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The world just had the first giant robot fight between Japan and the USA

Megabots Inc. published the video from above a while ago in preparation for the big fight between their giant robot and Japan’s Suidobashi Heavy Industry robot. They have already done the fight and it lasted several days, but we will be able to see the recording only on October 17th at 7PM PT on Twitch.

The guys at The Verge have explained that the fight is not actually a fist fight like we would see in movies with giant robots. We whould expect to see more like push and shove style brawl and, maybe, some shots being fired, but no incredible fights. Not yet.

The Megabots Inc. robot could be easily weaponized and turned into an elevated tank for the battlefield. We should expect to see stuff like this in the future and, since South Korea is working on many robots, we should expect to see stuff like that being deployed in the eventuality of a Korean war. Who knows?

The truth is, decades from now, these robots will roam the streets like its nobody’s business. It won’t like in some dystopian movies, but still, robots are on their way to our daily lives.

In the fight between Americans and Japanese I’d expect the Japanese to win. We shall see.

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