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The world just had the first giant robot fight between Japan and the USA

Megabots Inc. published the video from above a while ago in preparation for the big fight between their giant robot and Japan’s Suidobashi Heavy Industry robot. They have already done the fight and it lasted several days, but we will be able to see the recording only on October 17th at 7PM PT on Twitch.

The guys at The Verge have explained that the fight is not actually a fist fight like we would see in movies with giant robots. We whould expect to see more like push and shove style brawl and, maybe, some shots being fired, but no incredible fights. Not yet.

The Megabots Inc. robot could be easily weaponized and turned into an elevated tank for the battlefield. We should expect to see stuff like this in the future and, since South Korea is working on many robots, we should expect to see stuff like that being deployed in the eventuality of a Korean war. Who knows?

The truth is, decades from now, these robots will roam the streets like its nobody’s business. It won’t like in some dystopian movies, but still, robots are on their way to our daily lives.

In the fight between Americans and Japanese I’d expect the Japanese to win. We shall see.

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Great games coming up in 2018

It is a great time to be alive with all these games coming in waves all over us. I am in London for a long while so my best bet for a gaming PC is Before I buy myself a new gaming computer, which will cost between 2000 – 3000 GBP, mind you, I am following the news about new games to play.

Let’s not forget I still have a long list of 2017 games to play and then I’ll be able to move to the ones which will show up in 2018.

From the video above you can see what great games are waiting for us in the next year. Since I am a fan of FPS/TPS, RPG and action games, I will be looking forward to games like Far Cry 5, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, Monster Hunter: World, God of War, System Shock, Crackdown 3, Red Dead Redemption 2, Spider-Man, Anthem.

Since some games will end up having even 100GB in size I expect the graphics to be absolutely awesome. My monitor will be 1440p so I’ll have enough pixels to go around and see details.

Until then, I am keeping an eye on Tom’s Hardware for the tests they always do and then jump over to overclockers to see what the prices are. Of course I will go with AMD Threadripper and an AMD Vega video card. More than enough for 1440p gaming.

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It’s way too easy to have a blog on HTTPS nowadays

A couple of month ago my hosting provider, Easyhost Romania, informed me that they are “moving stuff” around and I din’t knew what the heck was happening. After I checked in CPanel I could notice that the “Lets Encrypt SSL” icon was showing in the Security section.

After a bit of back and forth with them they told me that they implemented SSL for my account.

For the few who do not know, Let’s Encrypt is a group of people trying to move the entire content of the web onto secured connection, on HTTPS. They are doing this by offering free SSL certificates which expire every three months. Don’t fret, the process is automated and it is done by your hosting company via the CPanel app so you don’t need to lift a finger.


Once you have the SSL certificate installed, an otherwise tedious process if you really want to have your own certificate from DigiCert, for example, all you need to do is route your traffic via HTTPS always and then you will be fine.

At first I tried a solution using code in .htaccess in which you rewrite rules and actually force traffic via HTTPS, but there is a plain and stupidly easy solution: login into dashboard, go to Settings – General and change the site URL from HTTP to HTTPS.

Why would you want HTTPS on your text only blog which does not, seemingly, make use of any PII data? PII is personal identifiable information like card info and such.

Several easy reasons:
– if you write about stuff someone from an authoritarian country should not read, then his state will be able to see that he connected to your website, but will not know what actually he read in there
– when posting comments normally the data flows through a POST but via HTTP, so using HTTPS will make it harder for ISPs to snoop on your commenters email
– you limit the ability of ISPs to track people all around

Also, Let’s Encrypt will enable wildcard certificates starting Janurary 2018. Cool.

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Watch bullets hit a metal wall at 1 million fps [video]

Werner Mehl from Kurzzeit has created a video in which you can see how bullets react when they hit a metal wall. The video is filmed at 1 million fps and you can see the myriad of ways a bullet can become dust in just a fraction of second.

Bullets are dangerous because they either hit a vital part of the body killing you instantly or they create a big hole in you or on the way out letting you die of blood loss. If a bullet does not hit bone and you are shot from close, then the hole it makes is smaller. Anyways, make sure to not get hit by a stray bullet.

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Bigcommerce Services by Spring Merchant: store owners have a place to rely on [S]

Store owners are in luck: whatever development services for Bigcommerce they want they can be offered by the Spring Merchant team. The team has worked for 4 years now in offering support and development for the Bigcommerce platform.

Some members have even worked on the old team of programmers, when the ISC, Interspire Shopping Cart, precursor of Bigcommerce, was still existing.

Bigcommerce lacks some features and functionality and the Spring Merchant team can help in many situations. Whatever HTML/CSS/Javascript changes you need they will set you up. Also, they can create custom apps suited to your needs.

Most people know about Spring Merchant because they bought the Coupon Importer, the International Shipping or the Payment Groups app, which lets you display only some payment options based on the group a customer is logged in.

