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Look at this robo-dog: so lively, so scary

Boston Dynamics, the company which has build some robo-dogs throughout the years and which was bought by Google at a given time has a new robo-dog called SpotMini. The way it moves is a bit scary: it moves as cloas as possible to a natural being and the way it looks at the cameraman at the start of the video is a bit unnerving.

But hey, this is technology and the only way is to go forward. Actually, given the level of technology we have now it is only a matter of engineering and time until you actually get to see humanoid robots and robo-dogs moving exactly like the real thing.

The guys at Interesting Engineering are excited and for good reason: only a few decades ago such a robot would have been only a dream created by Asimov’s books.

Robots are already here. All they need is to become more natural in movements and cheap enough so that everyone can have one. Let’s give it 50 years, ok?

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Car destroyer simulator: whatch these cars get smashed to pieces in this simulator

If you like to see cars getting smashed and explosions, then you will have a field trip with the videos from Destruction Nation. They are adding realistic models in their simulator and then try to see how these cars behave in collision situations.

Of course, it is not exactly as in real life, but the effect is good enough for games or even for action movies. As you can see i the video from above, sometimes the engine falls off, othertimes the car bursts in fire or simply gets ripped apart.

Have a good 10 minutes of fun.

Via Interesting Engineering.

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The world just had the first giant robot fight between Japan and the USA

Megabots Inc. published the video from above a while ago in preparation for the big fight between their giant robot and Japan’s Suidobashi Heavy Industry robot. They have already done the fight and it lasted several days, but we will be able to see the recording only on October 17th at 7PM PT on Twitch.

The guys at The Verge have explained that the fight is not actually a fist fight like we would see in movies with giant robots. We whould expect to see more like push and shove style brawl and, maybe, some shots being fired, but no incredible fights. Not yet.

The Megabots Inc. robot could be easily weaponized and turned into an elevated tank for the battlefield. We should expect to see stuff like this in the future and, since South Korea is working on many robots, we should expect to see stuff like that being deployed in the eventuality of a Korean war. Who knows?

The truth is, decades from now, these robots will roam the streets like its nobody’s business. It won’t like in some dystopian movies, but still, robots are on their way to our daily lives.

In the fight between Americans and Japanese I’d expect the Japanese to win. We shall see.

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Great games coming up in 2018

It is a great time to be alive with all these games coming in waves all over us. I am in London for a long while so my best bet for a gaming PC is Before I buy myself a new gaming computer, which will cost between 2000 – 3000 GBP, mind you, I am following the news about new games to play.

Let’s not forget I still have a long list of 2017 games to play and then I’ll be able to move to the ones which will show up in 2018.

From the video above you can see what great games are waiting for us in the next year. Since I am a fan of FPS/TPS, RPG and action games, I will be looking forward to games like Far Cry 5, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, Monster Hunter: World, God of War, System Shock, Crackdown 3, Red Dead Redemption 2, Spider-Man, Anthem.

Since some games will end up having even 100GB in size I expect the graphics to be absolutely awesome. My monitor will be 1440p so I’ll have enough pixels to go around and see details.

Until then, I am keeping an eye on Tom’s Hardware for the tests they always do and then jump over to overclockers to see what the prices are. Of course I will go with AMD Threadripper and an AMD Vega video card. More than enough for 1440p gaming.

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Uncharted: The Lost Legacy (The Movie) [4K]

Guess what: you can now see entire movies from some of the games. Andy Gilleand has worked countless hours just to create these movies from the video games. What he did seems pretty simple: get the cut scenes, record yourself playing and make sure to remove any HUD and screen indications that this is a video game.

But the truth is that he had to work a lot of time and to also replay and re-record stuff just to make sure he got scenes which are relevant to the movie.

The result? An awesome 3.5 hours movie I watches with bated breath last week-end. Make sure to watch Uncharted, the lost legacy created by Andy Gilleand. He also created other movies from video games:
Rise of the Tomb Raider (The Movie)

Assassin’s Creed Liberation (The Movie)

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End (The Movie)

I can’t wait for his new movies. Maybe an FPS in the future? No idea.

