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Bigcommerce Services by Spring Merchant: store owners have a place to rely on [S]

Store owners are in luck: whatever development services for Bigcommerce they want they can be offered by the Spring Merchant team. The team has worked for 4 years now in offering support and development for the Bigcommerce platform.

Some members have even worked on the old team of programmers, when the ISC, Interspire Shopping Cart, precursor of Bigcommerce, was still existing.

Bigcommerce lacks some features and functionality and the Spring Merchant team can help in many situations. Whatever HTML/CSS/Javascript changes you need they will set you up. Also, they can create custom apps suited to your needs.

Most people know about Spring Merchant because they bought the Coupon Importer, the International Shipping or the Payment Groups app, which lets you display only some payment options based on the group a customer is logged in.

Of course, if you need a one time job, you can simply fill in your request in the Bigcommerce modifications page and then they’ll contact you within the hour. How cool is that?

Recently they have included a number of services to the already great services they provide: development subcription, digital delivery, Mailchimp 360 and store locator. You can find all of these in the Bigcommerce services page.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact them!

Also, should you have ideas about what apps would help you, please share them in the comments area. I’ll send your suggestions to the Spring Merchant team. Thanks!


TehGeekTive on SALE. Now!

I’m selling TehGeekTive. I’ll have to work on some other projects and need to trim the fat. The blog is listed on Flippa for sale. I wrote here more than 1200 science and tech blog posts in the last 3 years so that is quite an achievement, but I need to move on.

I am selling the domain + the content. You can have it all. Be ready to bid!

Thanks for the great run!

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Scishow outtakes remix. Have fun!

SciShow explains a lot of science things, but they also have a lot of fun. In the mix from above you will see the fun at work. Have fun with science!

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Tech news that you need to read: software patents, German link war, YouTube as a mobster and a confession from a tech journalist

Ok. The title might be longer than the actual blog content, but who cares? I have a huge stack of blog posts ready so I need to cut to the chase and let you know that you need to read these articles to get a better view of what the web is going through right now.

So, here are these news in a couple of phrases:
1. “Abstract ideas” cannot be used for software patenting anymore – while this ruling is fairly narrow it gets us closer to shutting down software patents sometime in the future. Basically, the US supreme Court has decided that abstract ideas that are created into a computer environment cannot be patented. That means that something like an escrow, a means of enforcing the settlement of debts in a multi-party financial transaction, cannot be a software patent. Finally!

2. There is a German war against the link in Google’s SERPs – Jeff Jarvis reports that the German publishers want to ask Google for some money because Google is showing the links to their websites in its SERPs. Do you know what? Why doesn’t Google simply deleted those guys from the index? Fair and square.

3. Youtube is behaving like a mobster – independent music creators are asked to sign some contracts with YouTube and pay YouTube some money if they want to see their videos online. Bad, YouTube, bad. Why? Because YouTube already has a ton of gains from the visitors that come to the site, search for the independent singer and then make views which, in turn, can be monetized via the ads YouTube runs. I say that the independent producers should NOT give in.

4. An ex-Venture Beat journalist confesses: it was hard, but I learned many things – she wrote almost 1700 blog posts for Venture Beat in more than 2 years. That is a lot considering she had to do a lot of meeting and phone calls each day and she had to write about five blog posts a day. That is a lot. She gave some pieces of advice: when you want to contact a journalist or a blogger for that matter, make sure you have something really interesting to tell.

5. Bonus: All About Yahoo’s DMARC Reject Policy – DMRC rehjection policy means that if someone sends you an email using an email address and the server that sends that email is NOT an Yahoo server, then all major email providers will simply reject it. This will reduce a big chunk of the spam that is out there and that uses addresses. A good thing, but with some downfalls. Read the full article to know more.

That’s it for now, folks.

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Some illusions for za week-end

Having a crazy time right now. with 2 jobs and some side projects I don’t really get to even sleep as much. Ok, I admit, one of the jobs is blogging as I write on three blogs:, and Sometimes it can be too much with 5-10 blog posts a day so, I’ll take a leave of absence now and then.

Have fun with the above illusions. Most explanations revolve around the fact that the brain does not really understand what happens in certain situations and then tries to build it’s own version of reality. Even though the eyes see what they should, the brain rewires the information so that it will show us another world. Neat, eh?

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I like this guy: Maddox

Yep. He’s an internet dinosaur and if he reads this on my blog, he’ll probably find something to make fun of. Really 😛 The fact is that few people are eager to point out shit as he is and when he publishes something new that comes like a much needed cold shower. We should be more critical with the things around us and think more. that’s what Maddox asks us to do.

In this day and age it’s easy to simply eat up anything that comes up in our Facebook stream and not think about anything. Like mindless freaking sheep. And when someone like Maddox comes along and tells you’re neck-deep in shit, you should look closer and get out, not hate that guy.

In any case, you need a wake up call from anyone that is there to give that wake-up call. You can hate Maddox, but you should love him. His grin looks much like one of a sociopath’s, but he hasn’t actually killed any of your kittens. Yet.

Below are three of the things I’d like to point out.
1. Facebook quizzes are stupid

2. I hate Buzzfeed (I may drop Buzzfeed from TGT. Maybe)

3. “Really” isn’t a punchline. He really means it.

I like Maddox because he says what we all should say and in the way we all should say it. Shit won’t smell better if you call it poop.

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11 random facts about social media. Meh

BuzzFeed is, again, shocked, In any case here are some of random 11 facts about the social media they could gather: in 2008 social media overtook porn as online activity, the Twitter country would be the fourth country in the world, Ellen selfie got 1.3 million retweets in under 1 hour and brought Twitter down and nothing interesting about Google+.

See more in the video from above.

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What happens when you like your own Facebook post or comment?

This: you show that you are a total douche. Let others like your comments and statuses. When you like your own status that tells a sad story about you: you’re either terrifyingly alone or a narcissistic douche. In any case, you don’t need to cry out loud asking for people’s attention by liking your own posts. No way.

When you’re liking your own status is like you would curl up very-very hard and then kiss your own butt.

Mr. Beam says the same thing, but in a more fashionable way. Seriously, don’t click Like on your own posts.

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Google AdSense leak: transparency issue?

Mundane Matt explains in the video from above that while it is hard to know exactly how the clicks and the revenue are calculated in Google AdSense, meaning that a lack of transparency is still ongoing in this programme, there does not seem to be any clear evidence that the Adsense team would outright steal publisher’s money.

I use AdSense too and it seems pretty decent for the small number of views I get and I do not have any suspicions about it. Some claim that the leaks are actually a way to force publishers into doing a class action lawsuit and that the leaker is actually some disgruntled publisher who may have been banned form AdSense.

Currently we do not have any evidence of any wrongdoing on the part of AdSense and a law suit, as Matt puts it, would force Google to open up a bit more and let us all know how do they calculate revenue for the publishers. I am still small so I cannot say if Google has ripped me off of some money. What do you think of this AdSense supposed leak?

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7 shocking stats about the internet in 2014

The guys at have created a nice infographic about the internet and, while most of the info from this image is already known, you need to keep your eyes on the Chinese internet.

Why? you’d ask. Because China’s internet is HUGE. China has 564 million internet users and Chinese website Alibaba has more sales than Amazon and eBay combined.

Aaaand, 350 million photos are uploaded daily to Facebook. Another interesting thought: the total video amount uploaded to YouTube in one yer amounts to about 43 000 years of Hollywood video. Wow!