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Computer goodies: history of AMD CPUs, quantum computers explained, how bitcoin works, 3D processors based on N3XT specs

There are simply too many news and videos to write about and I don’t have the will to write 3-5 long articles per day. Nor the time, actually. People have to work here, eh? But, instead I like to save the links to such videos and then post them with a short paragraph on TGTG, TehGeekTive.

It is a good time to live it. Well, when wasn’t it in the last 200 years of scientific and technological marvels? In the first video you will see Linus going through the AMP CPU history, from the first chips meant to rival Intel’s “286” up until current day. AMD started off as a company creating X86 CPUs for Intel and then went on its own path. I do hope they can keep it up!

What are quantum computers? Well, those are computers which use quantum bits, states of elementary particles which are unknown until you start measuring them. Only a number of people in the world know how such a computer should work, but you can understand more by looking at the following video:

Do you have any bitcoins? The bitcoin is a digital currency and it costs about $458 right now. Steve Gibson, from the show Security Now, has about 50 bitcoins from the days when everyone could easily mine these bitcoins. Now you need to have entire datacenters to be able to mine ie run the algorithms to mathematically spot the solutions which reveal new bitcoins.

Learn more from the following video:

I love the news section from the NCIX guys. They are always cheerful and bring us the top tech news of the day. There isn’t a single day without them. Today we learn that 3D processors aka “skycraper” chips based on N3XT specs have been developed by researchers at Stanford.


Get the Windows 8 ebook free until 22nd January 2013 and not pay $9.95 for it

All about the Windows 8: 50 Questions and Answers You Need to Make a Decision guide is a paid – $9.95 – ebook that you can get for free until 22nd January 2013. It lists 50 questions about Win 8 and why Microsoft did such a huge gamble on touch and mobile.

This 104 page ebook is not your average 21 page free ebook that you find usually in my ebook category and thus you should get your hands on it ASAP. It was created by a big fan of this operating system Onuora Amobi who followed its development religously.

Since Win 8 is a bit different than the other operating systems it has new features and a new UI that you might not like at first, but you need to keep in mind that it was specially designed for touch interfaces and for mobile.

In this ebook free for a limited time only you will find out that:

  • work on Win 8 started even before the work on Win 7
  • this operating system is the biggest change since Win 95 (lol, what times those were, just remember Win 3.1)
  • the new UI is simple to use if you are used to phones (smartphones, especially)
  • there are four versions: Win 8, Win 8 Pro, Win 8 Enterprise and Win 8 RT – for mobile
  • Win 8 Enterprise has a feature called WindowsToGo whereby you can run the operating system directly form the USB dive with no need to install it on the hard drive
  • only 7 phones will use Windows 8
  • there are dozens of shortcuts that can be used
  • Office 2007 and 2010 will work with no issues on the new system
  • many more things

Excited? Soon enough I will upgrade too to Windows 8 and this ebook landed just fine in my inbox. Click on the image form below, fill in a few details and download this 104 page ebook. Enjoy your new operating system!


Smartphone Buying Guide: Winter 2013 – download free pdf

Smartphone Buying Guide: Winter 2013 is another great and free pdf ebook published by MakeUseOf and written by Joshua Sherman. In only 21 pages you can learn about what a smartphone can do and why it is so desirable.

Honestly, if you ask me I would buy a Smasung Galaxy SII as it offers me the freedom of Android and I don’t have to pay and arm and leg to own it. And no, I don’t want to hear about carriers. Since 2010 I has only prepaid numbers. I was paying way too much to even want to make another contract with any carrier.

In this ebook you will find out about BREW, the basic software in a cellphone, and go through the main operating systems in today’s smartphoones: iOS, Windows Phone OS, Android. You wilkl learn also about the carriers in US and the difference between a manufacturer and a developer.

Finally, you will see some features of the most desired smartphones in the last chapter. If you ask me, I will stick with any Android that has a big enough screen because I have big hand and wear glasses. I need to see the images well, right?

Click on the image from below, fill in some details to receive great offers, and then download this free smartphone buying guide:


Download the newest free ebook: iPad: A Magical and Revolutionary Guide

iPad: A Magical and Revolutionary Guide is the newest free ebook that you can download from my weekly series. The ebook is created by MakeUseOf with the help of James Bruce.

What iPAD is it everyone knows. Tablets were on the lips of everyone, but n one could make them popular. That is until Steve Jobs presented the first iPAD. People laughed and said that it would never take of. iPAD reached the skies in no time. The the iPAD apps ruled the world. The Apple word.

In this free ebook you will learn about:

  • multitasking and screen rotation lock
  • typing on the iPAD
  • adding webmail servies to the device
  • selecting apps
  • troubleshooting battery life
  • and many more info

This 27 page guide is awaiting for you to download it. Click on the link below, fill in some details and get this great new free ebook.


Download the free Android Guide from MakeUseOf

These Are The Droids You’re Looking For: An Android Guide (partner link) is a free downloadable guide from MakeUseOf from which you can find out a bit of the history of Android and why Androids are conquering the World phone by phone.

Matt Smith, from Smidgen PC, takes us in this book through many details, including why a custom launcher is good for you or what is best to know about rooting. An important point is security and he points out different ways of being secure: passive and/or active techniques.

