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Introductory concepts: science based medicine, evolutionary biology, information history, astronomy

Yes, another week-end has passed and I’ve spent quite some time following courses and documentaries. What a life! In the video from above you will learn what science based medicine is and why is it important. Knowing a couple of basic concepts from the world of medicine, the true one, not the one which heals you with lies, is a must these days. Why? Because even some doctors have turned on medicine and are against vaccinations. Those fools.

Now, in regards to evolution, there is evolutionary biology, which explains how we reached the idea of evolution and what proof is there for such claims. Check the video from below to see a short history of evolutionary biology a well established science field nowadays:

Want to know how we developed techniques to store information throughout the time and how these advancements have, in turn, helped us evolve and build the society we now have? Check the video from below. You will see how we moved passed scrolls in the old ages and then we came back to scrolls when we are scrolling on websites on the internet:

Learn, from ILectureOnline, why the telescopes are so important for astronomers. At first there were the refractive telescopes, which used lenses, and now we are reflexive telescopes, which use reflective mirrors to channel more light than eve. Learn about focal points, basic optics, interferometry and how to calculate angular resolution:

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PC games: gaming laptop NP987OU2 G, Sapphire AMD R9 380X Nitro, XFX Radeon R9 Fury. Bonus: light-field camera

The Sager NP987OU2 G gaming laptop costs about $3700, but you have the performance of a gaming desktop computer in it. You can play whatever you want given the specs. The one from the video above has desktp Intel processor 6700K and a Ddesktop video card Nvidia GTX 980,

The base specs cost about $2300 and can be seen below:
– 17.3″ Full HD IPS Matte Display with G-SYNC Technology
– Nvidia GeForce GTX 980M 8GB GDDR5
– 6th Gen Intel® Core™ i7-6700 Processor
– 8GB DDR4 at 2133MHz
– 1TB 7200rpm SATA2 HDD
– Windows® 10 Home 64-Bit Edition

Yup, you can pretty much do anything with it? Would I buy such a laptop? Nope. I want the comfort of a big 27-32″ monitor.

What to know how do some of the best AMD video cards stack up against each other? Check in the video from below Sapphire AMD R9 380X Nitro vs 380 vs 390 vs 970:

What about an XFX Radeon R9 Fury Overview from Newegg TV?

Bonus: how does a lightfield camera work? A lightfield camera is a camera that stores am image which can be later on focused on different points in the computer. It uses a set of microlenses place before the camera sensor in order to store more information about the image and to also offer the ability to change the perpective of the image a bit.

Learn more about it from the video:


GTA V with lightsabers

The Verge has a neat treat for this week-end. They’ve posted an article with the video from above. Now, let us just think through: lighsabers would be really cool in the game. You already are able to withstand ton of bullets hitting you. Why not lightsabers?

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Yay, David Tennant, one of the Doctors in Dr. Who TV series, explains why General Relativity is important

David Tennant, who is well known for his role as one of the Doctors in the Dr. Who TV series which airs on BCC, explains the importance of General Relativity. Why do we see such a video? Because this month is 100 years since it was published by Albert Einstein.

For those who do not yet know, David Tennant recently played as Kilgrave in the newly publishes TV series from Netflix called Jessica Jones. Good acting, great actor.

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Science craze: 7 hours of science. I dare you watch them all in one day!

Yesterday and Saturday were lazy days for me. I had some work to do, but otherwise made sure to spend hours upon hours watching documentaries, online videos of courses.

In the first video you see a team from Fermilab, US talking about a specific topic, like what are neutrinos or the importance of an operator for the particle accelerator they have at Fermilab. The guys at Fermilab have discovered the up quark, bottom quark and the tau neutrino.

Moving on to the next movie, you will learn from Prof. Melvin Pomerantz of UC Berkeley what science is and what we do know and what we do not know in the field of physics. For example we do not know what energy or charge is, but we do knot a ton of things about how they work and how we can make them work for us.

See the video:

Had enough physics? Let’s learn about a great Englishman called Robert Hooke. He is associated specifically with the elasticity laws when we use springs, but he was also an inventor and the one go gave the idea to Newton that gravity is a force which can be calculated using calculus. Check out more:

We then go to our Periodic Table of Elements to find out more info about some of them. For example, Telurium has a smell and taste much like garlic and, coincidentally, was first discovered in Romania, Transylvania, Zlatna, not far from the Dracula Castle (Bran village). Video:

And we end up our list of videos by probing our minds using neuroscience. How do thoughts come into existence, how does our brain work? We are able to learn, move and evolve because there are already some underlying structures in our brain, like specific neurons linked and positioned in a certain way which would permit us to learn. Some concepts are already hardwired/hardcoded in our brains.

