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Mega sci-fi trailers: Independence Day: Resurgence and Star Trek Beyond

I know you’ve been waiting for an Independence Day sequel. Admit it. The first movie was too good for me to forget. It has action, humor and Will Smith. The sequel will not have Will Smith. His character dies in some stupid accident while the humanity is building a new fleet of war machines, but those are details.

The trailer will setup a pretty grim scene for the entire planet with more and more alien ships coming in and even continent-sized motherships ready to slam into the Earth. We knew they will return, we prepared, but will it be enough? Independence Day, take my money NOW.

The second trailer is for Star Trek Beyond. This new brave generation of young space travelers will face new dangers and test their limits. The only difference now is that they are taking a pretty heavy beating. Will they survive?

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Batman versus Superman is not what you think it is

Via Business Insider. I was a bit angry of the fact that they mixed the world and got Batman to fight Superman. Realistically speaking, Batman would have no chance, but let’s leave this tot he details.

In fact, the upcoming Batman vs Superman movie is about them two fighting together with Wonder Woman to fend of a demon called General Zod. Way to cool to not see it when it hits the movie theaters.

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Awesome: see GTA V’s Pinnacle mod in action

Via Extreme Tech. The Pinnacle mod for the GTA V video game brings big changes int he way the NPCs behave, cool new 4K textures and also changes the behavior of the rain. But the cars, look at those beautiful cars. Realism has rarely got so close in a video game.

You can see some pixelated places here or there in the video from above, but the level of detail is astonishing. It may take you 10 – 20 minutes to get the mod installed, but it is totally worth. Have fun!

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PC games: gaming laptop NP987OU2 G, Sapphire AMD R9 380X Nitro, XFX Radeon R9 Fury. Bonus: light-field camera

The Sager NP987OU2 G gaming laptop costs about $3700, but you have the performance of a gaming desktop computer in it. You can play whatever you want given the specs. The one from the video above has desktp Intel processor 6700K and a Ddesktop video card Nvidia GTX 980,

The base specs cost about $2300 and can be seen below:
– 17.3″ Full HD IPS Matte Display with G-SYNC Technology
– Nvidia GeForce GTX 980M 8GB GDDR5
– 6th Gen Intel® Core™ i7-6700 Processor
– 8GB DDR4 at 2133MHz
– 1TB 7200rpm SATA2 HDD
– Windows® 10 Home 64-Bit Edition

Yup, you can pretty much do anything with it? Would I buy such a laptop? Nope. I want the comfort of a big 27-32″ monitor.

What to know how do some of the best AMD video cards stack up against each other? Check in the video from below Sapphire AMD R9 380X Nitro vs 380 vs 390 vs 970:

What about an XFX Radeon R9 Fury Overview from Newegg TV?

Bonus: how does a lightfield camera work? A lightfield camera is a camera that stores am image which can be later on focused on different points in the computer. It uses a set of microlenses place before the camera sensor in order to store more information about the image and to also offer the ability to change the perpective of the image a bit.

Learn more about it from the video:

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Thursday Fun: GTA V mod with meteors

Waiting for my new gaming pc. But when it comes, GTA V will burn. With meteors. Mod made by GTA X Scripting.

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21 Oct 2015: Today is Back to the Future Day

In Back to the Future the protagonists went into the future and landed on Oct 21st 2015, TODAY, and saw flying cars, hoverboards and time travel. We do not have magnetic hoverboards, flying cars too, but no time travel. A bummer.

But hey, at least we can celebrate Back to the Future day thinking that in the future we will have a far greater technology than now.

Also, the video from above was created by the guys at CERN who are real geeks.

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Tips and tricks: how to overclock a video card [video]

Jayz2Cents creates another great video for gamers. This time is about how to overclock a video card. I am the guy who usually doesn’t like to get into this king of stuff and thus I usually buy a good video card which can do all the things I want without having to tinker with any overclocking abilities.

What tips and tricks should you follow when overclocking a video card:
– make sure you do overclock because it is an extra headroom that you get for free, much like upgrading your GPU
– use apps like MSI Afterburner to help you overclock AMD/nVidia graphics cards
– try to set the temp as high as possible and don’t touch the core voltage until you see the test benchmark (like Valley Benchmark ) crashing
– for more info and tips check the video

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Mass Effect Andromeda and Fallout 4 trailers: these are the pc games I’ll love to play

Mass Effect is one of my favorite RPG games. You build your own character the way you want it and develop relationships with the crew the way you want it. You learn a ton of stuff and enhance your chanracter and then travel to untold numbers of planets in the Galaxy.

Fun, exciting and crazy too. The idea of scifi RPG games is awesome and I do hope they’ll keep on creating such games.

Now, here comes the other great news of the year: Fallout 4 is huge, has better graphics and hundreds of quests to work on. I’m sure to send some bucks and a couple of dozens of hours playing that game. Fallout 3 is am amazing game and it plunges you into a post-apocalyptic world like very few games are able to do it.

Here’s the trailer. You can also build your home in this game. Awesome!

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Science with Tom: awesome science music videos abound

As they say “this white guy knows how to rap”. His videos are awe inspiring, they teach and they bring everyone closer to science.

And the rap is as good as it gets. And he’s preparing a new row of music videos for us to educate ourselves and to enjoy.

Check out this older video:

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Insanely hilarious: Apple Engineer Talks about the New 2015 Macbook

The video from above is a parody of the new 2015 Macbook. The original video is about a guy who skipped classes and who failed the exams. He explains how he failed the exams in a humorous way, but he also laughs like crazy.

When you add MAC related subtitles then this whole things gets a new light. Hilarious indeed.

Via BI.