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CRASH: The Year Video Games Died

Ahoy has a great new video about the video game history. In 1982 Atari died and along with it many other games and clones. Everyone in the US thought that was it, but Japan and Europe still had games.

After a while the Japanese entered the US market with NES and other games and the video games have started to grow again. Since then the video game industry has grown year by year and the games are becoming increasingly interesting and beautiful.

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What do all these science channels do all the time?

The guys at IFL Science have nailed it: none of the mainstream science channels actually do science. Except DNEWS I do not follow anything from Discovery Channel. The other science channels have gooten damn boring so I’ll skip them all the time.

Have a comic here:


Poor Pluto [comic]

Pluto was at first considered to be a planet. Our 9th planet, but with the time the astronomers discovered more similar sized objects, as Pluto is tinier even than our Moon, in what is now called the Kuiper Belt. That Kuiper Belt is right where Pluto’s orbit is.

This is why, after some debate, the IAU decided to demote Pluto and name it a Dwarf Planet. I would have preferred it to be called an asteroid as it is smaller than our Moon, really.

Below is the love hate relationship between Earth and Pluto via Awkward Yeti (Facebook).