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Crazy stuff: go-kart with jet engine by Colin Furze

You go to admit it: Colin Furze is kinda damaged. Adding a jet engine to a go-kart is not something that anyone can do. If there is some one who could do a stunt like this, then Colin Furze is the one.

The jet engine is able to propel the go-kart to speeds of up to 60 mph, which is impressive.

The noise is scary, the red hot tube is scary, but maybe Colin is the scariest of them all. And people love him for his contraptions.

Via POPMech.

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The evolution of phones

Phones have evolved a lot during the few decades since it has become wireless. Motorola created first true mobile phone in the 70s and then Apple hit the market with the first true smartphone, the iPhone, in 2007.

During this time the screen of the phones has increased from a square inch sized one to a full HD display which covers the entire phone. Technology is truly amazing. Never doubt science and technology top get you into the future.


Via Facebook.

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Herding sheep with drones. A new era has come!

Yup, you can now herd your sheep with drones. These flying things have become more ubiquitous than we’d like to admit. And they are getting cheaper and cheaper by the month.

In the video from above the drone sheepdog “Shep” is handling sheep like a pro. Of course, all the thinking is done by the pilot, not by the drone itself, but you never know when autonomous drones will be part of this. Pretty soon, I guess.


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How do chameleons change color?

Nope, it is not about color pigments. It is about pigments and crystals. Within the skin the chameleons have tiny cells full with nanometer sized crystals. When the position of the crystals in those cells change, the color it reflects changes too. This process is called structural coloration and the colors created through this process are called iridescent colors.

Look, ma, the peacock does the same thing: iridescent colors via the structural coloration process.

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What is data compression?

As Linus explains it: is cramming a ton of info into a tiny file. The more homogeneous the data in a file is the more can it be compressed.

Let’s take the example of an image. If it is only white, then the compressed file will say something like this: put a white pixel in these positions [then the range]. The same happens with a jpeg image: you simply tell the computer to build the image pixel by pixel like this: on pixel (x,y) insert a color (rgb color). Neat, huh?

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How to Make a Matchbox Microphone

Have you ever thought of creating a microphone? For this you need a matchbox and pencil leads. Also need a battery, some wires and clips, and a pair of headphones or a speaker.

This is a simple experiment that you can do at home and prove the concept of sending sounds through electrical wires to a speaker. I never thought it would be that easy to create a microphone. Have fun!

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Science with Tom: awesome science music videos abound

As they say “this white guy knows how to rap”. His videos are awe inspiring, they teach and they bring everyone closer to science.

And the rap is as good as it gets. And he’s preparing a new row of music videos for us to educate ourselves and to enjoy.

Check out this older video:

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Drones and music: awesome art

Ever wanted to see drones sing? Now you can! KMel Robotics has programmed a group of hexrotors and those tiny robotic critters are making a cute music show.

Drones are good for a ton of uses, but mostly people are using them for fun. And fun it is! Such ahex rotor can cost even $1100 like DJI Naza one
Via Interesting Engineering.

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Insanely hilarious: Apple Engineer Talks about the New 2015 Macbook

The video from above is a parody of the new 2015 Macbook. The original video is about a guy who skipped classes and who failed the exams. He explains how he failed the exams in a humorous way, but he also laughs like crazy.

When you add MAC related subtitles then this whole things gets a new light. Hilarious indeed.

Via BI.

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The minigun in video games: an awesomely destructive weapon

It is true that you could not wield that kind of weapon, but a minigun in a shooter game can always make you fight with confidence. When I played Doom 3 the minigun was handy in almost every situation.

In the video from above you can see its history in the world of firearms and how we all use it in video games. Enjoy!