The case of guest posting and selling links

Although this blog is a small one, it has almost 4 years of life online. In terms of internet life 4 years is close to getting old. And getting old on the web means that people will ask me if I accept them to write guest posts on this blog. I usually decline.

Why do I decline? Because this is my blog and because I like the touch I give to each and every blog post, even if I write one blog post a week and scribble down a couple of words. Rarely I have seen quality blog posts created by guest posters. Most of them want to write a cheap blog post in order to get links from the blogger.

News: if you want to advertise your blog/site/business, fork over the money and I’ll write a blog post about you. I may even throw in a bonus and share the blog post a couple of times, but I will never write a blog post if I don’t like your website or what you are selling.

Recently I was invited to write guest articles for an editorial team from my home city and I declined. I told them that if I ever find 5 minutes to write some words down, then I will use those 5 minutes for me, not for others. And I know how much attention my own blogs need from me. I’ve posted rarely in recent weeks and I need to change that.

TGT, this blog, has seen its fair share of 3-5 blog posts per day, but those days are long over. I’ll focus on writing 1-3 blog posts per week. Better this way. I like computers, video games, movies, blogging, technology and science. There is way too much stuff to write about, but I want to take a calmer path: write less often, but better.

Will I accept writing blog posts for money? Yes, if I like the website I promote. Otherwise, no amount of money will get your link in here. Also, you want me to sell links for 10 USD? Your email reaches SPAM before I even get the chance to process the words I’ve read. Don’t be cheap!

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