Of course, if you need a one time job, you can simply fill in your request in the Bigcommerce modifications page and then they’ll contact you within the hour. How cool is that?

Recently they have included a number of services to the already great services they provide: development subcription, digital delivery, Mailchimp 360 and store locator. You can find all of these in the Bigcommerce services page.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact them!

Also, should you have ideas about what apps would help you, please share them in the comments area. I’ll send your suggestions to the Spring Merchant team. Thanks!

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Greetings from Pripyat, Chernobyl [video]

A must watch video about the Pripyat, Chernobyl area more than 26 years after the disaster. What we can say is that the animals are back, wolves roam the woods in here again and the plats grew astonishingly well. Any other animals are suites to live in there. While most of them are sick of radiation poisoning, that won’t stop them from growing in numbers.

Visits in those areas are permitted for only a couple of hours/visit and you are not allowed to touch anything as you can get radiation poisoning.


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How many bridges has Pittsburgh? Only 446!

The only city i the world to have the most number of bridges, 446, is Pittsburgh. The city is build right at the confluence of Monongahela and Allegheny and where they meet they form the Ohio River which flows into Mississippi.

With that many bridges you can see why it beats Venice. It is amazing how many things can humans achieve if they truly wish so. So, if you have enough time on your hands visit all those 446 bridges 😀

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Bigcommerce templates: customization and store design changes at the best price [S]

You own a Bigcommerce ecoomerce store. You have the products, the resources, the people and are ready to sell. Big Time, as BIG from Bigcommerce also says.

Now, you have chosen a Bigcommerce template that is great, even responsive, and does a lot of things the way you wanted to, but not quite what you had in mind. Don’t get me wrong, Bigcommerce themes are awesome, well designed, incredibly good looking and are a far cry from the old templates they had, however they were made for 90-95% of the store owners who will simply use the default themes.

You’re among the 5% who won’t use the default store themes, you have an established brand or want to create something great. Money is not the goal, they are only a method. You can and will built a great thing and visual identity is at the core of it. Your store, your design, needs to to do what you want it to do so the Bigcommerce themes, as they currently are, will not satisfy your need for perfection.

Steve Jobs got that right: he was crazy about perfection and loved people that would think like him. And look what an Empire he has created out of Apple.

Since you need to modify the templates that currently are in the Bigcommerce stores you need a great team of developers to help you: Spring Merchant, a small team of developers from Romania who love to eat code day in, day out.

The Bigcommerce customization list they can do is a long one and you can see some of the things they can do for you:
– change the display of the shipping methods or add logos for each shipping method in the checkout page
– change the details of the payment options on the checkout page
– replace any text in the store with a predefined text
– if you need to show “MSRP” or “As low as” or “From” prices in the store
– they can create plugins to show only some payment options based on the customer group a visitor is in
– make an offer button on the product page
– add tooltips to offer more info based on your specs
– start chat automatically when the searches performed by the customers do not yield any results
– show and print dynamic product info in a given page (eg. datasheets to be printed)
– place and move images anywhere in the store
– add character count in the txt fields
– create popup windows for different messages
– create preview functions for products that need such an option
– hide/show/move any element in the templates according to your will
– translate the store front in any language you want
– make the categories submenu items show in different columns
– they can create megamenus, those huge menus under the main menu, as they contain images too
– display product description and/or SKU on the home page

Also, as a more general principle, the guys at Spring Merchant can handle almost anything related to these things in Bigcommerce:
– javascript codes, changes, plugins
– HTML/CSS changes, edits, add-ons

So, if you need a great team to handle your customizations, you can find them at:

Now go and shoot them an email!

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Shellshock bug: drop everything now and ask your hosting provider if they updated Control Panel

The sehllshock bug is a vulnerability in the bash program inside Linus servers. Bash is a comand line interface that allows you to run programs and instructions by comand line only. Its like Command in Windows, but for servers. That vulnerability has existed for a long time, but they discovered it just now. Tom Scott explains what it is and what it does.

Ask your hosting provider if they ran the patches so that you won’t see your sites deleted or otherwise compomised.

Read more:
Sucuri about Bash vulnerability
Free Software Foundation about the shellshock bug
Redhat about the bug

Stay safe, guys!

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Internet firsts: see 12 of them now

The guys at Anyhoo have created a list of 12 historical events in the world of the internet. You can learn who invented the internet and read about few of these 12 internet first:
1971, first email – sent by Ray Tomlinson and contained the text QWERTYUIOP
1978, first spam email – sent by Gary Turk trying to sell computers
1985, first registered domain –
1987, first animated GIF – created by CompuServe and was about a flying airplane
1989, first search engine – created by a Canadian student and it was called Archie
1992, first image uploaded to the internet – the image of The Horrible Cernettes, a group of female scientists working at CERN and singing in their spare time
19… hold on. The rest can be seen in the video from above.