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The internet weights… not so much [video]

Well, that is interesting. Some people simply have too much time on their hands if they just start to calculate how much does the internet weights. Yes, and the weight of the entire internet, with music, pictures, emails, ebooks, images and any kind of other type of information weights only 0.2 millionth of an ounce. […]

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Stock – lifeblood of companies [infographic]

Mint greets us from th past with an evergreen infographic: What is stock. Well, it is a way to get money from investors by dividing the companies in smaller pakctes and then selling them. Stock markets is something that we all have heard of. I like that this infografic shows what stock is, how it’s […]

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Infographics: what are they about and what is the half life of a share [infographic]

If you don’t really like statistics and bulk of data that anyways no one can understand, then you should look at infographics. Yep. They are the most easy to understand for of data visualization. And I love them. It’s a lot easier than reading an post somewhere and the impact is higher. The guys at […]

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The speed of light in glass – it’s the same, trust me [mith]

Guess you already knew that. But many don’t know that the speed of light in transparent materials is the same, but strange things happen as we measure that it is, in fact,… slower. Now what’s that? Well, it’s true and false. Yes, the speed of light is the same, when we see the light as […]

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Think you know too much? Daylight Saving Time explained [video]

You gootta love what C.G.P. Grey does with his educational movies. Damn, if I knew that this simple thing, Daylight Saving Times , can be such a mess, I would have looked the other way. Oh, yeah, and now you will be unhappy too after you will see this video. You know what? Let’s just […]

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What do we know about how we think? Nothing.

Wanna know some more about the way we all are thinking these days? Once we step back and look at our self with other eyes some interesting things come to light. In this animated documentary you can see some of the secrets regarding our brain and guess what: the two hemispheres depend on each other […]

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