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RoboCop: 10 interesting facts about the movie + trailer

RoboCop 2014 movie will be launched tomorrow, on Feb 7th, and it will be a hit. I have seen the original Robocop and it was amazing, something new, something else. The guys has great ideas back then in the 80s.

Now, the good guys at AllTime10 have created a video with 10 interesting things we may not know about the ORIGINAL movie and the people surrounding it.

Here are a couple of facts about the original RoboCop movie:
– most of the shots for the movie have been taken around Dallas, not Detroit
– the movie depicts Detroit as a city with a lot of dept, which is true
– a 10 Ft statue of RoboCop will be erected in Detroit
– the movie has a copyright at the ending stating that “criminal prosecution by enforcement droids”
– more in the video above.

And here is the movie trailer:

And another one:

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The olympians have changed: no place for the average Joe now

ASAP Science will release each day of the Olympics a new video in which we will find out new and interesting things. For example, the first time that the Olympics took place, in 1924, the participants were chose among the average Joe, but today you will not be able to compete unless you have special traits.

That means that, depending on the sport you’re competing in, you need to be taller, stronger, thinner, smaller or otherwise way different than the average Joe. It seems that Olympics from Sochi is not in any way different. Wanna be an olympian? Choose a sport and be an extremely good competitor.

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A jump for a lifetime: a 24 mile high jump performed by Felix Baumgartner now in first person view

Equipped with 7 go Pro HD cameras Felix Baumgartner jumped from 24 miles high altitude in 2013 and broke the speed of sound during the fall. After more than 3 minutes of falling to the Earth he has landed safely.

Along the ride there was a moment when he would spin out of control like crazy, but after a few seconds he regained control. Incredible feat, incredible World Record and incredible video. Just watch!

Via Geeks are sexy.

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Shut the F. up: a full video made out of paintings to celebrate Van Gogh

BreakThru films has created an incredible movie called Loving Vincent, in which each frame is a real life picture that brings Van Gogh’s pictures to life. Although the idea is great and the work behind it is enormous, the project didn’t got a lift off on Kickstarter.

Some details regarding the movie: 8 years, 860 paintings, 1026 drawings, 800 letters, 20 people telling the story of one man, Van Gogh.

I saw this video mentioned on Vsauce2 BiDiPi #44:

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What aerial drones can do: amazing video of surfers doing their thing in Hawaii [video]

Pipeline Winter 2013 is one of the greatest videos of this week. It features surfers from Hawaii fighting with the waves and eventually riding them. A DJI quadcopter and a Go Pro camera were used by Eric Sterman to create this video.

Truly inspiring and it makes you wonder why I do not have such a drone in my home NOW?! Such a drone costs about $500 on Amazon. See (my affiliate) link DJI Phantom Aerial UAV Drone Quadcopter for GoPro

Do you use such a drone? What do you do with it?

Via BusinessInsider.

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Vsauce explains why your butt is important: it gives humans great endurance and more [video]

Before our behind were called butts, they were called bums. Our posterior is not a bummer, but instead it is a great part of our body that gives us endurance. When compared to other animals, like horses or antelopes, humans have greater endurance. This is a fact that I didn’t know.

Michael Stevens, aka Vsauce, explains why we still call it bottom although it is at the middle of the body: it is at the lowest level in the digestive system and, in a torso-centric view, the butt is the lowest point.

The vertical posture and good looking of out behinds is given by two big muscles in our bottoms. In any case, what most would call a bum, Vsauce would like to call it a marvel. And it is.

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Awesome :)) If Google was a guy!

That is just awesome. You wouldn’t ask the questions you do if you were in front of a guy called Google. Being in front of your monitor seems just cool, but wait until you see how you sound when you ask Google, the guy, directly.

This is hilarious 😀

Via College Humor.

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Laugh your a@# off with Hank Green, from SciShow

Did you had a bad day? Poor you. Watch the video from above. It will cheer you up more than, maybe, Mr. Bean would. SciShow Season 2 Outtakes, 2013 is one of the most amusing videos i have seen this year. And remember: no one needed to be hurt or insulted for this.

Have fun. SchiShow, I’m a big fan as always 😀

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Merry X-mas, people!

Jingle Bells was first written in 1850 and was intended for Thanksgiving Day. It ia also the first song transmitted from space in 1965 by the Gemini 6 crew.

Have a Merry X-mas!

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Scientifically accurate Santa. Auch.

When we speak about a scientifically accurate Santa we can say that Animation Domination Hi-Def has created a great video with correct, scientific explanations of what Santa does, is or how he travels.

The video tells us about child labor, a may too heavy gift bag and a lightning fast sledge ( about 300 000 times the speed of sound). This is scientifically accurate Santa. You may not like it.