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Facebook math: friends and strangers theorem

The theorem of friends and strangers can eb explained by using the Facebook analogy. Given six people on Facebbok and you’re one of them, you can either be connected or not with any of the other five. Between these six persons you can draw lines (red – not friend, green -friend) and you get 2^15 = 32 768 different combinations of all these 15 lines.

What can we say about these combinations? Can we get some rules out of this chaos? It turns out that given these six persons there will be always 3 people that are friends OR always 3 people that are not friends. Simon Pampena explains why in the video from above.

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Star Wars Documentary: From Star Wars to Jedi: The Making of a Saga (Part 5 of 9)

In Arizona George Lucas has set a big stage for the final fight with Jabba the Hut. 100 labors worked 4 months to build the barge 212 feet long and 80 feet high. the final battles had to be in a great scene. George Lucas himself said that film creators create such great environments not because they want to film in them, but because they want to show off the amount of work they have generated.

And work they did. Too bad that the barge had to be destroyed in for the final scenes. Still fun, though.

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Computerphile explains how phone companies can track you position

Cell phones need cell towers to receive and then resend the phone signal. such a cell tower can handle maybe even 10 000 callers or maybe more. In order for the phone company to send you the radio signal accordingly it has to know near what cell tower are you right now.

Also, phone companies need to know the speed your going at in order to send you the correct phone signal. Since some cell towers use sectorised antennas to handle big loads of phone calls, the phone company can know the approximate area you’re in and the velocity of your phone. Put your relative position on a map and the police might be able to track you pretty well. Sneaky!

The phone companies gather the position data and sometimes sell statistics to big shopping malls to let them know what area a customer comes from. Also, phone companies can monitor the traffic speeds on highways in this way too. Interesting.

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Amazing levitating magnets from Crealev

Brusspup created an interesting video in which he used levitating magnets from Crealev, a company that sells floating lamps, displays and plain levitating magnets that can be hidden inside a pillow or a book.

CLM 2 was used in the video from above and it can keep afloat even objects that weight almost 20 pounds. It is nice to have a floating pillow or book like that. Or, at least, a floating lamp. Great idea, guys!

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SciShow Space: what is gravitational lensing

Caitlin Hoffmeister, from SciShow Space, explains us what gravitational lensing is. Gravitational lensing is a process through which light gets bent in its path if it goes past a massive object like a star or like a galaxy. An object behind the star of galaxy might be seen even though you do not have direct line of sight.

Sometimes gravitational lensing shows the images greatly disported, multiplied or squashed, depending on what you look at and what is between you and the star you wanted to see. this phenomenon was first described by Einstein who said that is a mass big enough is able to bent space-time, then the light has to follow that space-time curvature, thus showing us an image like we would see it through a lend, most often very distorted.

Einstein, you are still great.

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Mundane Matt about Watch Dogs: I may not play the game again

Ubisoft released recently Watch Dogs and the game looks great. Until I’ll get a new pc in here I’ll have to look at others how they play it. This open world video game is packed with a ton of missions, the way i like it, and has a simple hacking device that lets you hack into almost anything.

Mundane Matt did a review of the game and he likes it. While the game is cool and all that, he may not play the game once again as he has done all the side missions and there is nothing else do come back to.

Honestly, the only games I ever came back to were GTA San Andreas and NFS Underground 2, FUEL and NFS Most Wanted. Nothing else. Any other shooters, RPGs and what-not were fun, but they never quite made me come back, so I understand Matt when he says he might not return to this game.

In any case, I can’t wait to play that game myself.

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PC graphics settings explained

Make Use Of explained, through the voice and person of Robert Wiesehan, what several pc graphics settings mean and how to optimize those settings in order to get the best gaming experience there is. As a rule of thumb, you should always strive to obtain at least 30fps so that the gameplay is smooth even though you will sacrifice some of the quality.

So, here is the rundown of the video from above:
– screen resolution – amount of pixels on vertical and horizontal lines, more will show more finer details
– texture quality – higher texture quality shows more detail in each object of the game
– antialiasing (FXAA, FSAA, edge smoothing) – reduces jagged lines on the edges of objects, more will show more smoother edges
– anisotropic filtering – helps textures look sharper when you see them under an angle, like when you see the tire tracks on sand farther away
– view distance – setting this to high will show objects that are farther away
– LOD (load on demand) – show details only when you get closer
– shaders (shader pixels) – effects laid over textures to make those textures look more realistically

More details in the video from above.

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Family Tree explained by CGP Grey

CGP Grey took a lot of time to create the video from above in which he explains what the family tree is and how its built. Basically it all comes down to creating a simple graph in which you place your forefathers above you and your successors below you, with some ramifications on the sides. Naming conventions follow the “grand” rule so it’s pretty simple. It is a bit harder to know where your 4th cousin twice removed it, but there no rush as there is a big chance you don’t know who that it anyways.

You can download a family tree sheet from here.

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FarCry and racism? Cut the crap. NSFW.

Oversensitive a-holes all over the place. People, it’s a video game and, maybe, one of a kind. If you were living in the Far Cry world you could care less about racism, because all you wanted to do is fucking live another day. In a war torn area, where gangsters make the rules, nobody cares about your fucking whining about racism, sensitivity over who-knows-what subjects.

In a bad ass world, like the one depicted by Far Cry 4, it does not matter what race you are. Why? Because you’re going to fucking die in horrible ways and nobody will give a fuck. In a world where a human life costs less than a few dollars or a token of regret, there is no place for pussies or for political correctness. You kill or you get killed, that is the game.

It is getting tiresome to see that every video game release turns into a sexist, racist or whatever war when it is supposed to be a game, a game in which you shoot people and have fun. You don’t like it? Create your own game and shut the fuck off.

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Star Wars Documentary: From Star Wars to Jedi: The Making of a Saga (Part 4 of 9)+Bonus

In this fourth documentary we learn that 90 people worked on getting life into the masks and puppets that were used in the Star Wars movie for the Jabba sequence. The life was hard inside the costumes and the artists needed to take air as often as they could. One months has to pass until the Jabba sequence could be completed.

They had to use also miniature figures to get some scenes completed, like in the one where the warrior pig was eaten by the monster in the dungeon. The hard work finally paid off and the scene was completed to their liking.

Bonus: Below you can watch Tony deTerlizzi how he outlines his inspiration and process for creating the new entry in the Star Wars: The Adventures of Luke Skywalker, Jedi Knight, a storybook adaptation of the original trilogy, featuring the art of Academy Award-winning artist Ralph McQuarrie.

It is great to see that movies inspire people in such a way that they become artists, actors or even scientists 😀

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