Computer fun: how a CPU is made, aspect ratios, case recommendation

A CPU is build in a very strictly controlled environment where the transistors are build by simply building them layer by layer though a process called photolithography. Today we have CPUs in which the transistors are 14nm big. It is an incredible step since the first ICs in 1947, but basically a CPU is build from dumb things which let current flow. A transistor does not know anything about how the entire CPU much like a cell in our bodies doesn’t know or understand how the entire body works.

A book is recommended in this case: But How Do It Know. It is about how a CPU is build. It is build from dumb things which, when taken together, can do a lot of work.

Noe, let’s get to monitors. Today’s aspect ratio is 16:9, but it wasn’t always this one. 4:3 was very popular with CRT displays. If you remember those displays, then you know they could offer great color contract and images.

Also, once we’re here, you might want to take a look at what video cards are best depending on the display resolution you have. A great shift int he way the guys at Tom’s Hardware are making their reviews.

Now, if you want a quiet and a cool case for your computer, then why not get your hands on BeQuiet Silent Base 600 PC Case. Linus reviews it below:

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