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A short history of Rubik’s cube

Keghan explains in under 3 minutes how Rubik’s cube came to life and what are the World’s Records on solving the cube. One thing is for sure: I haven’t played with one such cube in a very-very long time and I should start buying one.

The world record for solving the classic 3-by-3 standard Rubik’s Cube was set in March, 2013, by Mats Valk of the Netherlands in 5.55 seconds.

From Rocketboom:

The original Rubik’s Cube was invented in 1974 by Hungarian sculptor and architecture instructor Erno Rubik. After trying and failing to make the squares move with elastic bands, Rubik designed 26 individual small cubes that held themselves together by their shapes to form one 3-by-3-by-3 cube, which consequently has over 43 quintillion possible permutations. That’s 43 with eighteen zeros: 43,000,000,000,000,000,000 or, 43252003274489856000 to be exact.

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What is Reddit?

C.G.P. Grey has created an explanatory video about a really democratic entity, Reddit. In that social network you can post news and then others will vote the most interesting of them and push them on the front page.

A news that shows on the front page can bring you up to 1 million views in a short time (a few days) so many are eager to create interesting materials to be pushed up in the vote ratings.

Reddit is not regulates by anyone and has some moderators who keep watch, but that’s it. Usually you can post a ton of things in there and the nested commentaries help you keep track of everything. Even presidents are on Reddit and big public figures have done AMA’s, Reddit posts where they say what they are doing/working and other people get to ask them various questions. Reddit is fun, that is for sure.

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Stop now and listen to this LHC rap/dubstep: Scale of the Universe

The Scale of the Universe is a subject often found in the middle of the interest of pretty much… everyone. The rap/dubstep video created by the guys from Sixty Symbols (YouTube) is totally amazing. They rounded up Dave and Vihart, yes THE Vihart, and created this incredbile song.

It does make some sense and it should be used as a didactic material in schools. Why not? If Earth were a word, then the Universe were an infinite number of words, so we can hang on to this analogy. In any case, it’s great to see that nerds and geeks flock together to create cool science vids and rap music. Well done, guys!

For lyrics and some other details click here.

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How do you promote your newest HD TV? You scare the s**** out of people

I must admit. That was darn funny. They really did a nice set out there with a LG Ultra HD tv as window. People never suspected that the window form behind the interviewer is, in fact, a TV.

When they saw the meteorite hitting the Earth and then the shockwave that was way to cool.

How would you behave in such situations? I would run as hell, that is sure. In any case, props to LG for this ad.

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The double slit experiment which proves that the electrons are particles AND waves

In the video from above Brian Greene explains how the double slit experiment allowed us to see that the electrons are particles and waves in the same time, much like you hear all around that light can be seen as particle and as a wave.

The very act of observing the electron going through the slits determines that electron to behave only as a particle and thus the “shadow” left on the wall will show only two lines. That is happening because when we observer the electrons we interact with them and such we “somehow make them” show only their particle side, and not the wave one. In any case, qwuantum physics is amazing and some things are so hard to understand that you feel that you land in the realm of magic.


Via Jason.

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A timelapse with the same train ride in 1953, 1983 and 2013? Totally possible

The mesmerizing video from above is even greater on the tunes of The Chemical Brothers – Star Guitar, one of the best train travelling song ever. The timelapse video features three videos taken in 1953, 1983 and 2013, 30 years apart from each other and it shows roughly the same terrain and tracks.

Relaxing yet historically interesting, the video created by BBC South Today shows the route from London to Brighton, a 1 hour and 37 minutes car ride or a 59 minutes ride via train. That is a 44 miles route (or a 54 miles route, according to Google maps).

Via [Gizmodo].

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Slo-mo madness: see the explosion shockwave as it travels through the air at over 600 m/s

The guys at Earth Unplugged have made an interesting experiment: to see how fast an explosion shockwave would travel. As it turns out their experiments indicated a speed of over 600 meters per second, almost twice the speed of sound.

The explosion shockwave creates a compression wave and a sonic boom. If you were to ask why do people die in explosions, it is not only the area of the explosion (the space where you see the flames and the gas bursting) that kills you, it is also this very shockwave that goes through your body and ruptures everything inside you. Kaput.

So, stay clear of explosions. Maybe a cushion might help in the fight with explosions, though. 😀

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Amazing Super Mario Brothers parkour

Bye the beginning of the nineties I aplyed a lot Super Mario, Duck hunting and cars. We would never feel bored and, even if we knew how to move past the levels, we liiked it each time. And the music was/is also a great one still.

In the video from above you can see the Super Mario Brothers parkour where Ronnie Shalvis played Luigi and Christian Russell of the CBR Stunt Team played Mario!

Parkour is a great sports and requires a lot of attentions and strength. Nice to see such a mashup. Combining two great things will always give a great result.

Via [One Cool Thing A Day].

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Learn more about Hank Green, from SciShow, one of my favourite geeks

Hank Green, from SciShow and CrashCourse, and probably a gazillion other educational geeky channels, is one of my favourite geeks, in the same line as Vsauce, Minute Physiucs, ASAP Science, CGP Grey, Head Squeeze and many others.

He had a tough life in school, like many geeks, and now he is an internet superstar. The guys that bullied or made fun of him because we is a geek surely regret their actions now. And they better be because geeks changed the world. Remember Bill Gates or any other guys like him?

In the interview from above Hank Green told The Good Stuff that he is also a big fan of the mongol history. Why? Because Genghis Han protected the intelectuals and used them to construct better weapons and tech. Being geek was surely a great thing by that time and now too.

On the geeky side The Good Stuff explains how you can fight with some scifi&fansasy cliche’s of all times: alien invasion, wizards, magic amulets and being in a virtual world.

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Animal superpowers and immortal animals [video]

Animals have the strangest powers from what I have seen. Joe Hanson shows us some of the animals and what they can do. The Hairy Frog, for example, can break its limbs and push claws through their skin like Wolverine, the Cuddlefish can camouflage itself by instantly mimicking colors and patterns, Tardigrades or Water Bears can survive space, Geckos can stay on any surface and other animals have interesting superpowers.

And here is a list if immortal animals:

Nature is truly a place where can still find the future of technology.