30 years to reach the limits of the map in Minecraft [numbers]

A man walked for 3 years in Minecraft trying to get to the end of the map and he has reached only 11% of the map. Now, that is HUGE. Minecraft sold 54 million copies making it the most sold pc game ever and earned 330 million dollars in 2013.

100 million registered users play Minecraft, $250k reach in the pockets of the developers each day. The man who walked 3 years in the game and reached 11% of the map was able to walk for 932 virtual miles making Minecraft a game that has a map with a diameter of 9k miles.

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Call of Duty presents: Superpower for Hire

Did you play Call of Duty? I did. All of them. Now they come into the real world to find out what real armies are doing and how private contractors use mercenaries to protect their teams or conduct various missions around the globe.

Mercenaries are as real as the Call of Duty games are. Academia, which was called Blackwater, or The French Foreign Legion or many others are mercenaries. Academia is a PMC – private military company. It’s kinda hard to believe that such things exist, but they do.

Stay close to Vice to find out more. The Trailer from above is great.

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Afternoon LOL via Mundate Matt: Kim Jong-un declares war on Seth Rogen

You got to be kidding me, but then again, I would declare war to Seth Rogen too. we’s played in some almost-ok movies that had some of the most idiotic scenes I could have ever think of. It is just like those movies were created by a guy on meth or by someone who breathed farts all day and then come up with bright ideas of “funny”, but shitty movies.

Anyways, sometimes Seth Rogen is hilarious and it’s lame that we played in some of the most idiotic movies ever. Getting back to one of the most hilarious things ever, Kin Jong-un declares war to Seth Rogen and James Franco because of a movie called The interview. The plot of the movie? Kill North Korea president.

Kim Jong-un must be a little too idiotic to think that movies amount to much. Anyways, I hope US blows North Korea to pieces soon enough as communism is not something we should tolerate on Earth whatsoever.

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How many of those vintage sounds do you recognize?

New Scientist published a video mix with sounds of an old era which only some are now remembering. I remember the continuous sound when there was no emission on the TV, how the phone sounded when I wanted to call someone or how it rang when someone called us. Cord phone was a big deal back then and also color TV.

At the start of the nineties internet seems far away for Romania and only few has a color TV or a video casette recorder. Also, I do remember how the radio was doing when I was trying to find a frequency and it would be white noise all over the place. Now you have automated frequency tracking so no white noise anymore. 😀