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Look at this robo-dog: so lively, so scary

Boston Dynamics, the company which has build some robo-dogs throughout the years and which was bought by Google at a given time has a new robo-dog called SpotMini. The way it moves is a bit scary: it moves as cloas as possible to a natural being and the way it looks at the cameraman at the start of the video is a bit unnerving.

But hey, this is technology and the only way is to go forward. Actually, given the level of technology we have now it is only a matter of engineering and time until you actually get to see humanoid robots and robo-dogs moving exactly like the real thing.

The guys at Interesting Engineering are excited and for good reason: only a few decades ago such a robot would have been only a dream created by Asimov’s books.

Robots are already here. All they need is to become more natural in movements and cheap enough so that everyone can have one. Let’s give it 50 years, ok?

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