You will learn in this book about:

  • media management apps
  • how to root
  • the importance of persmissions
  • phone monitoring, anti-malware tools and many more

Click on the image below, fill in your details and get this free ebook. Enjoy Android!


Monday’s ebook download suggestion: Beyond the inbox, from MakeUseOf

MakeUseOf has created many free pdfs that you can download, either from their site or from their partners. In today’s post we will find out about THE Gmail ebook of 27 pages that will teach you to be a power user of this email service.

Like it or not, Google has created a slew of services that simply rock, and Gmail is one of the best things they could come up with. At work I use several emails from Gmail for different projects and different business purposes and there are two things I like the most: email conversation grouping (which is completely lacking from Yahoo, for example) and the search. Google demonstrates once again that the work good with search in emails too.

Also, filters, forwarding, color coding the labels and the Lab section are things that need to be mentioned and used more often.

In “Beyond the Inbox(partner link)” Shay Shaked will teach us about:

  • what’s new in the new Gmail
  • what are labels, filters,
  • how to use Google Chat and how to get your own own Google voice number
  • how to use sms text capability
  • managing your contacts and plugins
  • and many more

Click on the image from below, fill in a few details and then download freely this awesome short ebook. Email was never more interesting than this.


Understand Google+ with this free ebook

I like how Google+ managed to take good parts from Twitter and Facebook and use them in this social network. An important thing to know: Google+ is not meant to be an alternative to Facebook or Twitter. It is meant as a centralized way to manage your Google account.

I guess they made a good job with that and they are improving each month. In this free ebook about Google+ written by Maggie Marystone for MakeUseOf you can learn about circles, stream, hangouts, and various tips&tricks.

One of the things I like is that I can insert my frenemies in a circle and then forget about them, since I have only one circle I visit most. From that one I get most of my news and can comment on the posts of tech stars from all around the world.

Click on the image below, fill in few details and then you’re ready to get this ebook and many other white papers and ebooks from TradePub (with which I am a partner, see author page). Enjoy!


Download “The Mac Manual”, a free ebook from MakeUseOf

“The Mac Manual” is a 60 page ebook that can be freely downloaded from here, just by entering some basic details. The guys at TradePub have done a great job by selecting the best ebooks out there and then giving them for free.

In this pdf you can read about MAC, Snow Leopard version, and it was created especially for the beginners. Best for starters or for switchers. Jackson Chung, has inserted also some tips and tricks on how to use the operating system and it’s applications.

You will see the dock, the menu bar, the Finder and the Spotlight in action. First time I was playing around with MAC, an older version, was almost a shock. Quite different form Windows operating system, it does not have the same setting for the icons and the same positioning, but I was able to learn to use it easily.

You only need a couple of hours to play around and, with a guide like the one from below, you can learn it even faster. Click on the image from below and have fun reading this ebook. Enjoy your MAC.


[Free Ebook] HackerProof: Your Guide to PC Security, from MakeUseOf

HackerProof: Your Guide to PC Security, from MakeUseOf, is an easy to read ebook with 53 of condensed pages about everything you need to know about PC security. This free ebook comes in a form of pdf and you can get it only by submitting minimum info in the link above.

In those 53 pages you will learn about:

  • a short history of computer viruses
  • what are worms, trojans, rootkits, phising, farming or malware, as general term
  • inbox dangers
  • how to check if links lead you to where they should
  • how to protect against the perils of digital era
  • how to use an antivirus, a rootkit killer, a network monitoring solution or a firewall
  • why backups are important
  • how to recover an infected PC

For a while I worked as a freelance PC troubleshooter and I had even a newspaper ad. Things were’n as smooth as I likes, but during that time I earned some cash and learned a lot of things about PC issues and about the psychology of the “common” computer user.

From darn weak passwords to the easy traps for the gullible ones under the form of a big green “Download Bow” button, I got the chance to see that most of the computer users do not take security seriously. Worst part was that they had an internet connection and no antivirus installed. Now, what do you say about that?

You would guess that all have the basics covered, but that isn’t the case. I believe that most of my readers are geeks and tech savy guys and galls, but this small ebook might very well help others. Having a clean and secure computer is a not a God given right. You must earn it, or, as I always reminded them, “you must simply NOT do the things we, PC guys, tell you to NOT do”.

Click on the image from below (partner link) to get this awesome short pc security ebook and enjoy a more secure computer. Why “more”? Leave a comment and I’ll write a longer answer. For now I can say that we cannot ever have 100% protection (see Stuxnet, Staatstrojan, and others). Enjoy HackerProof: Your Guide to PC Security, from MakeUseOf!


Free ebook: Getting Started – Your Guide to Windows 8

If you ever wanted to get a nice free ebook about Win 8 then this is your chance. MakeUseOf created Getting Started: Your Guide to Windows 8, a pdf that will, show you all you need to know about this operating system.

And the book starts promising: forget that you use Windows. The tiles, charms, the Modern UI (former Metro UI) are easily explained in this ebook which can be downloaded by clicking the image below or this link (partner link, see Author page for disclaimers). Christian Cawley, the author of this ebook, has done a great job outlining the most important things in only 44 pages.

In this ebook you will read about:

  • what you need to know about Windows 8
  • how to use the Modern UI
  • launch and install apps
  • handling media
  • internet
  • security
  • troubleshooting

Click on the image form below and fill in the details to get this awesome ebook