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Video games: RetroAhoy – Quake, overclock your video card, Nvidia GTX 1070 performance review

RetroAhoy has created a new documentary in regards to the video game industry. In a mix of video game history, gameplay explanations, excellent storytelling and great graphics, Retro Ahoy explains why Quake was the game that changed the face of video games for ever.

The way the levels were created, number of enemies, fast-paced action and the fact that you could mod the game have transformed Quake into a game of reference, a legend. I’ve played the game in the 90s and early 2000s and it was a great experience. It was in a time where computers like the one we have today were a chapter in a scifi movie.

The world has changed a lot and Quake made sure to change the video game landscape for ever. Quake forever.

Getting to things that are more close to today, JayzTwoCents explains why we should overclock our video cards: the video card producers limit the performance on purpose, but give you tools to overclock so that you can use the card at its full capacity. It will shorten the life of a card from 5 to 4 years, for example, but most of us will buy a new card within 2-3 years anyways, so it is a good bet.

What about a performance review for Nvidia GTX 1070, one of the newest kids in the block from Nvidia? There is such a review and the numbers say it aloud: it is the best card around for 1440p gaming. Go get it:

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Yay, Nvidia hits the video games market with GTX 1080

It isn’t about the fact that it has twice the performance of Titan X, but the price is way lower than that of Titan X. Titan X is around 1000USD but GTX 1080 is aroun 600-700 USD. Given the performance, I’d say it is a big leap. HotHardware made a review and also presents the full specs of GTX 1080 and it seems that it is the best thing in the market right now.

Extreme Tech has also a very positive review of the video card.

Given the performance and price, I’d say that my dream gaming pc will or might use an Nvidia card now.

The YouTube reviewers out there all say, in one voice, that this card is za best.


Paul’s Hardware:

JayszTwoCents again:

What do you about this awesome card?

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Crash Course games: what is a game? Bonus: Mass Effect Geth Pulse Rifle

I know everyone waited for this. Since last week we can follow a new Crash Course about Games. Some of us don’t only play games, but also want to get into the stories, mechanics, logic of those games. Even the simplest games, a plain old shooter has a great history behind it and a ton of elements we could talk about.

What is a game? At its core is an activity which entertains and from then on we can see that games are even sports, video games, card games and so on. Andre Meadows will go through the game history and logic for about 15- 20 episodes. Have fun.

Bonus: how big would actually be a real-life Geth pulse rifle from Mass Effect? I’ve played all the three games ME1-3 and it is a totally different animal to see the weapons created. At least their replicas. This replica costs bout $1000 and it is badass:

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What f the Moon where at the distance the ISS is?

The Moon is at about 384000 km distance from Earth. That’s a pretty big distance and it tidaly locked with our planet so that it will alwyas show the same face to our planet and, because of this, the time it takes to revolve around itself is equal to the time it takez to amke one turn around Eart.

If the Moon would be at the distance the IS is, which is about 340 km high, then the video from above would display how the Moon looks like just before it would be shredded to pieces. At that distance or even more, an object the size of the Moon would be shredded to pieces by Earth gravity. We would have quite a lot of rings because of this.

Via Presurfer.

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Video games history – RetroAhoy: Doom [video]

Say what you want, but what Ahoy does given meaning to the life of a gamer. It puts you in a spot where you can understand games like never before, where you can take a glance at the history of games, at the ever evolving process of level creation, at techniques used to immerse you in a virtual world which contains more real life elements than you’d like to know.

Ahoy it is.

In the video from above you will learn why the video game called DOOM beat Wolfenstein to the punch when it first came out and why DOOM has so many elements of our real life like music styles, ideas, tropes, minor suggestions here and there. Or you can look at it from the technical standpoint where you see more colors being used, needing a 386 machine with at least 4 MB of RAM, and having nicer texture and a better 3D experience.

No matter on what side of the gaming spectrum you are, watching Ahoy’s videos will make you an informed gamer. It will teach you why games are art and how you are enjoying art without even knowing you do that. Watch the full documentary and then go over to his channel and watch the other videos. Gaming will not be the same again. It will be better!