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What’s the difference between US and UK English

Well, the differences are many. You could regards UK English as being a farmers language and US English as being from the city area. Both are neat, you understand both, but they are different like dialects.

Check a list of words below posted by the 9GAG team on Facebook (9GAG):

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Petition SUBWAY to remove dihydrogen monoxide from its products #h2okills

The guys at IFL Science have informed us that SUBWAY is using dihydrogen monoxide in their products.

Dihydrogen monoxide is used as industrial solvent and coolant and also used in production of yoga mats. Call Food Babe and petition SUBWAY to remove dihydrogen monoxide from their products.


Aliens invaded the Moon on July 20th 1969

What a day. That day changed the face of the Moon and of the Universe. It was the day when aliens first invaded the Moon: July 20th 1969. Via IFL Science.


Did you even see all the human blood vessels just like that?

If not, then you will see them now. The human body has about 60 000 miles of blood vessels. The blood vessels are arteries, veins and capillaries.

Three things to note:
1. arteries carry the blood from the heart to the body (they are hidden deeper inside the body)
2. capillaries connect the arteries with the veins
3. veins bring blood back from the body to the heart (they can even be seen at surface skin)

Of course, blood circulation is way more complex, but you get the idea. Here you can see more about how the heart works and how the blood flows though you:

Here is the image with the blood vessels via ASAP Science and @SciencePorn:

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Earth vs its water and air

IFL Science has posted on their Facebook page a great image concept of Earth with its water and atmospheres depicted as spheres. The water and the air are tiny compared with Earth, but the scale couldn’t be better visualized.

Earth has a radius of 6371 km and a volume of 1,083×10^12 km^3. The water would have a volume of 1.332×10^9 km^3 and the air about 4×10^9 km^9.

Check the image below. Image: Félix Pharand-Deschênes:


Crazy alien sunrise has happened on Earth

No comspiracy theories, please. The following image, which can be seen on Science Alert and on US National Weather Service Facebook page, was taken on Januray 9th 2015 in Red River, New Mexico. This is the image of a sunrise that has many optical elements trapped in it.

Most of these phenomena are halos, sun pillars, sun dogs all generated by the interaction between light and the ice crystals from the air.



Vox: the one health study chart to rule them all

Vox created a great chart and wrote a great piece in regards to health studies. From the article you can understand why some studies need more attention than others and why some studies could almost be ignored.

What you strive for is to find studies that were Experimental – Randomized controlled trials, even double blind randomized controlled trials. Also, meta analysis and systematic reviews can show the trends in different studies so that you understand a range of studies better.

Here is the chart:

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What will your body do in 2015?

Quite a lot of things, actually. ASAP Science posted the banner from below. What does it say? It says that you will product 93 gallons of saliva in 2015, that your heart will beat about 35 million times and that your skin will shed about 8 lbs of skin cells.

Check the infographic from below for more info!

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How does it rain on different worlds? What does it rain in there?

ASAP Science shared a greta infographic made by American Infographic and its amazing to see how it rains on other worlds, planets or satellites from our Solar System and beyond.

For example, it rains with different substances on different worlds:
– Earth – water
– Venus – sulfuric acid
– planet HD189733b – glass
– Neptune – diamons
– OGLE-TR-56b – iron
– satellite Titan – methane

See the image:

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What does ethanol say? Let’s party!

I found the graphic from below on ASAP Science Facebook page and I had to share it. The image was created by NeatoShop.

So, what does ethanol say? Let’s party. Some comments on the ASAP page are hilarious: “Omg carbon is such a slut.” LOL.