Yes, we already have notions of up and down, here and there and so on, but we strengthen them via experience, via our sensors:

Do not want to spend 7 hours by watching all these 5 videos? Then speed up the process by choosing Speed 2. You will still be able to understand the core concepts and ideas of the videos. Try it out.


Crazy: Minecraft timelapse

Some guys simply have too much time on their hand. And this is good, because they are creating great art, even if it is in Minecraft. In any case Minecraft offers you the ability to construct whatever you want and however big it may be.

Last year someone had created the Enterprise ship in full, with all rooms and compartments that the ship has. You would need several hours to check each such room. Minecraft can let your creative side to take over, but at the cost of huge time spent in the game.

Compared to GTA V, Fallout 4 or others Minecraft seems to be really endless. And this is why I am afraid of the game and won’t play it. Not one single second!

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Gaming pc, buyers guide. Bonus: CPU cache and things to try in Fallout 4

Linus explains, once again, what parts you need to use in order to create a gaming pc. Incredibly enough you can build a 1080p gaming pc even with 700 dollars. You can then move one to $1200 and even $2200 to build performance based workstations which can also be used for video processing.

Although my dream gaming pc is a little different now than last year, the basics are the same: you first need to know exactly what for you will use the gaming pc and then decide what to spend money on.

For example, if you want a pc for gaming only, then you can easily use an i5 processor with a good video card. If you also want some processing power for video processing, then an i7 could be a better fit.

Also, will you upgrade each year or will you use the pc for a good while? When I think of a gaming pc I usually try to make it future proof for about 4 years.

A new gaming pc I would build today costs about $3000 and would use a Skylake i7 processor, 32 GB DDR4 @3200Mhz, a GeForce Titan X or a R9 Fury X plus the other parts, among them a Z170 motherboard. Just because.

Also, it is best to buy processors which have the most cache you can get. Why? Because a processor with bigger cache memory can perform more computations/second that one without a cache. Here is why:

As far as games go, Fallout 4 and GTA V are in my top three, although the thought of a new release of Rainbow Six tingles my brain each day. Oh, the joy of destroying everything in your way just to get through the day 😀

What you should definitively do in Fallout 4:

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Chemistry and physics: bonds and the Periodic Table of Elements

Chemical bonds are mainly about electrons and how are they shared with the neighboring atoms. A bond is made when an electron or more are more probably to be found in an area between the atoms than around specific atoms.

You cannot say that an electron jumps from one atom to the other and then comes back. Since is it s quantum particle an electron in a ionic bond will be seen more often in the vicinity of the more electronegative atom, chlorine in the example of NaCl.

There exist perfectly covalent bonds, but there is no perfectly ionic bond. The Periodic Table of Elements can epxlain how the atoms might bond given the fact that Flurine is the most electronegative (4) and all other elements have an electronegativity smaller than 4.

Also, learn how the Periodic Table of Elements came to be:

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ESOcast 78: what is airglow and why do we see so much of it in the Paranal, Chile area?

The ESOcast 78 is here. ESO has a series of video podcasts in which they explain a ton of things from what a telescope if, to how a black hole works. In this newest ESOcast we learn about the airglow, the coloured light which can be seen at night.

In the last decades the airglow can be seen even more and more in the Paranal desert of Chile where ESO has a number of astronomical observatories like NTT, VLT and the AMLA microwave telescope.

Airglow has color red at about 100 km altitude and is greenish from 150-300 altitude. The color is given off by the oxygen and nitrogen molecules from the air after they have been in contact with UV light from the Sun during the day. Because of the UV light the oxygen and nitrogen molecules are broken apart and at night they try to form new bonds and thus release the red and green light from their atoms.

A nice thing to see, although it hinders astronomers from seeing distant stars.

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Polarization of light explained

When I first wanted to learn about the polarization of light I found it hard to understand the concept and how do polarized filters work and why is this important.

For example, if you use polarized glasses while you drive, then the horizontally polarized light scattered off the road or off the lake surface will be filtered by those glasses and you will not be distracted or blinded anymore. You will see the road or lake surface better.

Polarization of light the the direction in which is propagates and it can be vertical horizontal or circular. When you use polarized filters you allow only some type of polarized light to go through which has practical applications like the glassed from above and also lets you make scientific studies.

For example, light generated by the Sun is not polarized as it contains all manner of polarized light. When that light reaches the atmosphere of a planet then the reflected light is polarized and this way you can know that you see light coming from a planet, not from a star.

The video from above explains how you can obtain and manipulate polarized light. Great animation.